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aus Plauen im schönem Vogtland
Wir radeln und wandern zum Spaß und weil wir gerne in der Natur sind!
Unser "Einzugsgebiet" reicht vom sächsischen über das thüringische Vogtland, die fränkische Schweiz, Tschechien und bis nach Leipzig hin. Gerne fahren wir auch mal etwas weiter, wenn es sich lohnt. Viel Spaß beim Stöbern in unseren Touren. vg Kerstin und Mike
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Paula’s Tour Stats

Distance879 km
Time276:31 h
Elevation12,810 m

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  1. Paula planned a bike ride.


    42.6 km
    12.9 km/h
    320 m
    320 m
  2. Paula and gabelstaucher planned a mountain bike ride.


    31.4 km
    10.4 km/h
    950 m
    940 m
  3. Paula planned a bike ride.


    55.6 km
    13.2 km/h
    1,130 m
    1,130 m
    1. Thomas Luge

      Paula, you have something planned. The climbs and height differences are really fat. Look at me. In October I was hiking there

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      • 10/06/2018

    2. jbu

      Nice round with challenges as Thomas wrote:) ... especially the corner Altenbeuthen / Drognitz. Make an eight out of the round and take the mill ferry with. It's worth it...

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      • 10/06/2018

  4. gabelstaucher went for a bike ride.


    30.4 km
    0.5 km/h
    250 m
    620 m
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    1. gabelstaucher

      From Diethfurt through the cozy Laabertal with the wheels. The roads were virtually empty and you could drive side by side all the time. Life takes place in the villages, and mostly in the beer gardens. On the route you will not meet any human soul. Glorious.

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      • 28/05/2017

  5. gabelstaucher went for a bike ride.


    54.7 km
    9.1 km/h
    600 m
    600 m
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    1. gabelstaucher

      For the most part on quiet village roads, we drove from Wünschendorf to Ronneburg and then over the BUGA area back to the car. A nice tour that should be created with every type of bike.

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      • 22/05/2017

  6. gabelstaucher went for a bike ride.


    62.6 km
    9.4 km/h
    790 m
    770 m
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    1. gabelstaucher

      From home with the wheels to the Zeulenrodaer dam and back. Large parts of little-used village roads, some light terrain. In itself we wanted to drive around the dam, only the battery of Frauchens Pedelec was not loaded. So this will be made up. All in all, a nice Sunday outing.

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      • 05/04/2017

  7. gabelstaucher went for a bike ride.


    44.7 km
    8.6 km/h
    470 m
    460 m
    1. gabelstaucher

      It was time to load a tour again to komoot. Since we made a little tour in the home today, I immediately recorded it. The track can be easily completed except with the road bike with each bike. Almost at the end in Mehlteuer, we have been at the lumberjack still something to eat. A nice little tour.

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      • 12/03/2017

  8. Handrick went hiking.


    8.08 km
    5.5 km/h
    160 m
    130 m
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    1. Gabriele

      Handrick, I would have liked to hike with you, or at least have been on the beautiful snow with the cross-country skiers. I sit around at home and submit to a manual therapy to finally get the Rumgehumple on our hiking tours back under control.

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      • 27/01/2017

    2. Handrick

      Then get well, we hope that strikes the own manual therapy.
      In the beginning it was pretty cold, by the movement everything was ok

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      • 27/01/2017

  9. Paula and gabelstaucher went hiking.


    3.58 km
    3.8 km/h
    290 m
    30 m