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Die zertifizierte Tourist-Information Hachenburger Westerwald liegt mitten in der kleinen, idyllischen Residenzstadt Hachenburg.
Hier werden die einzigartigen Naturlandschaften, die sowohl Naturliebhaber, Erholungssuchende als auch Aktivurlauber zum Erkunden einladen, verwaltet und vermarket.
Ob wandern in der Kroppacher Schweiz, Radfahren durch das obere Wiedtal oder Baden an der Westerwälder Seenplatte, hier findet jeder Gast, was er für einen entspannten Urlaub braucht. Diese und viele weitere Aktivitäten im Westerwald werden in der Tourist-Information zusammengetragen und für Natur- und Outdoorfreunde bereitgestellt.

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    1. Hachenburger Westerwald

      At around only six kilometers, the End of the World nature trail seems like a walk, but this tour requires surefootedness and a head for heights. Some sections of the route have an alpine character, because it is not for nothing that the region is also called Kroppacher Switzerland.The tour of the same name begins at the Weltende hiking car park. First you follow the end of the world path along the Nister, which meanders through the valley. Here the route is already adventurous, because the path is partially carved in stone and the steel cables attached to the rock convey an alpine hiking feeling.Behind Althausen there is an increase to be mastered. Behind it the path becomes a little wider, but you still have to be careful here. The tunnel entrance of the former iron ore mine "Consolidierte Sonnenberg" is located on this adventurous section of the path.When you arrive at the end of the world viewpoint, you have a breathtaking view that will make you forget the previous exertions of the tour.Descending from the lookout point, you continue to follow the end of the world path in the direction of Flögert. You leave the alpine-looking path behind and now walk directly on the bank along the Nister.Behind Flögert over a bridge you continue through the flat Nistertal. Behind Altburg the last hill has to be mastered. Here on the summit a plaque indicates a former Celtic refuge. A little off the path you can still see the remains of the defenses as clearly recognizable walls in the area.After this short journey through time, it goes quickly downhill until you finally get back to your starting point.

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    1. Hachenburger Westerwald

      The start and end of this circular route is the Steinen forest playground. The approximately 13.5-kilometer circular route starts from here and takes you past some interesting and exciting bodies of water. There are great views of the glittering lakes and ponds and the surrounding area. Due to the frequent number of ponds in this region, one also speaks of the Westerwald lake district.It's only a stone's throw from your starting point in the forest playground to the nature reserve at Dreifelder Weiher. Here you will soon walk along the banks of the picturesque Haidenweiher. The Hofmanns-Weiher is no less picturesque. It will continue to be artistic on your tour. Because on the edge of the path towards Steinbach, local artists have set up sculptures with small information boards that you can look at at any time.The 7-Weiher hiking trail leads you through the tranquil villages of Steinbach and Langenbaum to the largest body of water on this hiking tour: the Dreifelder Weiher.Here you walk a good bit along the pond and have a great view of the water. Only shortly before Dreifelden do you move away from the Dreifelder Weiher and walk into the village. Here you will encounter one of the oldest churches in the Westerwald.After this cultural detour, it's back to the water. Continue to follow the path along the Dreifelder Weiher until you come to an observation tower. The simple wooden ladder can be climbed quickly. With a little luck, you can watch the birdlife of the Dreifelder Weiher from the viewing platform.The last kilometers to your starting point continue to lead you along the Dreifelder Weiher, where you still have some great views of the water and the surrounding landscape.

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      On the water adventure trail, you can follow in the footsteps of the water in Hachenburg. On the approximately 12 kilometer long circular route, display boards explain the importance of water here in the Hachenburg region to the visitor. And finally, you can have a beer at the brewery. Of course, the water here comes from the region.This varied circular route starts and ends in Hachenburg. At the beginning you are first led into the Hachenburger Wald, here the Rothbach grotto is somewhat hidden. It was built as a refuge for hikers, but here you can also find peace and quiet for prayer.You continue to follow the course of the Rothbach. Here you also pass through the local community of Gehlert. Shortly after Gehlert you are already walking in the headwaters of the Rothbach.Things are going up now. With an altitude of 513 meters, the Gräbersberg is the highest point on the route and even in the entire Hachenburger Westerwald. There is both a lookout tower, which offers a fantastic view over the region, and physical well-being is taken care of here.It's going downhill again. Passing the local community of Alprenrod, you will immediately notice a milky, cloudy body of water on the way. It is a clay pit pond where the fine white clay kaolin was once mined. After the end of the open pit, the clay pit filled up, but the clay still influences the color of the water to this day.After this natural spectacle, the way back towards Hachenburg begins. Only a small hill has to be mastered before you quickly descend to the starting point of the circular route in Hachenburg.

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