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    1. Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾

      Today I only did a short round in the Curauer Moor and in the Schwinkenrader Forest, because I worked until noon (since Monday I can again, the corona restrictions have been relaxed).I actually wanted to find the sea eagle nest there. I don't have it, because I don't want to disturb the eagles with an extensive search. But I must have been very close, because I found the guard station. However, this is currently not occupied due to Corona.It was funny that a local resident in Dunkelsdorf asked me if I wanted to drink a juice. And the juice was delicious 🙂
      After a short chat and my thanks, it went on 😊
      By the way, 7.5km was 🦶Oh yes, I was home well before dark 😀

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      • 3 days ago

  2. Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾 went for a hike.

    May 16, 2020

    14.7 mi
    3.9 mph
    875 ft
    875 ft
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    1. Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾

      I planned this hike a few weeks ago, today I did it - and I have not regretted it! On the contrary, it was one of my nicest this year !!!
      Constantly on the Schwentine, great estates, few people and the few were also very friendly!
      There was only a lot going on at the game park, which is why we didn't go over there.
      I can recommend this tour to everyone who loves nature and culture 🙂It was another 100% FiveFingers tour 😀

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      • May 16, 2020

  3. Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾 went for a hike.

    May 14, 2020

    13.4 mi
    4.0 mph
    525 ft
    525 ft
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    1. Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾

      Today the tour took me back to an area that is probably very popular with sea eagles. I have had ten sightings und
      Two flew past me at a maximum of 25m 😯
      Unfortunately I forgot my camera at home today, which is why I couldn't take any pictures 😔
      None is not quite right. In photo 140 you can guess when zooming in on the 1st tree to the right of the island.
      I could see the adult birds well with binoculars 😀
      I really liked the tour, I hiked it 100% with my Vibram FiveFingers 👣

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      • May 14, 2020

  4. Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾 went for a hike.

    May 13, 2020

    1.16 mi
    1.9 mph
    50 ft
    25 ft
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    1. Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾

      Today my wife, our boy group and I went on a trip to the Ellerhoop Aboretum in the Pinneberg district.
      We owe this tip to Simona, who was here a few days ago. Thanks Simona 😊
      The Aboretum is a landscaped park, which is absolutely worth a trip if you are interested in trees, plants and / or gardens.
      Entry costs € 9.00 per person.
      More information about the aboretum:

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      • May 13, 2020

  5. Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾 went for a hike.

    May 10, 2020

    11.6 mi
    3.7 mph
    550 ft
    500 ft
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    1. Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾

      My feet wanted to walk a long distance again, and they got their will 🦶👣
      And that on the former FRG / GDR border strip near Herrenburg.
      Only very few traces of the former German division can be found today.
      In a very remote place I first found a wolf solution (Wolfssch ...) and then even the remains of a wild boar crack! Later I found paw prints in the sand, which were almost certainly from a wolf.
      I photographed the solution (Fig. 22) and the crack (Fig. 23-26), I forgot to take the paw prints 😔
      The grass snake on picture 16 & 17 was alive, the one on picture 50 was unfortunately dead. My foot next to it should show the size of the snake, it was a very young 😔Incidentally, I didn't meet ten people today when hiking 🙂

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      • May 10, 2020

  6. Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾 went for a hike.

    May 8, 2020

    13.3 mi
    4.0 mph
    375 ft
    375 ft
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    1. Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾

      Even if the planes are (almost) all on the ground, we still made it and traveled to South America.
      We were in Panama, Brazil and Bolivia.
      Even California wouldn't have been far, but the money was running out - uh, no, time was running out 😜
      These places are all on the Baltic Sea near Schönberg 🙂
      With up to 19 ° C and mostly little wind, I only hiked with a T-shirt and swimming trunks. It was nice! 😊
      Today you could get spellbinding brown (of course I don't mean that politically)! 😀
      Sometimes I ran barefoot on the dike and of course on the beach (6.1km) 🦶I have also been to the Baltic Sea several times, at least up to my thighs 😊I was very happy that you could visit the railway museum in Schönberger Strand despite the Corona crisis 😀

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      • May 8, 2020

  7. Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾 went for a hike.

    May 6, 2020

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    1. Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾

      Today I walked in the footsteps of the "Kaiserbahn" railway line, which has been open to traffic since 1897 and which Kaiser Wilhelm II used more often.
      I also circled Behlendorfer See.Furthermore, I was on the traces of Günter Grass ("Die Blechtrommel"), who lived in Behlendorf for a few years.I ran 1.5 km of the route barefoot 🦶The route is very beautiful, which is also due to the fact that you rarely meet other people 🙂

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      • May 6, 2020

  8. Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾 went for a hike.

    May 3, 2020

    15.0 mi
    4.0 mph
    825 ft
    875 ft
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    1. Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾

      I actually wanted to hike at Berkenthin, but the chance of rain there was too great for me. Therefore, I changed my mind at short notice and hiked here.Unfortunately, the lookout tower on Ketelvierth was closed due to the Corona crisis. Nevertheless you had a nice view from your feet.The heath area was particularly beautiful right at the start of the tour. But the Halloher Moor is also very beautiful.You could have walked even more distance 🦶, but since I was traveling with the Vibram V-Alpha's, it was only 1.5 km.

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      • May 3, 2020

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    1. Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾

      Oh but! Everything is now much more colorful (rapeseed, trees ...), and I have in Gr. Steinrade visited the milk filling station for the first time. And that won't be the last time, because for 80ct. you get a liter of excellent taste 😀
      I'm afraid the three liters bought won't last long 😆
      As you can see, I was traveling a bit faster. I had planned an average speed of not less than 6.7 km / h - which worked 😊

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      • April 29, 2020

  10. Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾 went for a hike.

    April 27, 2020

    16.0 mi
    4.0 mph
    775 ft
    800 ft
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    1. Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾

      Today I was again at the Hohwacht Bay and in the hinterland with my boy group. I was inspired by this tour "Mo". Thanks "Mo", it's a great track!I was on the road again with my Vibram V-Alpha 👣. Only not 6,1km, I went 🦶🙂The route is really highly recommended, especially now that the rapeseed is in full bloom 😀By the way, I even met a comoot who recognized me 😊

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      • April 27, 2020

About Gerhard & die Hundeboygroup 🐾 👣 🐾

(Stand 24. Mai 2020)Ich (Mitte 50) wandere mit meinen vier Hunden (3x Sheltie & 1x Collie) vorzugsweise in der Natur. Gehe auch gerne und viel schuhschonend, also 🦶. Meine "Lieblingdisziplin" sind Streckenlängen von 15-25 km, aber auch welche von >30 km sind drin.
Insgesamt bin ich im Jahr 2019 >6.250 km zu Fuß unterwegs gewesen, knapp 530 km davon barfuß.
🦶 werde ich wohl 2020 weniger wandern, was an meinen Wanderschuhen "Vibram FiveFingers V-Alpha*" liegt. Das kommt dem 🦶-Gehen tatsächlich recht nahe 😁
(*FiveFingers sind Zehenschuhe, auch Minimal- oder Barfußschuhe genannt)
Nicht jede Tour zeichne ich bei Komoot auf, denn würde ich hier jede Gassirunde speicheren, dann würden die schönen Touren ja untergehen!
Außerdem ist Komoot ja eine Wander-App und keine Spaziergeh-App 😅
Unser "Stützpunkt" liegt übrigens am westlichen Rand von Lübeck.Das Haupturlaubsziel der letzten ca. 15 Jahre war die Insel Usedom, die von mir bereits mehr als 10x besucht (und natürlich auch bewandert) wurde.
Für April / Mai 2020 war eigentlich ein 🇩🇰-Urlaub geplant, der jedoch auf Grund der Corona-Krise auf 2021 verschoben wurde. Mal schauen, ob wir den geplanten Urlaub bei Plau am See zum Jahresende machen können 🙄
Meine Boygroup besteht übrigens aus drei Shelties und einem Collie: Rudelchef Adrian (12), Stellvertreter ist der kleine Olly (10) & Charon (8). Der Vierte im Bunde ist der Collie Loxley (2).
Die Boygroup freut sich immer sehr auf die Wanderungen an den Wochenenden und in den Urlauben 😊
Allerdings nehme ich den Adian seit etwa Ende Juli 2019 auf längere Strecken nicht mehr mit, da der Zahn der Zeit bei ihm leider schon kräftig zugebissen hat 😒
Touren zeichne ich seit Juni 2018 hier auf 🤗

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