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    1. Andreas

      1. CHINAGIRL in Europe. Prague looks like a 4 million city, but has only 1.3 million inhabitants. The rest are probably tourists. And they come from China. More women than men. I watch women who dress in the romantic outfit to the European scale of the 80s. With a straw hat, a long dress and a dreamy look in the face of the monumental splendor.
      2. CONSUMPTION. The long queues of Chinese tourists in front of the Louis Vuitton stores say only one thing: many Chinese people seem to save a fortune while shopping. Because the same products cost at least 30% more in China. Shopping in Europe is therefore synonymous with a bargain tour, even when it comes to luxury goods.
      3. GROTTE. A labyrinth like a grotto in the smallest space. A crazy fantasy. A trip through the underworld. The artist lives in the same house as his assistant assured me. The "Magic Cave" project (Magická jeskyně), initiated by the painter Reon, began in Brittany in the 70's and the Magic Cave on Laurenziberg was opened in 2005. Visit the dream land Argondie, only 3 € Admission, wine included, Led Zeppelin were also there.
      4. CAFÉ SLAVIA. Here I sat 14 years ago. How the time flies. My thoughts are still the same. This time, I'm sitting in a position to keep an eye on my e-bike that I've connected with.
      5. VEGETARIAN. Tourists overrun Prague. Hard to find an authentic restaurant. Here I come in. As a vegetarian, you are in the Czech Republic on lost posts. Here you eat meat. I order a vegetarian dish here. It works like this: you just made a can of Leipziger Allerlei warm and poured it on your plate. Are you crazy? Beer is always vegetarian and tastes quite good here.

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    1. Andreas

      Görlitz is awesome. The perfect backdrop for historical films. Along or to Zittau. The city is also worth seeing. I end up in the tri-border region: Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic.

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