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  1. Klaus-Dieter Gesk went hiking.


    1. Wolfgang

      Was a huge force .... missing only a selfi .... lg

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      • 7 days ago

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    1. Klaus-Dieter Gesk

      This tour was an action of senior citizens' offices of the city of Bochum on June 27, 2019.
      The 20 quarter walker groups of the senior citizen's offices started from about 8-9 different starting points to a star walk to Westpark.
      The goal was at 16:00 the pump house behind the Jahrhunderthalle.
      We start as a walking group at 14:00 at the gate 5 to a time travel in the year 1968. I was supported by my former apprentice colleague Fried. Krupp Hüttenwerke, Heinz Rittermeier Apprenticeship year 1967. Before planning the journey through time, we had not seen each other for 50 years. I myself was an apprentice from April 1, 1966.
      We rummaged in our memories, oriented ourselves to the remaining buildings and the grounds and told the participants stories from the time, when still 17,000 employees earned their livelihood. Heinz grew up on the Bessemerstrasse and therefore knows the environment outside the company.Here is a short description of the track by Heinz.
      Many stories and anecdotes are unfortunately hidden, here is missing an audio recording.
      Tour Westpark
      On the tour Westpark we explore the site of the former factory "cast steel" of the Bochum club, which was characterized by the silhouette of the blast furnaces and the adjacent residential districts of steel workers Griesenbruch and Stahlhausen.
      Our tour begins at gate 5 of the Bochum club on the Alleestraße. From here it goes on the former factory premises between factory fire brigade and Colosseum to the Jahrhunderthalle. Via a staircase we reach the upper part of the site, which gives us an overview of the former blast furnace plant, the area of which we pass along the former factory parts. Along the Bochumer Verein Verkehrstechnik GmbH, the only operating part of the "Gußstahl" plant, which still produces today, the path leads us to the century house of IG Metall. Here once stood the electric steelwork 5.
      Now we leave the factory premises and walk in the Griesenbruch on the Bessemerstraße in a southerly direction to the Klarastraße. The Klarastraße leads to the Springerplatz, which was named after the anti-fascist Bochum resistance fighter Karl Springer. The Springerplatz was called Moltkeplatz until 1947 and was before 1933 the center of the Bochum workers' movement and the symbol of the bitter struggle against National Socialism. The historic town is now being upgraded by the "Massif Central Springerplatz".
      Via the Maxstraße we go to the Baarestraße. We see the former award-winning health center of the Bochum Association and built in the 1980s commercial factory school of Krupp Stahl AG (formerly Bochum club), which belongs to the VHS today, and built in the 1990s fire station of the professional fire Bochum.
      Here, due to time constraints, our pre-planned tour was canceled, a second time travel is made up.Here is more information on the subject of Heinz Ritter

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      • 06/28/2019

  3. Klaus-Dieter Gesk went for a bike ride.


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    1. Klaus-Dieter Gesk

      Once across our territory. Wat wants more?
      Nice fast route along the A40 and on the new RS1, hopefully it continues with the expansion.

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      • 06/18/2019

  4. Klaus-Dieter Gesk went for a bike ride.


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    1. Klaus-Dieter Gesk

      Back to the Rhine and then anne Ruhr to Schimmis Ruhrort

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      • 06/20/2019

  5. Klaus-Dieter Gesk went for a bike ride.


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    1. Klaus-Dieter Gesk

      Castles, fields, forest and town and in Krefeld delicious food at Badde and beer at Gleumes

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      • 06/20/2019

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    1. Klaus-Dieter Gesk

      Varied tour with some surprising routes through the grounds and dead ends. But homemade.

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      • 06/15/2019

  7. Klaus-Dieter Gesk went for a bike ride.


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    1. Klaus-Dieter Gesk

      Beautiful route along the Rhine over the Monheim Rheinbogen and through the Urdenbacher Kämpe in the fortress Zons with complete city wall

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      • 06/14/2019

  8. Klaus-Dieter Gesk went for a bike ride.


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    1. Klaus-Dieter Gesk

      A nice tour mostly along the Rhine.
       The south bridge can only be climbed via stairs and not recommended with packed wheels. It is better because the Severinsbrücke to drive.

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      • 06/20/2019

  9. Klaus-Dieter Gesk went for a bike ride.


    3.68 mi
    5.3 mph
    200 ft
    300 ft
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    1. Klaus-Dieter Gesk

      Arrived in the rain, waiting in the train station in Haferkater. Then directly to the great accommodation house Müllestumpe and the towpath and the promenade beautiful and walk to Bonn. Great afternoon and evening.
      Pictures give it only from the bike ride after Rain.

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      • 06/20/2019

  10. Klaus-Dieter Gesk went hiking.


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