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  1. juehoe went mountain biking.

    June 12, 2021

    95.4 mi
    9.4 mph
    6,350 ft
    6,300 ft
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    1. juehoe

      This section of the HSW is much nicer than the stretch from Celle to Soltau. The ways were much better. Flowing trails (e.g. around Bispingen), great landscape (especially Luhequelle and Behringer Heide) and plenty of places to stop and shop. Every hill in the heather is taken: Wilseder Berg, Pferdekopf and Brunsberg. Behind Buchholz there are also beautiful sections of the trail, and you can also find good food here. The habes in the end are awesome. I wish I hadn't had all the bags on my bike. Then I could have driven the descents more violently and probably could have saved one or the other pushing passage. But it's great to have conquered this section as well. And luck to have caught one of the last Elbe ferries at 9:15 p.m. Highlights were the Sevetrails, the Hell Gorge and some sections between Buchholz and the Habes.
      Great overall balance: 4 days of blazing sun, only 1 rain at night, 465km, about 3000HM. 3 days of sore muscles. Great tour.

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      • June 12, 2021

  2. juehoe went mountain biking.

    June 11, 2021

    74.5 mi
    9.3 mph
    4,825 ft
    4,675 ft
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    1. juehoe

      Today about 130km on the Heidschnuckenweg. A great feeling after the long "journey". Has really banged again on the track. The first 10km were still easy. Then came a shooting area and the trail was closed. I had to evade. A lot of sand slowed down the drive and sometimes caused the cart to lurch. It was deserted until Fassberg. There is also the first opportunity to shop or stop for a break. The most beautiful was Müden / Oertze. Great restaurant on the Heidesee. Then came more boring passages and it dragged on forever to Soltau. Then another 9km to the campsite. Cost 10E including bathing lake and hot shower. I used it and ate tortellini. It could still rain at night. Let's see...

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      • June 11, 2021

  3. juehoe went mountain biking.

    June 10, 2021

    69.9 mi
    9.3 mph
    4,700 ft
    4,750 ft
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    1. juehoe

      Today I was totally dehydrated. It actually started well. Got up at 5.15am, packed up, had coffee and left at 7am. Nice mood in the fields in the morning. The cows wanted to be milked and it wasn't that hot yet. But then the sun turned up full. The roads became very bad. Partly completely impassable because the forest scrap was lying across or the tick grass was meters high or simply the path was only on the map but not in reality. If none of this was the case, the route was closed due to military exercises. So a lot of detours and a very hard route overall (especially behind the Kiehnmoor). After all, after exactly 9 hours and 113km in Celle, I was at my destination and was even able to take a shower and sleep in the summer house during warm showers

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      • June 10, 2021

  4. juehoe went mountain biking.

    June 9, 2021

    47.7 mi
    11.0 mph
    1,500 ft
    1,500 ft
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    1. juehoe

      I've always wanted to take the Heidschnuckenweg from Celle to Hamburg. But jetting down with the DB and just cycling back would be too easy. So I took advantage of the predicted beautiful June days and made a four-day orbit out of the tour. On the first day we started at 9 a.m. from Ulzburg-Süd towards the Elbe tunnel. It's nice and cool down there. Then continue through the port area and behind the dike along the direction of Winsen. In Scharmbeck there was a little refreshment in the great bakery with an open terrace right on the way. Then the last few km to the camp spot with a small loop through Wulfsen were missing to stock up on supplies.

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      • June 15, 2021

  5. juehoe went mountain biking.

    May 29, 2021

    32.3 mi
    13.8 mph
    1,250 ft
    1,225 ft
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    1. juehoe

      With a westerly wind it goes west first. Somewhat asphalt-containing route. I copied it from Doc Alfred😳. Has a few highlights, such as the Himmelmoor, Krückautrail and the Rantzau Castle Museum.

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      • May 29, 2021

  6. juehoe went mountain biking.

    May 10, 2021

    30.4 mi
    9.2 mph
    1,525 ft
    1,525 ft
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    1. juehoe

      First overnighter in the Aukrug National Park. It rained only at night and shortly after the tent was taken down. You can shorten the route in Bökel and save yourself sightseeing around the fields. At Tönsheide I will drive south through the forest next time. The roads to the north are in poor condition. The Bünzenau trails and the trail along the Stör are absolutely great

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      • May 13, 2021

  7. juehoe went mountain biking.

    January 14, 2021

    23.6 mi
    11.0 mph
    1,875 ft
    1,825 ft
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    1. juehoe

      Probably because I was hungry, the title sounds like a lunch menu. It went via Winsen to the Kattenberger Bikepark and back through Endern to the Speckelbrücke. Less the ice than the mud slowed down the propulsion. It was the test ride for the hardtail that got a fork upgrade for Christmas.

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      • January 14, 2021

  8. Josh and 2 others went mountain biking.

    April 8, 2020

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    1. Josh

      The tour is definitely worthwhile.
      For the inauguration of my new bike (with E), I did a really nice tour. Wonderful weather, mostly single trails just beautiful 😃☀️
      Technology diary: In the end the battery was 1 of 4 bars, I only drove with Eco.

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      • April 8, 2020

  9. Josh and juehoe went mountain biking.

    March 15, 2020

    33.1 mi
    12.7 mph
    575 ft
    575 ft
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    1. Josh

      After the B2Run was canceled, I'm back on the MTB - and what a nice thing it was 👍✨
      Rolled to Wilhelm in the sunshine, many thanks for the nice tour to Michael, Klaus-Peter, Jürgen and Lutz.

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      • March 15, 2020

  10. Josh and juehoe went mountain biking.

    January 26, 2020

    44.7 mi
    10.8 mph
    850 ft
    850 ft
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    1. Josh

      Even the sun came out for us
      Trail-heavy tour to the tunnel valley with a delicious stop in the hazel bend. Thanks for the great tour to Michael, Jürgen, Andreas, Torsten, Lutz and Sanna.
      Technology diary: Primaloft winter jacket, craft shirt underneath, Vaude Bib, knee warmers, leg warmers, Vaude hat, winter shoes and gloves, knee-high socks, rainbow leggings - very sexy - 😂
      I wrapped aluminum foil around the socks, it only works for the first 2 hours. Then it gets too sweaty and you start to freeze on your feet.

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      • January 26, 2020

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