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  1. martin_ffm went for a bike ride.

    4 days ago

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    1. martin_ffm

      Today I did a little tour. There is not much to tell this time. New Isenburg back and forth, Wendelsplatz right bent to Obberrad, through the gardens on Kaiserleikreisel durchgewurschtelt, harbor 2 break (very relaxed) and last but not least on the Main home. One new thing, though: a friend had pointed out to me "... come and have lunch in the cafeteria in Sankt Georgen ..." I was not lunch, but I've looked at Sankt Georgen. I am surprised that so far no one has created a highlight. That's why I did it once. Here is the link:,8.9899063,12z?waypoint=hl:763703
      We recommend. The food should also be very good (price / performance ratio)

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      • 4 days ago

  2. martin_ffm and Katja went hiking.

    7 days ago

    2.50 mi
    2.3 mph
    1,000 ft
    25 ft
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    1. martin_ffm

      Today I made with Katja a very nice hike from the castle Alzenau on the Hahnenkamm (Alfred's house mountain). When we arrived at the castle, just happened to be a castle guide of a nice gentleman. Thus, we could take a look inside the castle and take a look at Alzenau from above. After the tour we have a little look around in Alzenau (we did not know yet), A nice town with a beautiful parkland along the Kahl. Today was in Alzenau a lively, but relaxed activities in the town. It was probably a plant festival in the park. From this exploration I made no Komoot recording, but a few photos (impressions, without track allocation!) After a refreshment in the nice cafe '"baaila" right at the castle went Then it's comfortable along the Kahl and then through gently rolling meadows in the forest direction Hahnenkamm. After a fairly steep hike we arrived a bit exhausted in the mountain inn Hahnenkamm. There the nice service provided us with the urgently needed electrolytes ;-). I then climbed the Ludwigsturm. Here a sensational 360 degree panoramic view of the Maine plain and the Spessart. Really great! Then it went quickly back to the castle (no track) and then by car home. All in all, a very nice trip.
      Here are some interesting links: the new cultural forum Alzenau (very nice, pleasant building):
      And last but not least, the cozy, beautifully situated Berggasthof Hahnenkamm:

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      • 7 days ago

  3. martin_ffm and Hump went for a bike ride.


    38.9 mi
    10.0 mph
    625 ft
    650 ft
    1. martin_ffm

      Yesterday Peter and I made a nice bike ride from Bamberg to Schweinfurt with good friends. In Bamberg we arrived on Thursday by train. After an informal walk in the beautiful old town of Bamberg and a night we started in the sunshine in Bamberg. First of all we drove the Mainradweg via Sand am Main, Zeil am Main and Haßfurt. In Haßfurt, we were irritated by the white and green signs that lead to Schweinfurt, but not on the Mainradweg. From Haßfurt it went on eventful. We then cucumbered over field and meadow paths and finally landed in a place where it did not go further. Later we had found a route that had a footbridge (see photos, slope double Holbeinsteg), where one of the guys had interconnected and the chain between sprocket cassette and spokes was totally trapped. After all imaginable, clever craftsmanship with our pliers and other lever tools was simply nothing to do. In the meantime, I had contacted the breakdown service of the ADFC ... and the guys had organized a hammer from an angler nearby. The ADFC man was then allowed to witness live on the phone - hammer knocking, expressions of force, cheers - how we had gotten the bike then still waiting for it.
      Relieved we are then after crossing the pedestrian bridge landed again on the Mainradweg and quickly drove to Schweinfurt. All in all, an eventful, very beautiful, scenic bike ride. Although there were always dark clouds in the sky, we stayed dry. Started and landed at the sun :-).
      It can still be said that you can eat and drink very well and very cheaply in Franconia. Only one house number: half a liter of beer (0.5) € 2.40. In Frankfurt is 4.50 to 5 € course and Gäbe.
      P.S. Very quaint, cozy atmosphere and delicious food and drink: Franconian tavern to the barrel
      Hauptstraße 59, 97437 Haßfurt (no homepage found)

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      • 04/05/2019

  4. martin_ffm, Lothar and Angelika went for a bike ride.


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    1. martin_ffm

      Today I had with Katja once again a bike ride (organized by Lothar) connected to the Sleeping Beauty. But as usual in sequence: Katja and I started in Buchschlag and met the other men and women (we were 14 overall) as usual on the Lindenplatz at the starting point of the tour. The "comfortable ride" went "with few gradients" over Dieburg to Ober-Klingen. From here we went up to Hassenroth. After this heavy climb we are then down to Annelsbach. After the lunch break in the "Sleeping Beauty" we are then up to Hummetroth and further down to Gersprenztal. via Reinheim, Dieburg back to Dreieich. Of course, our Maestro Lothar also took advantage of the break in the "Sleeping Beauty" for a small Ebbelwoi rehearsal. :-)
      My summary: it was a great and beautiful bike ride in the best weather. I can hold on to myself, just a blast in the landscape. Time and again scenic highlights: the meandering circus around the Otzberg and the view of the valley on the way down to the Sleeping Beauty. Apropo Dörrschenschen: this time the retreat was not exactly tingling. Carefully expressed. Our stay took 2 quarters of an hour. It was not necessarily the big group. Apropo group: as the photos show, we were a pretty cheerful troupe. On the return trip, we then crossed a Darmstadt-ADFC troupe (a photo).
      Oh yes, one more thing: the tour was quite exhausting for Katja and me. Nevertheless, again and again ;-)
      P.S. the assignment of photos are not 100% accurate.

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      • 01/05/2019

  5. martin_ffm went for a bike ride.


    13.3 mi
    8.6 mph
    250 ft
    275 ft
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    1. martin_ffm

      Today I did a little reconnaissance tour in Frankfurt. About the city center, Bockenheim, Ginnheim, Dornbusch, Eckenheim and the Northrend, it went back to Sachsenhäuser Ufer. It was a very nice, green tour, where I got to know a few new corners (other, very beautiful! Corners of the Niddapark and Sinaipark).
      From the German library, it started to drizzle easily, but I arrived at home half dry.
      However, the Nidda confused me slightly: on the tour there was the Niddagarten, the Niddapark and last but not least Volkspark Niddatal. Had I landed on the Nidda in the Nidder, the confusion would have been perfect ;-).

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      • 29/04/2019

  6. martin_ffm and Katja went for a run.


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    1. martin_ffm

      Today, to get my butt up at all, I went (after a long, long time) with Katja a small jogging (Gerbermühle). I had to walk a few times instead of walking. I survived ;-)P.S. the photo is from the 18th of April.

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      • 28/04/2019

  7. martin_ffm went for a bike ride.


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    1. martin_ffm

      Today I participated in a New Isenburg ADFC Tour (Franz' Track). The so-called classic "cake tour". The name is program. But in turn: eight women and eight men met at Neu Isenburg town hall. It started at 13 clock through the forest on the Rade of Neu Isenburg then Gravenbruch and Steinberg over the forest to Jügesheim and before there to Weiskirchen. Here was a cozy coffee + cake break in Café Schäfer ( inserted. Yummy cake. It continued with a short stop at Jügesheimer water tower to Obertshausen and then via Heusenstamm back to Neu Isenburg or with me to Sachsenhausen. All in all, a very nice, kurzweylige tour mostly through meadows and forests and if nothing else, through sleepy, quiet residential areas.
      In this tour I had once again discovered a few new corners. General "Rodgau" Especially the Jügesheim water tower. When we drove to Dieburg by car, I had always seen him rushing by and thought that I would go there by bike and see this building up close. Today happened ... and approved. :-).

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      • 24/04/2019

  8. martin_ffm went hiking.


    1. martin_ffm

      Today we took a short walk from Sachsenhausen over the Ironbridge, Römer, Altstadt, Zeil, Hauptwache, Goetheplatz and back to the iron pier. It was nice, we wanted to drift today rather and sniff atmosphere and less historically interested explore the area.
      Short notes: the recording of Komoot has once again not gone too well (smartphone in the breast pocket). The photo assignment to the location is not accurate and our average speed lt. Komoot of 5.9 km / h ... probably rather 3.5 km / h :-).

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      • 22/04/2019

  9. martin_ffm, Katja and Hump went for a bike ride.


    27.4 mi
    10.3 mph
    475 ft
    800 ft
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    1. martin_ffm

      Today we have four made a beautiful drive from Groß Umstadt to Frankfurt. We started at the train station in Groß Umstadt and after a few meters we arrived in the very nicely located ice cream parlor "Tivoli" and at first got our caffeine mirror in order. After visiting the beautiful old town of Gross Umstadt, we went to Altheim, Eppertshausen, Uberach, Offenthal to Dreieichenhain. Here was then in the el Castillo directly at the castle very delicious and inexpensive, classically Spanish lunch ate. Here is the link: Fast Trittes it went almost exclusively on forest roads to Buchschlag, past New Isenburg and ultimately to Frankfurt Sachsenhausen.
      In the best weather a very nice tour, where Komoot let us bypass the main roads.
      Our companions had slight mechanical problems with their saddles in between. That's it.

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      • 21/04/2019

  10. martin_ffm went for a bike ride.


    1. martin_ffm

      Today I did a little interesting exploration bike tour in Offenbach. First of all, I drove to Neu Isenburg and from there through the city forest via Oberrad to Offenbach. Here I just drifted a bit and then - as expected - landed at the Main and drove home from there.

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      • 17/04/2019

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