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  1. Carsten went cycling.

    October 31, 2020

    44.9 mi
    17.3 mph
    1,125 ft
    1,125 ft
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    1. Kathy

      Once again, we really took advantage of the good weather today😇😎🚴‍♂️very exemplary

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      • October 31, 2020

  2. Carsten went cycling.

    October 25, 2020

    37.5 mi
    15.8 mph
    875 ft
    875 ft
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    1. Carsten

      The wonderful weather also lured me out 🌞 I really wanted to go for a relaxed lap on the box.
      That became very relaxed because I escorted a cyclist behind Eichenried who had asked for directions to Garching. Since that was my direction anyway, I accompanied her ☺️
      A dream of a Sunday, done a good deed and made a bike tour with a great view 👏🏻

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      • October 25, 2020

  3. Carsten went cycling.

    October 22, 2020

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  4. Carsten went cycling.

    October 21, 2020

    27.0 mi
    18.5 mph
    1,475 ft
    1,000 ft
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    1. Carsten

      I also wanted to take advantage of the beautiful autumn weather and do a lap. And I wasn't the only one drawn outside. 🚲
      A dream, it's a shame that it will be the last beautiful days of this year. I will soon let off steam at Zwift and end the road season.
      At the beginning the GPS was totally crazy, so the HM and the profile are not correct. Only 100 meters above sea level and 330 meters are not found here either 😂

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      • October 21, 2020

  5. Carsten went cycling.

    October 13, 2020

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    1. Carsten

      Today it was again announced a stroll.
      Somehow I seem to have missed golden October. At 8 degrees it is really fresh 🥶 Long / long with 3 layers on top is popular.
      And you can no longer rely on the weather report. I checked 2 apps, but it rained in between.

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      • October 13, 2020

  6. Carsten went cycling.

    October 9, 2020

    37.6 mi
    18.0 mph
    875 ft
    925 ft
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    1. Carsten

      Before the damp weekend I just had to go out again.
      I adjusted my lap to Eichenried a bit. And everything was done right 😊 beautiful quiet streets through the moss and past lots of ponds 👍🏻 and the weather was perfect.
      Of course, there must also be some self-praise: With the tour I covered the 5000 kilometers of road for this year 🎉

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      • October 9, 2020

  7. Carsten went cycling.

    October 8, 2020

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  8. Carsten went cycling.

    October 5, 2020

    27.0 mi
    17.4 mph
    675 ft
    650 ft
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    1. Carsten

      A little after work before the rain comes again the next few days.
      According to the weather report, it should actually be 15 degrees, but I didn't get over 11 degrees on the bike computer 🤔
      Accordingly, the leg warmers were almost too thin and there were also cold toes.

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      • October 5, 2020

  9. Carsten went cycling.

    October 2, 2020

    46.1 mi
    17.3 mph
    1,175 ft
    1,175 ft
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  10. Carsten went cycling.

    October 1, 2020

    34.1 mi
    17.9 mph
    950 ft
    950 ft
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