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  1. Bernhard went mountain biking.

    about 22 hours ago

    9.07 mi
    9.7 mph
    925 ft
    925 ft
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    1. Bernhard

      Coffee and cake at the castle: Saturday afternoon the drizzle has cleared, the sun is partly coming out. The opportunity to start a small tour. First in the direction of the castle at an altitude of approx. 500 meters. There are different ways to the castle, I choose the paved forest path. Different types of wood can be found here, from spruce, pine, beech, birch, oak and many more. The Jakobsdellweg leads me to the almost Kahler Ochsenkopf, Käferholz is still on the paths and is waiting to be transported away. The castle on the 508 meter high basalt cone once protected the old trade route (Kurz Hesse). It was the most important military and trade route from Frankfurt to Thuringia and Saxony. Up here there are still small remnants of snow, but they don't make winter yet. I enjoy delicious cakes with a cup of coffee in the Burgschänke. The menu offers many delicious dishes, and nice hosts serve the guests in a historical ambience. The way back takes me back via Breitenbach, meanwhile dusk sets in and the sky shows its special side.

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      • about 21 hours ago

  2. Bernhard and Marion went for a hike.

    7 days ago

    5.45 mi
    3.0 mph
    400 ft
    350 ft
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    1. Bernhard

      A round of home before dinner: dry and pleasant temperatures entice us behind the stove. A little hike before eating. From Wallersdorf it goes over the popularly known Promilleweg, to Grebenau. Past the city administration and retirement home in the direction of Bornwiesenweg, a residential area of Grebenau. We leave the town in the direction of the Warthügel, which lies in front of us with its 383 meters of altitude. Not far from it is the Kupp, a basalt rock cone that was formed about 65 million years ago (long before my time). A basalt breakthrough in a red sandstone area. The height is given as 366 meters. It is protected by trees and surrounded by the villages of Bieben, Reimenrod, Eulersdorf, Merlos and Grebenau in the Vogelsberg district. The way back leads via Merlos in the direction of Wallersdorf on a field path that also crosses Borgmanweg, Hessenweg 11 or Brüder-Grimm-Weg and Lutherweg 1521. These lead to Herzberg Castle, which is only a few kilometers away.

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      • 7 days ago

  3. Bernhard went for a hike.

    November 20, 2021

    7.66 mi
    2.9 mph
    600 ft
    600 ft
    1. Bernhard

      Hochrhön in the fog of a November day: the fog obstructed the view as soon as we approached the Wasserkuppe. The starting point is the parking lot not far from Ottilienstein at 846 meters above sea level. The whole tour runs over 800 meters of altitude. Up here the fog is sometimes thicker, sometimes thinner, the view over the unwooded heights over the land of the open distance is therefore not so intoxicating today. Still a nice day for hiking, the Ulsterquelle is the first highlight, the Ulster is a tributary of the Werra and flows after 57 kilometers at Philippsthal into the 299 kilometer long Werra. Continue past the Kesselrain in the direction of Hochrhönstraße and from here on to the Heidelstein with its 926 meters of altitude. Below is an old radar station (Delta 2), on the Bavarian summit there is a transmitter mast. On the lower east summit there is a memorial of the Rhön Club. Before I cross the Rote Moor, I take a break, right in front of the locked Nabu house. The moor lake is the entrance to the high moor in the Hessian Rhön, it is part of the nature reserve of the same name in the Rhön Biosphere Reserve. I get to the observation tower via a wooden walkway that leads through the second largest moor in the Rhön. This offers a small overview of the 50 hectare high moor. In connection there is a site which is in the process of renaturation. On the open area that follows, the typical gnarled and bizarre single trees are again. These belong to the image of the Rhön just like the mossy stones and trees. A nice tour that I was due a long time ago, with an infinite number of impressions that I can take with me.

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      • November 20, 2021

  4. Bernhard went mountain biking.

    November 19, 2021

    23.7 mi
    11.0 mph
    1,250 ft
    1,250 ft
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    1. Bernhard

      Today driven hunt: passage and passage forbidden.
      Friday afternoon, light drizzle and not too cold. A little lap past the Goldstein to Rimbach and on to Langenschwarz. That's my plan. After less than 4 kilometers, fun is over. Today driven hunt a sign makes it clear the forest path is closed. So a new plan has to be found, what is in the near future? The Wolfersberg with its 448 meters altitude is a first goal. The paths are muddy and very wet, and I have to drive around some larger puddles. The tour continues to Schlitz, the largest Christmas candle in the world. It has been in the Guinnes Book since 1992 at 42 meters and 140 lightbulbs. Under the candle is the 36 meter high keep of the Hinterburg. Not far from the tower is the historic old town with the market fountain, which used to serve as a scoop fountain to supply the city center with water. We continue past the former Auerhahn brewery to the dancing couple. A sculpture between the brewery and the brewery. A nice little eatery with great food, right in the heart of the romantic castle town. Schlitz has many sights and is always worth a visit. I start my way home via the well-known R7 cycle path along the Fulda.

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      • November 19, 2021

  5. Bernhard went on a Tour.

    November 14, 2021

    3.27 mi
    2.7 mph
    250 ft
    225 ft
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    1. Bernhard

      A gray November day: I have to go out, no matter what the weather is doing. It goes over a dirt road in the direction of Hatterode a neighboring village. Everything is quiet, no traffic, no one on the paths, just quiet. Far and wide to see no animal, not even a bird. What a day, gray and without sun. On my way there is still the cemetery, here are friends and acquaintances as well as the parents, it is already thought-provoking. Just a gray November day.

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      • November 14, 2021

  6. Bernhard went mountain biking.

    November 7, 2021

    15.7 mi
    11.7 mph
    1,500 ft
    1,500 ft
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    1. Bernhard

      I have to go out on tour: it was time and dry, the opportunity to drive a few more kilometers. It gets dark quickly so on the bike.

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      • November 7, 2021

  7. Bernhard went for a bike ride.

    November 6, 2021

    54.1 mi
    11.3 mph
    2,850 ft
    2,850 ft
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    1. Bernhard

      A great November day with lots of sun: As predicted, in the morning the sun was early in the sky. Great weather for a longer tour. I start in the direction of Rimbach to cross the Fulda, to do this I first have to take the Burgenweg that leads from Schlitz to Herzberg Castle. Only a short distance on this path before it goes into the valley to Berngerode, abandoned or rather lonely, the hunting lodge is surrounded by deciduous forest. From here it goes to Rimbach, Langenschwarz, Großenmoor and Burghaun. Now it goes on the bowling game bike path which I leave again at Steinbach to drive in the direction of Schenklengsfeld. New territory for me and also nice to see the Soisberg from another side and to explore new paths. From the info pavilion in Schenklengsfeld the tour goes to Bad Hersfeld in the festival city. The bike path is in good shape and the sun also has its effect. After a currywurst in the old town, I go through the pedestrian zone to the monastery ruins and on to the spa park before I leave the city for home. A beautiful day in November that was not skimpy with the sun, fantastic for such a tour, was fun.

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      • November 6, 2021

  8. Bernhard went mountain biking.

    October 31, 2021

    18.5 mi
    8.8 mph
    2,125 ft
    2,150 ft
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    1. Bernhard

      Last round in October: Rimberg, Silbersee and Herzberg. Another popular round at home. First through the field to behind Bieben, then into the local forests. Foliage-covered paths lead me past many highlights, a hidden little pond, very close to the A5. Distant views are now possible where in spring the sun has not yet reached the ground. Large areas fell victim to the beetle. But in a few years, natural regeneration will allow new trees to grow on the areas. At the Rimberg at approx. 590 m above sea level. NN is still the transmitter mast that is widely visible in the country. At the Silbersee the campers have already prepared for the cold season. The way up to the castle is still varied and fun to drive. The trees are slowly getting lighter up here. A nice day for a nice tour. The tires don't pack so well on the wet roads, it's time for the winter tires.

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      • October 31, 2021

  9. Bernhard went mountain biking.

    October 30, 2021

    31.6 mi
    10.8 mph
    2,075 ft
    2,100 ft
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    1. Bernhard

      Visiting a colleague shortly after Bad Salzschlirf: The weather should stay dry in the morning, a short tour to Bad Salzschlirf is possible. At 9 o'clock I start from Wallersdorf via Grebenau through the Schwarzenbachtal up to about 400 meters in altitude to the Mordplatte intersection. Now it's off in the direction of Willofs past the Wolfersberg with 448 meters and the Eisenberg with 490 meters of altitude. In Willofs at the intersection with the Elvis monument, I turn back onto a dirt road that leads me to the Steinberg (490 m). From here the descent to Bad Salzschlirf begins, in Bonifatiusstraße I visit my colleague who is here for rehab. The next destination is on the return trip in the direction of Lauterbach, it is the Wartenberg castle ruins, which are located on a small elevation on the Lauterbach - Fulda railway line. Angersbach is also within sight of the castle, from here I follow the R2 or R7a to Lauterbach. From the train station the R7 leads over Maar to Grebenau, on Ossenberg 349 meters just before Maar there is a small basalt quarry that I really want to see. The Ossenberg and the Bilskuppe, also called Bil, are both made of basalt rock. Then there is the Kalkberg, which the name already suggests Limestone, here there are grasslands with rare plants. A beaver has also built his castle on the bike path and can call a large expanse of water his own. In Maar I pass the Michaelskirche, it was built around 1820 and is located on the main street. A tarred field path leads from Maar past Wernges back onto the country road towards Grebenau, where the tar cover has just been renewed. The R7 runs long distances on busy country roads, I don't like that and try to get to my destination via forest paths.

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      • October 30, 2021

  10. Bernhard went mountain biking.

    October 28, 2021

    10.4 mi
    7.1 mph
    975 ft
    1,000 ft
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    1. Bernhard

      For a cup of coffee after work: autumn is at home in the forests and fields. Nice to navigate through nature and to enjoy the colors of the. Leave everyday life behind and hear the calming rustle of the leaves on the paths and paths. Relaxed coffee at the castle, a little chat with the landlord. The fog rises slowly and the sun disappears on the horizon, time for the way back, the evening mood in the sky is beautiful.

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      • October 29, 2021

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