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About Angela Hussla

Radtouren rund um Düsseldorf. Grossprojekt: In Etappen um die ganze Ostsee. Ca. 3300 km Eurovelo 10 schon geschafft. 2019 Polen bis Riga und Tallinn nach St. Petersburg, 2020 den dänischen Teil abgeradelt, 2021 das fehlende Stück bis St. Petersburg, Riga Tallinn noch gemacht.

Distance travelled

3,818 mi

Time in motion

461:45 h

Recent Activity
  1. Angela Hussla and Rrugatembare went for a bike ride.

    4 days ago

    Mühlen, Burgen, Eiskaffee: die Maas entlang bis Venlo.

    21.9 mi
    8.5 mph
    275 ft
    300 ft
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    1. Angela Hussla

      After the extensive breakfast in Horn it got hot pretty quickly. On the western side of the Maas, it was more likely to be under the trees. But we wanted to see the mill "De Grauwe Beer" near Beesel on the other bank. Over there by ferry, unfortunately the dam is being rebuilt there, no shade, excavators

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      • 3 days ago

  2. Angela Hussla went for a bike ride.

    5 days ago

    46.2 mi
    10.2 mph
    625 ft
    650 ft
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    1. Angela Hussla

      Cycled to Roermond with Erika and stopped in the small town of Brüggen on the way. Except for a yard long piece along a busy road from

      Viersen to Dülken the path was wonderfully varied and shady. Lauvenburg, Dyckerhof, Niers, Swalm, and a nice path along a few Meuse lakes to Roermond. Abroad! Vacation

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      • 4 days ago

  3. Angela Hussla went for a hike.

    July 14, 2022

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    1. Angela Hussla

      We were hours early at the ferry terminal and spotted signs behind the ferry terminal to the Horissonti viewpoint. Since the ships are far out, it is the only way to see the ferry port Hansa Terminali properly. We had to look for something and then turned around 500 m before the viewpoint to be on time

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      • July 16, 2022

  4. Angela Hussla went for a bike ride.

    July 13, 2022

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    1. Angela Hussla

      Since the weather probably won't play along tomorrow, we'd rather cycle the coastal path to the ferry port today, and tomorrow we'll take the metro there. We started the tour at the Vuossare terminal station..Helsinki through the back door, you can really see how much water and how many beautiful riverside

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      • July 13, 2022

  5. Angela Hussla went for a hike.

    July 11, 2022

    1. Angela Hussla

      The architectural highlights of Helsinki: Sensational, how modern was built here decades ago. The design for the rock church, which was hewn underground into a granite hill, dates back to the 1960s. The chic Olympic Stadium, completed in 1938, also looks timelessly beautiful and dignified with its Bauhaus

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      • July 12, 2022

    1. Angela Hussla

      Between Turku and Helsinki, the Eurovelo 10 largely follows the "Royal Route", one of the oldest road connections in Northern Europe, which went from Bergen via Stockholm, the Aland Islands, Turku and Helsinki to Vyborg and St. Petersburg. Accordingly, there are always beautiful old stone churches, manor

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      • July 8, 2022

  6. Angela Hussla went for a bike ride.

    July 6, 2022

    1. Angela Hussla

      The penultimate stage before arriving in Helsinki led through a picture book landscape, in the village of Fagervik with a church and a castle-like old smithy on a lake I would also take a longer vacation. The last destination before Helsinki would actually be Inga, in the town with a marina there was

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      • July 6, 2022

  7. Angela Hussla went for a hike.

    July 5, 2022

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    1. Angela Hussla

      Made a detour to Hanko by bus. Finland's southernmost city has long had the country's only ice-free port. A popular vacation spot in the days of the Tsars, which was also regularly approached by steamships from Lübeck. Spa town splendor and a beautiful hiking trail through a rocky coastal grove. There

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      • July 6, 2022

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    1. Angela Hussla

      In Komoot it was "difficult" in the plan for today's stage of the Eurovelo 10 along the Baltic Sea coast. We braced ourselves for a lot and didn't rule out shortcuts. But what was designated as a "mountain hiking trail" in the plan turned out to be a mountainous but easily passable unpaved road past

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      • July 4, 2022

  9. Angela Hussla went for a bike ride.

    July 3, 2022

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    1. Angela Hussla

      The first leg towards Helsinki passed several typical village churches. In Paimio with representations of the twelve apostles and other saints. It was open today on Sunday. And what else do Finns do on Sundays? In the middle of the forest, teenagers and half-kids fought an impressive motocross race

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      • July 3, 2022

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