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Unterwegs mit MTB 🚵 oder mit Wanderstiefel 🥾 und im Winter ☃️ mit Schneeschuhen.
Es gibt doch nichts schöneres die Natur und Landschaft auf die sportliche Art&Weise zu erkunden und zu erleben.
So die kleinen und schönen Dinge die man sonst übersieht in der Hektik des Alltages zu bewundern, tut nicht nur dem Körper und der Gesundheit gut, sondern auch dem Geist und der Seele 😉

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4,708 mi

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  1. 🚵 der_wandernde_biker 🗻 went for a bike ride.

    2 days ago

    28.5 mi
    11.0 mph
    300 ft
    300 ft
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  2. 🚵 der_wandernde_biker 🗻 went mountain biking.

    6 days ago

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    1. 🚵 der_wandernde_biker 🗻

      Today it was again in the "Woid" a 😄
      Because it's so nice at de Waidler, I've cut my to-do list by one tour ☑️
      The beautiful ☀️ weather has to be exploited and therefore off with the bike and sweating 😅 and that was not something I raised today ...

      My set goals were the following 4 "Stoana":
      1) Hessenstein 878m asl
      2) Habichtstein 863m asl
      3) Gsengetstein 951m above sea level
      4) Riedstein 745m asl
      There were also 2 ⛪ chapels "on tour", right at the beginning the Frauenbrünnl chapel (Gunther Church) and at the end of the tour the Riedstein chapel.

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      • 6 days ago

  3. 🚵 der_wandernde_biker 🗻 went for a bike ride.

    October 18, 2020

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    1. 🚵 der_wandernde_biker 🗻

      A moi a ☕ "Coffee trip" can be done without a blanket 😄Now the good time has finally started again where all the fair-weather cyclists stay with the bike, and you finally have free travel on the flatland bike path again

      Apart from that, there is 🍂 Autumn is just beautiful with its colors and the calm that comes in 🍁

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      • October 18, 2020

  4. 🚵 der_wandernde_biker 🗻 went mountain biking.

    October 17, 2020

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  5. 🚵 der_wandernde_biker 🗻 went for a bike ride.

    October 13, 2020

    63.4 mi
    13.1 mph
    850 ft
    875 ft
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    1. 🚵 der_wandernde_biker 🗻

      Today I started a flat country bike tour because I didn't feel like riding Bergerl 🤭
      But it was a few more kilometers that I had stomped down 😉
      The participants 😂 on this tour were i.a. the following routes / sections:* Via Danubia
      * Tour de Baroque
      * Danube Cycle Path
      * Donau-Ilz cycle path
      * Ohetal cycle path
      * Isar cycle path

      Once again, I liked the Ohetal cycle path best, the 🎑 autumnal flair 🍁 was really the most beautiful there.
      The route from Iggensbach coming through the forest with its small inclines in the autumnal colors and then the route from Kopfsberg where it goes alongside the Ohe through the forest towards Schöllnstein 🍂
      Just a wonderful area there and a great bike path, I like it a lot 👌From the start of the tour I was always hoping that it wouldn't start to rain, and today I was really 🍀 lucky 🍀 it drizzled a few times but that was not worth mentioning 🙂My conclusion is as follows:
      Nice but also exhausting tour 👍

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      • October 13, 2020

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    1. 🚵 der_wandernde_biker 🗻

      As the title suggests, my mountain bike tour went from Bodenmais up to the Großer Arber today.
      Then over Bretterschachten to the Hennenkobel "Historischer Bruch" and up to the summit. Then via Rabenstein to Zwiesel, where my tour ended at the train station and I started my return journey with the forest railway.

      Today was a very wet and foggy tour, where there was also an unpleasant wind at times.
      Hardly arrived at the train station and outside the train, it was already drizzling, arriving at the top of the "Klause", believe it or not, about 1.5km later the clothes were already wet 😒
      Even the early break didn't help me, because it didn't get any better ... On the contrary, it started to rain even more 🌧️ I was almost ready to break off and go down to a big well-known restaurant and get something delicious to eat and drink and then take the next train back home!

      Like the weather, my physical condition was a bit of a catastrophe today 😕 BUT nothing helps, better days are coming and you have to go through it 😳
      As always, when the summit of the 👑 "Kinne" 👑 is reached, the exertions are (almost) all forgotten 😄 The "he" is always worth it!

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      • October 9, 2020

  7. 🚵 der_wandernde_biker 🗻 went for a bike ride.

    October 4, 2020

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    1. 🚵 der_wandernde_biker 🗻

      Today we went by mountain bike through the Altmühltal from Kelheim via Riedenburg to Beilngries.

      My little highlight on the tour was the little ferry where you could pull yourself and have to prove yourself as a ferryman 😂

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      • October 4, 2020

  8. 🚵 der_wandernde_biker 🗻 went mountain biking.

    September 30, 2020

    1. 🚵 der_wandernde_biker 🗻

      I went on the 🚂 Waldbahn again today, it went to the starting point in Viechtach 😉
      From there we first went to Adventure Camp Schnitzmühle. I drove through the facility for a moment and looked at it on the fly 🧐
      But now from the actual highlight 🦆 "Bavarian Canada" 😵 A small downer, unfortunately, from the river until you get to the power station in front, you don't see very much, because the trees and bushes are overgrown 😐
      The nicer route was definitely from Kraftwerk to Teisnach.
      Beautiful trail with roots and lots of nature 🍃🌳 and animals like the cute shy squirrels that cannot be photographed 😄

      The following places / stations were on the tour:
      Viechtach - Schnitzmühle - "Bavarian Canada" - Teisnach - Patersdorf - Ruhmannsfelden - Gotteszell - Wühnried - Engelburgsried - Grafling - Deggendorf - Plattling
      So that's it, reading so much is not good for your 👀 eyes, and it just keeps yourself from romping around in the fresh air 😄

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      • September 30, 2020

  9. 🚵 der_wandernde_biker 🗻 went for a hike.

    September 27, 2020

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    1. 🚵 der_wandernde_biker 🗻

      🍁 Autumn 🍂 is here, and a hiking tour 🚶‍ has been on the program for a long time 😉
      Today we went to the Upper Palatinate in the Cham district, in the Falkenstein market.

      A really nice tour through a sometimes very demanding landscape 😅
      The starting point was at the hikers' car park on the "Arracher Höhe" directly at the Ölberg chapel.
      The first destination was the Tannerl pilgrimage church, which dates from the 17th century and is dedicated to the Scourged Savior.
      We went on to Marienstein to the ⛪ Church "St. Peter and Paul". Unfortunately it was closed!
      Via Schweinsberg and the 140'er Schweinsbergweg (hiking trail) we went up towards Falkenstein to the 🏰 Castle and from there back to the starting point of the Ölberkapelle.
      Great hiking trails that run around Falkenstein, which are also well signposted. A very beautiful area there, and if the constant up / down does not deter you, I can only recommend a hiking tour in this section of the Upper Bavarian Forest 👍

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      • September 27, 2020

  10. 🚵 der_wandernde_biker 🗻 went mountain biking.

    September 22, 2020

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    1. 🚵 der_wandernde_biker 🗻

      Today's tour has been on my list for a long time 📜
      I drove this before my Komoot time, but then guided by maps and completely on tar roads and via Perasdorf.
      There was a lot of asphalt on today's tour, but there were also a few other paths.
      Since I knew what uphill gradients I would have to face, I didn't want to exaggerate any further ... (Laziness won) 🤭
      Otherwise, I can recommend the tour to anyone who is not only a hardcore trail fanatic and who doesn't mind tarred roads 😃The goal today was to climb the ⛰️ "Summit" of Buchaberg at an incredible 593m above sea level 😅
      Doesn't sound like much now, but whoever is up there knows how damn it goes up there. Partly almost overgrown and then the extreme slope!
      For me it was again a show of strength and there was also a lot to push! 😥
      Never mind I made it up to the summit, but I was the only one who was up. So I could enjoy the absolute silence and listen to the 🐦 birds chirping.
      From the Buchaberg summit, a beautiful trail descended to the ⛪ pilgrimage church of St. Cross. Wonderful little church with very nice paintings and the Holy Staircase with 28 steps that can only be climbed on your knees!
      (Link to the tour with more pictures of Windberg Monastery and Wallfartskirche Holy Cross komoot.de/tour/112035627)

      Then it went on with a nice descent to Windberg to the ⛪ monastery.
      A short walk into the beautiful monastery, made a couple of 📸 and then we continued on a great trail down to the fish ponds.
      From there it went over a couple of "nests" 😎 to Mariaposching, where I took the 🛳️ ferry across to "Posching".
      I took a short break at one of my favorite places, and really wondered where the water of the Danube and its tributaries came to ist
      It is time that it finally rained again ☔From there it was just a leisurely ride home on familiar paths.My conclusion from today's tour:
      A lot of tar, many hills and inclines that cost a lot of strength BUT also a beautiful landscape and a lot of nature was there!

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      • September 22, 2020

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