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    1. Sandra

      Based on Hikeline # 19 expanded by frog rock and Friedrich's stone. Hardly any forest roads (except between Bremer HĂŒtte and Schindelstieg).
      Actually, I just wanted to go the short base tour and then stroll through Ilsenburg (nice place!), But I have then decided on the big variant. A good choice!
      The dangling around the frog rock I liked and was extremely quiet above all things. Only at the frog rock (stamp spot) I met people.
      On the Heinrich-Heine-way on the Ilse, however, was the expected Easter migration. The path is beautiful, but it was too crowded for my taste. This is definitely a route that is best done on a weekday off-season.
      The variant over the Friedrichs Stein was also a good decision. Most people go from the Bremer HĂŒtte the standard route on the Jagdweg. On my way I was again almost alone on the road and only at the Friedrichsstein - Stempelstelle;) - people saw.
      At the inn Plessenburg it was full again. The same applies to the Ilsenstein, where the retreat is worthwhile in any case. There are very delicious pies and waffles. :)
      At the end I spontaneously added a detour to the monastery Ilsenburg and descended deviating from the origin tour.

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      • 3 days ago

    1. Sandra

      Have today grazed all HWNn in the area of Bad Harzburg. ;)
      Basis is the tour Hikeline # 18, extended to the Elfenstein and the Café Winuwuk.
      The tour is mostly on wide forest roads.
      East of the main road was neat operation (especially on the castle hill (fantastic view!) And between Rabenklippen and Molkenhaus.) The latter is currently closed due to renovations.
      West of the main road it is not so attractive landscape - you walk on forest roads through Nutzwald -, but much calmer, as soon as you have left the road behind. Only wind, bird chirping and forest smell; No car noise and on Easter Sunday hardly a soul on the way.

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      • 4 days ago

  1. Sandra went hiking.

    5 days ago

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  2. Sandra went hiking.

    5 days ago

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    1. Sandra

      Beautiful path on the Oker. The only downside is the near road.At the Romkerhaller Wasserfall there is a fairly steep direct path to the viewpoint. With dog on a leash, however, it is borderline - at least with an upturned beagle, the panic pushes, because he finds no way. I turned around and took the longer alternative.The KĂ€stehĂŒtte is currently closed for renovation.

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      • 5 days ago

    1. Sandra

      Just in time for the daffodil bloom on the Binnenalster.

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      • 16/04/2019

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    1. Sandra

      The new pergola district between City Nord and Bahntrasse does not seem to be accessible from the Jahnstraße yet. You only see a lot of construction fences. A few allotments even seem to remain on the site.
      The allotments on the other side of the RĂŒbenkamp are still standing, but even there it is probably only a matter of time before they have to give way to apartment buildings.

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      • 16/04/2019

  4. Sandra went hiking.


    1. Sandra

      Excursion to the "mountains" - or what counts as a mountain in the North German Plain. ;) At 181 meters, the sharp mountain is after all higher than the Hamburg Hasselbrack in the Harburg Mountains. The only comes to 116 meters.You mostly walk on forest roads.Information:

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      • 14/04/2019

  5. Sandra went hiking.


    1. Sandra

      Alternative starting point: U Ohlstedt at the Wohldorfer forestWithout a dog, you take the footpath through the Brook at Duvenstedter Brook. With dog you have to stay outside on the Wiemerskamper way (footpath available). In Duvenstedter Brook dogs are not allowed on a leash either. The border with the Brook is paved with dog bills. No one can talk out, he would not have known ...;)The detour through Duvenstedt is owed to Caros Café. If I'm in the area, I can not miss the delicious home-baked cake. The cappuccino is also very good.In terms of dog, I once again noticed a stray filled dog excrement bag on a break without trash. Since a friend has asked me why dog owners do something like that (apparently you have to know something like this as a dog owner ...;)), that's even more obvious to me. Some bags are simply dropped, half buried (plastic ?!) or knotted on fences or twigs. Whether people think the bags will dissolve on their own or anyone will take them with them? The thoughts of some people are a mystery to me ...

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      • 07/04/2019

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    1. Sandra

      The Dalbek Canyon was once again a spring dream! :)Actually, I wanted to go in the opposite direction, because Reinbek is hit only in 20 minute intervals and I wanted to have the afternoon light on the Geesthang, but I missed the connection when changing trains and Miss Hasenfuß was at Bergedorf station again with the nerves at the end. Instead of waiting for the next suburban train to Reinbek, we started directly.Overall, a wonderful tour. Much operation in Bergedorf, but on the rest of the tour I hardly met people.In the afternoon it even shuddered. Typical April ...;)The photos are delayed by 7 minutes.

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      • 06/04/2019

  7. Sandra went hiking.


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    1. Sandra

      Stop for coffee;Possible larger round: to Katinger Watt & Eidersperrwerk (about 25-30 km as a circular path)

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      • 31/03/2019

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