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We create multi-day gravel races that will stay with you forever. Fully supported, our races cater for all – whether you want to bury yourself or enjoy the ride. Epic destinations, epic scenery, epic people, epic memories.

Distance travelled

164 mi

Time in motion

20:24 h

Recent Activity
  1. Gravel Epic went for a bike ride.

    August 16, 2021

    51.5 mi
    6.5 mph
    7,350 ft
    9,550 ft
    1. Gravel Epic

      On Monday 16th August we set off with 7 riders to ride a preview version of this year's Gravel Epic Switzerland. Normally the event takes place over 2 days but we condensed the route into 1 taking the riders through some of the courses Highlights. We set off from the event basecamp, a mountain refuge tucked away high up in the mountains and starting straight away on a gravel descent. From there we rode through ancient larch and pine forests, high gravel transverses and finally dropping down onto the valley floor. We even passed through a series of tiny rock tunnels up high on the mountain side. This route really takes your breath away with big views and wiggly gravel roads snaking up and down the mountain sides. For a taste you can see some of our images from the day or head over to Gravel Epic's website for more information.

      • August 19, 2021

  2. Gravel Epic planned a gravel ride.

    August 9, 2021

    52.0 mi
    7.7 mph
    7,900 ft
    10,375 ft
  3. Gravel Epic planned a gravel ride.

    April 13, 2021

    58.4 mi
    7.5 mph
    3,900 ft
    7,875 ft
    1. Gravel Epic

      Stage 3 finds riders deep in the Atlas mountains, remote and disconnected riders should savor every last pedal stroke today. The parcours will not seem as daunting as the last two stages,but stage 3 still has a few surprises in store for these gravel warriors. The first 13km riders will be able to take in and appreciate the remoteness around them. At this point the course will turn and start to take the riders away from the mountains. The high arid steppe conditions will make for incredible memories as riders descend for another 12km. Rider will find themselves at the base of the 2nd to last climb on the final stage. After 2 long days in the saddle riders will take solace in the fact that this wall is only 12km longs with an elevation gain of 530m. This climb is followed by a fast and quick 3km descent before the last climb of the race. This climb though small should be relished, at only 5km and 129m of elevation gain the riders will have finished the bulk of the climbing for the race series. Enjoy!The remainder of the race will find riders descending back towards the Agafay desert. This should be enjoyed because it is a fun beautiful race to the finish line. This last part will descend 1270m over a distance of 45km. Riders will pass through sparsely wooded mountain valleys into the high plains and finally into the raw beauty of the Agafay desert. In the desert riders will cross the finish line knowing that they have completed an incredible journey! However the experience is not over, riders can now relax and look forward to the closing race ceremony and party. Riders will find themselves in the desert with a canopy of stars overhead, candles and fires lit to light their way as they sit back, relax, and enjoy the accomplishment of completing the Gravel Epic Marrakech.

      • May 19, 2021

  4. Gravel Epic and BBH planned a gravel ride.

    April 6, 2021

    76.4 mi
    10.0 mph
    10,350 ft
    7,600 ft
    1. Gravel Epic

      Stage two starts at the lake's edge as riders will immediately be thrown into the stage's biggest climb. This brutal climb is 22km long with 1000m of elevation gain. The gravel track is superb and remote and should allow the riders plenty of time to enjoy the scenery as they race to the top. Riders should enjoy the rugged and remote scenery and enjoy the beautiful mountain peaks, some of which are the highest in the Atlas.
      Riders having reached the highpoint for the day will not be disappointed as they turn their backs to the high mountains and descend to the next great adventure of the day. At the bottom of the descent at kilometer 40, Rider will briefly cross the village of Asni and will face a punchy 2.5km climb with 300m of elevation gain. However it will be worth it!
      At the top of the climb riders will find themselves on the Haouz Plain. Riders will be transported to a moonscape of gravel possibilities! The route takes them through a rocky arid landscape that most riders will have never experienced before. The gravel will be fast and flowy and riders will enjoy the slight downhill over this fun and fast section.The fun has to end at some point and riders will find themselves pointing their bikes back towards the mountains as they climb towards the end of stage 2. The course from here is a steady climb, with a few fast descents. The course follows the streams that drain the snow covered peaks of the Atlas. Riders should be able to enjoy the smells of the juniper and pine as they continue to climb.As riders climb deeper and deeper into the mountains the small villages start to fall away. Eventually riders will find themselves rolling on dry stream beds as they approach the last kilometers of the stage. As the riders pass the small mountain village of Anerni they will hit the final climb of the day. The wall of Toulkine is 4 km and 249m of elevation gain. As the riders cross the finish line their home away from home awaits with warm showers, fresh clothes, and cold refreshments.

      • May 19, 2021

  5. Gravel Epic and BBH planned a gravel ride.

    April 6, 2021

    73.2 mi
    11.1 mph
    7,625 ft
    6,225 ft
    1. Gravel Epic

      Heading out of Marrakech the riders will be able to see the Atlas mountains in the distance. Hopefully this will stir excitement in everyone knowing that by the end of the stage riders will be lounging in tents on the shores of lake Ouirgane deep in the Atlas. As the sights and sounds of the city slips away riders will find themselves riding on tarmac as the course leads straight to the mountains. The first 46km will allow the riders to warm-up properly and to shake off any lingering nerves.Riders will arrive at the village of Tnine l’Ourika and ride through this luxurious valley filled with Fig and date trees. At Elagrab the route takes a sharp left turn and the real race begins. Riders will start a 1000m climb over 30 km. The climb winds its way up through a pine and Juniper forests. Clinging to the green and red valley walls riders continue to climb to the high point of the stage.
      Let the fun begin! Riders will find themselves with a beautiful overlook of the High Atlas to their left and the Haouz Plain to their right. The next 20km will be what all gravel riders love, 1000m of pristine gravel to rip and roll down.
      At the bottom of the descent in the village of Toufssirin riders will have caught their breath and be ready for the last 500m climb of the day. At this point in the course riders will find themselves riding through dry mountain landscapes. The vibrant green of the river valley in stark contrast to the browns and reds of the arid desert make for an unforgettable ride.At the top of the last climb riders will be able to gaze over the Village of Asni and the parcours of stage 2. At this point riders will find an incredible and fun gravel descent. The descent continues on paved roads after Asni as riders see the man-made oasis of Ouirgane in the distance. Riders should take it all in, the turquoise water contrasts perfectly with the beautiful reds of the mountains that surround the lake. Riders should feel good as they cross the finish line! Rest up stage 2, the queen stage beckons.

      • May 19, 2021

  6. Gravel Epic went for a bike ride.

    April 3, 2021

    68.3 mi
    9.6 mph
    5,425 ft
    6,125 ft
  7. Gravel Epic went for a bike ride.

    April 2, 2021

    35.3 mi
    7.6 mph
    4,250 ft
    2,550 ft
  8. Gravel Epic went for a bike ride.

    April 2, 2021

    0 yd
    0.0 mph
    75 ft
  9. Gravel Epic went for a bike ride.

    April 1, 2021

    0 yd
    0.0 mph
    175 ft
  10. Gravel Epic went cycling.

    March 30, 2021

    9.32 mi
    14.4 mph
    25 ft
    0 ft