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  1. Angela went hiking.

    6 days ago

    30.4 mi
    3.4 mph
    3,450 ft
    3,425 ft
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    1. Angela

      Komoot eats KM and pictures 😳😱😤😠😡🤬🤯😳🥶

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      • 6 days ago

  2. Angela went hiking.


    19.9 mi
    3.1 mph
    3,550 ft
    2,750 ft
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    1. Angela

      A wonderful trip to the countryside ...But first something thoughtful and possibly an idea for a challenge on a day of the next tours in June 🤔 ...Again and again it is frightening to see how careless we humans are in nature. Even on the most remote paths and idyllic places to rest with benches and NOT FULL refuse collection containers, were among other things carelessly thrown away plastic bottles or other plastic, cigarette boxes, Tetrapacktrinkpäckchen, many cigarette butts or cell wipes ... on my next tour I will be back explore the environment with open eyes and try to take away all the debris that has been left unthinkingly in nature. I wonder how extensive at the end of the tour will be my "loot" ...Along the Rur and past several rivulets or Rur tributaries between Kreuzau and Nideggen with a, literally, climax😉😅😁The Eifel region is so far-reaching, always stunning and impressive ...Arrived at the selected parking lot, beautiful benches invited to rest 😂.
      An angler was already parked and sorted his equipment. Judging by his full gear, he had a lot in mind. If he wanted to escape the Rur😂👍😂👍 Well, it immediately comes to everyone, what greeting / wish you give an angler along the way 🤔
      Probably I was pushed to the beginning of the tour in a deep well I had to climb first, because otherwise I can not explain the -190 to -200 m 🤔, but do not worry, have not suffered any injuries 😁👍🤣😂🤣At what places along the trail went, can, quite sober, the best a man wiederzunachlesen to TheLintorfer me or I accompanied him on this trail.So many beautiful paths with changing impressions to the nature
      The ground changed between gravel, forest soil, pine needles, rocks and also asphalt. The vast majority of the route was good to walk and hardly overgrown.
      For sturdy shoes or at least trail running shoes I would advise and sure-footed and free of heights one should be for some discoveries too.
      Twice, the chosen paths were blocked by huge fallen trees that were not widely bypassed, but climbed over.
      The trails were relatively well frequented relative to the last tours, with the number of mountain bikers counting on two hands.
       In the beautiful villages around,
      Hardly any people seem to live there, because neither when you cross them nor from above do you see people ...
      I counted 76 steps on the spiral staircase to get the fantastic all-round view from the climax. Beyond the feeling of being up there and absorbing that insane width.
      The weather was awesome. By the wind in the higher spheres, imposing clouds formed, which also impressed.
      It was really a wonderful trip into the countryside and thanks to Ralf for this happy experience 😉👍Oh by the way, who did not remember it, they say 'Petri Heil' ...

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      • 06/10/2019

    1. TheLintorfer

      The start is on the trail parking lot in Kreuzau Friedenau. A piece of the water adventure path along the Rur. With dreamy views of the Rur and waters with partly mirror-smooth water.
      Then up to Engelsblick (Angelview😉), a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the Obermaubach reservoir. Then direction Eugenienstein. Fabulous view from a rock plateau to the valley. From the one side, to reach quite flat (from which we came), the climb from the other side already looks like alpine.
      Then on a varied forest path, by ant colonies, back down into the Rurtal.
      Past the information center of the Eifel National Park, the Rurseite changed to the castle hill, on which there is a lookout tower with a fantastic panoramic view and in today's weather conditions incredible view. Then again downhill through Bergstein and the dreamy Dresbachtal.Über fields and meadows Obermaubach circulate, by Untermaubach past the castle Untermaubach and Bilstein on the Hemgenberg back towards the starting point in Kreuzau.
      This tour leads over mostly forest paths through beautiful nature, over mountains and valleys.
      It was my first 30km hike and I especially thank Angela for her motivation to master this challenge 😉👍🏻.
      Incidentally, Angela's version of the tour can be found here:

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      • 06/09/2019

  3. Angela recorded a Tour.


    385 yd
    2.9 mph
    1. Angela

      Unfortunately, I did not trust the weather and my assessment 😩
      When I cycled 1 km, the sky darkened and thick dark clouds brewed over me. No blue sky was visible anymore.
      I decided to turn around and drive to my vegetable field.
      No, rain for itself would not have been bad. But, it was just too cumbersome mud stuff for the field and so on then still to pack.
      Well, what should I say, actually it was clear, because when I arrived at the field, although there were still dark clouds to see, but of course they were more and more of the sun. Blöd🥴😏 ...
      At the next excursion to the field work I will try to cycle again and trust my instinct as well as my weather app

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      • 06/06/2019

  4. Angela went hiking.


    4.00 mi
    3.4 mph
    50 ft
    50 ft
    1. Angela

      Out .. Turn off head..Gehen..Gucken ..Within 4 minutes, the shoes were on, headphones (exceptionally) and the key caught and I stood with my finger on recording at my starting point 😁
      Walking through Blumenveedel is, to me, like immersion in a "healthy world". Although quite close to the traffic artery Aachener Straße and the A1, there is hardly any traffic within the circle and their noise level is barely noticeable. Here children sometimes play in front of the houses on the street without having to worry. The architecture is varied, interesting and hardly a house or land is the same. There are eco-houses, state-of-the-art and, at first sight, totally wild sites. The local clientele is colorfully mixed, as well as sports students as well as well-known and less known people, older and younger families with small children, live harmoniously next to each other. The tenants and owners act decelerated.
      You often notice that it is a 'village' here. The pastor knows all his sheep (sometimes he reminds me of Don Camillo😉), the inhabitants have benches and tables in front of their houses and invites neighbors to join them, chalk paintings and basketball baskets are on the sidewalk or on the streets roadside.

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      • 06/04/2019

  5. Angela went for a bike ride.


    10.0 mi
    6.8 mph
    150 ft
    150 ft
    1. Angela

      Who knows Knöterich ???A new helmet should be here today. No, not for the bike 🚲 but for the fast two-wheeler 🏍 ...
      So in a good mood on the bike and full of enthusiasm for the two big motorcycle shops here in Kölle.
      The weather invited everyone to be outside today and 'many' followed suit. On the streets it was, due to the used bridge day, quite empty on my tour. The bike lanes were well negotiable, green wave at the traffic lights given and only 1 yellow car with three red letters blocked / obstructed my ride.
      I parked my bike in each case on the place for customers of the shops, actually with motorcycles, looked funny 😉😁
      In the first shop, the selection was unfortunately very low, there were just two times models that could be shown to me. The service was really hard-working, but unfortunately, due to lack of dimensions, could not remedy.
      The second store was really well stocked with different helmets / brands. And I really felt everyone was up too.
      Would like to break a lance here for the employee. He was "only" (his statement) a temporary worker, but at least about 3 months there. This young man was so courteous and patient. He tirelessly searched for a suitable model with me and was always sympathetic when it did not fit. In his job, he apparently went on and was very passionate about this sport.
      There may be employees who are stressed and annoyed when there are not quick successes and / or a sale. But here with this employee, it was not like that. Even though his workday has already begun, he was very anxious to advise me as a customer well and in peace. Hats off to this mission!
      Unfortunately we did not really find something for myself. Either the helmets were not suitable for the size (needed xs), the shape (would like a flip-up helmet), they were black (hot I'm a 'girl' or the price beyond good and evil 😢😩 ...Accordingly disappointed, I drove back along my favorite pond and made a detour to the local rewe.
      And what can I say, there I could be happy again.
      At that time, a hundred years ago, I ran with every groschen to the little house and put it into Knöterich.
      What did I actually discover today in the new range? Knotweed! OK, with a groschen I could not go much, but I had to really smile and bought this 'expensive goods' ... so my ride ended as happy as it began 😘

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      • 06/01/2019

  6. Angela went hiking.


    16.3 mi
    3.6 mph
    275 ft
    275 ft
    1. Mutzelmaus

      Have made again neat km and captured all kinds of impressions "It would be really necessary for civilization garbage instructions to install, not only for 🐕💩😂

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      • 05/30/2019

  7. Angela went hiking.


    33.5 mi
    3.2 mph
    4,275 ft
    3,775 ft
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    1. Angela

      Tour description is in progress 😉

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      • 05/27/2019

  8. Angela planned a hike.


    40.3 mi
    2.2 mph
    4,225 ft
    4,225 ft
    1. Manu

      Since you have something but 🙆

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      • 05/18/2019

  9. Angela went hiking.


    0.95 mi
    3.5 mph
    25 ft
    0 ft
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    1. Angela

      Just briefly around the Adenauer pond, pause and sunbeams in the face ...
      Early in the morning, the pond is really busy here.
      Many joggers of all ages, from students to retirees, start from the parking lot of the stadium to run their KM, lap by lap. You always have the choice between one or more small to medium laps or the very big lap, which is indicated as 10 km.
      Even therapeutically, people were and are so early on the road. Amazing and admirable, how they come here and walk around the lake with their crutches in pain. Pure joie de vivre and will you could see in their proud faces and take their words ... 👍👍👍
      Grandmothers and mothers with children and grandchildren, enjoy the paths well traveled by the stroller. They like to stop at one of the many benches around and watch the fun of various waterfowl.During a short talk with the tree wardens you could learn and experience a lot. So, for example, that the beautiful plane trees are very ill and massively attacked by a fungus that has increased rapidly due to the warm weather, the plane trees are probably no longer 😢 ... tons of bark beetle are driving and causing trouble (report hab I can now also read in the newspaper later on), so that the treekeepers had unfortunately fell early in the year for two weeks, daily 4 out of 5 spruces and that will certainly fall more trees; I also learned why the "skin" of the plane trees is bright at the top and dark at the bottom, so the bark in the higher part of the tree is not (anymore) available ... so I always enjoy learning new things and keep putting them on like to know that people are happy when they talk to them and / or sometimes greet them

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      • 05/15/2019

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Bin erst 2016/2017 so richtig zum (extremen😁) Wandern angesteckt worden und erfreue mich immer mehr daran meine Leistungsgrenzen zu erfahren, verschiedene Örtlichkeiten aus einem anderen Blickwinkel zu erkunden und bei den diversen Events Gleichgesinnte wieder zu treffen oder neu kennenlernen zu können 🤗🌞🚶‍♀️

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