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  1. Becker went for a hike.

    August 25, 2021

    6.64 mi
    2.4 mph
    1,675 ft
    1,650 ft
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  2. Becker went for a hike.

    August 24, 2021

    2.85 mi
    2.1 mph
    2,100 ft
    2,050 ft
    1. Becker

      With Stecknerweg to Eisseespitze, which is neither pointed nor icy and there is also no lake there. The ascent is still worth it, the walk itself is not too long and is pleasant. Wonderful prospects v. a. Monte Cevedale, glacier as well as Casatihütte and the Ortler group visible in the distance

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      • August 24, 2021

  3. Becker went for a hike.

    August 23, 2021

    7.20 mi
    2.1 mph
    2,650 ft
    2,650 ft
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    1. Becker

      With the way up, first through the forest, then cross the moraine field, steep ascent to the Tabarettahütte 2556 HM, which is located on the Marltschneid. The hut is on the way to the Julius Payer hut, which is then used by the Ortles climbers for overnight stays. Both huts are connected by a direct route with a difficult via ferrata via ferrata. According to the memorial, quite a few will die there. During lunch break you have a direct view of the Ortlernordwand, Nach Sulden and in the distance to Vinschgau with Reschensee

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      • August 23, 2021

  4. Becker went for a hike.

    August 22, 2021

    6.84 mi
    2.5 mph
    1,200 ft
    1,225 ft
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    1. Becker

      Leisurely hike around Sulden. On the cultural route, a picturesque ascent to the suspension bridge over the Suldenbach with its thundering waterfall, return via route 1 with a stop at the Bärenbad, a visit to the cureosum and the Ortles. Break at the Suldensee with a view of Ortles and the parish church of St. Gertraud

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      • August 22, 2021

  5. Becker went for a hike.

    August 21, 2021

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    1. Becker

      Small hike after strenuous days. By car over the famous Stilfser Joch with tons of cyclists and motorcyclists on narrow, never-ending Serpantinen. Then on the border between Switzerland, Italy and South Tyrol along the remains of the military installations of Switzerland from the 1st World War with many information boards ascent to Piz Umbrail 3033 HM. On the way we learned that Mountenbiker's mountain is very popular. It was an interesting experience to see how the people, sometimes with heavy e-bikes, stubbornly and bravely climb the difficult mountain

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      • August 21, 2021

  6. Becker went for a hike.

    August 20, 2021

    11.1 mi
    2.7 mph
    3,550 ft
    4,225 ft
    1. Becker

      With the hiking taxi to the highest point of the Marteller valley. From there, first along the Plim Gorge and through the beautiful larch floor onto the panorama path. I actually wanted to go back to Sulden over the Ice Pass, but my wife wanted to go over the Madritschhutte. Beauty has of course conquered and so we are back to the Zufallshutte and then up through Madritschtal to Joch 3123 HM, from there over the desolate ski slopes to the lookout point just before the cable car with a great view of the glacier and the three mountains of the Ortler group

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      • August 20, 2021

  7. Becker went for a hike.

    August 19, 2021

    5.98 mi
    1.8 mph
    3,700 ft
    3,800 ft
    1. Becker

      Saved about 400 HM with the Rosimbahn. After an initially easy hike, it goes steeply on scree. After a strip of Rosimferner you can see the top, but the distance is deceptive and takes a while until you reach the top after Krakselei. The view is unique: Ortler group, Lasserferner and the Vinschgau with shimmering Reschensee

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      • August 19, 2021

  8. Becker went for a hike.

    August 18, 2021

    12.2 mi
    2.7 mph
    5,175 ft
    5,200 ft
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    1. Becker

      From Sulden towards Langenstein Hütte, partly over the mystical root path, which reminded me of the gods' grove in Winterfell / Game of Thrones. Then over what was probably a former glacier field on a long, partly attached path to the Hintergradhütte, as to the right you always see the Ortler, Monte Zebru and the Konigspitze with their monumental hanging ice masses, first on moraines, then crossing the glacier towards the Schaubachhütte. Since the farm road down did not look bsd inviting, the train was welcome 😁.
      Then back to the hotel via the beautiful cultural trail along the Suldener Nach

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      • August 18, 2021

  9. Becker went for a hike.

    August 17, 2021

    1. Becker

      Coming left hanging. The recording stopped pretty much at the beginning. Was the first hike in the mountains Hinters Schöneck 3128 M. We ran counter-cyclically, the way there was very easy, the descent to the Düsseldorferhutte a little more difficult with a few rope-secured parts, but always King Peter in view. After a short break with a view of the Vertainspitze, a beautiful descent along the Zaytal stream into the village

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      • August 18, 2021

  10. Becker went for a hike.

    August 16, 2021

    1.08 mi
    2.9 mph
    100 ft
    125 ft
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