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    1. Thomas B

      Until the road is completed is probably still much water in the Rhine flow. The bike and footpaths I find quite narrow 😔Pictures on the next tour

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      • 7 days ago

  2. Thomas B went for a bike ride.


    43.4 mi
    8.0 mph
    4,500 ft
    4,600 ft
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    1. Thomas B

      The first part of the way was great part two went so many Ossiplattenwege. Weather was also great up to 28 degrees, but in the end have it lekker 🍔

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      • 08/10/2019

  3. Thomas B went for a bike ride.


    26.6 mi
    10.2 mph
    850 ft
    850 ft
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  4. Thomas B went hiking.


    2.05 mi
    4.6 mph
    1,200 ft
    1,150 ft
  5. Thomas B went for a bike ride.


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    1. Thomas B

      The today's part of the Havelradweges was very beautiful many animals and nature seen.Am beginning shortly behind Brandenburg this small bitch (nail, photo) rammed deep into my rear wheel. "So short repair and then on

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      • 07/14/2019

  6. Thomas B went for a bike ride.


    36.3 mi
    10.6 mph
    400 ft
    400 ft
    1. Thomas B

      After the super tour D-Route9 today a "small" round through the former Tempelhof airport

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      • 06/23/2019

  7. Thomas B went for a bike ride.


    25.5 mi
    10.2 mph
    275 ft
    250 ft
    1. Thomas B

      Final! The last day was not so good with us It was a rainy day Nevertheless, he was still beautiful with the landmark Kugelbake

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      • 06/16/2019

  8. Thomas B went for a bike ride.


    56.0 mi
    10.1 mph
    1,100 ft
    1,100 ft
    1. Thomas B

      The weather is fine with us. Today the ferry ride to Bremerhaven and then through the "container village" just great

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      • 06/14/2019

  9. Thomas B went for a bike ride.


    48.4 mi
    8.9 mph
    1,475 ft
    1,500 ft
    1. Thomas B

      Today again great cycling weather the bike paths are from. But at its best you can tell you are blowing a fresh breeze around your nose here in the north. Today's highlight was Bremen

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      • 06/13/2019

  10. Thomas B went for a bike ride.


    48.2 mi
    10.3 mph
    1,950 ft
    2,050 ft
    1. Thomas B

      Today in hazy weather continued cycling towards the North Sea at the end of the rain came in addition but delicious in between citizens

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      • 06/12/2019

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