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  1. Paul went hiking.


    3.56 km
    4.3 km/h
    80 m
    80 m
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    1. Paul

      Occasionally rain and storm gusts. 🌧️🌫️ Not exactly the perfect Sunday weather, which is why today it was only on a small city tour through Teltow. From the station Teltow city the tour went over the Mahlower road in the direction of the old town. The old market square forms, with the adjoining town hall, the center of the old town.
      After exploring the many small streets, it went again, with a short rain shower ☔, back to the station.
      Tip: During a trip to Teltow it is worthwhile, especially for families, to make a trip to the nearby bird park and petting zoo Teltow ( Teltow city: 🚂
      S 25 (Hennigsdorf - Berlin Friedrichstrasse - Teltow city) every 20min
      S 26 (Berlin Waidmannslust - Berlin Friedrichstrasse - Teltow city) every 20min
      (Sa + So only Berlin Potsdamer Platz - Teltow city)

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      • 10/03/2019

  2. Paul went hiking.


    3.93 km
    4.7 km/h
    130 m
    80 m
    1. Paul

      With a sun-cloud-rain mix ☔⛅🌞, it was today on World Women's Day, which is an official holiday in Berlin for the first time, through the city center of Königs Wusterhausen. The tour went through the small streets west of the station. In the Bahnhofstrasse today was a small market with many bakery, Fleischerei-, fish cars, and other interesting stalls. For day-trippers, a visit to the nearby Königs Wusterhausen Castle is also worthwhile.Directions Königs Wusterhausen Station: 🚂S 46 (Berlin Westend - Königs Wusterhausen) every 20min
      RE 2 (Cottbus-Berlin-Wismar) every hour
      RB 22 ((Berlin-) Potsdam - Schönefeld ✈ - Königs Wusterhausen) every hour
      RB 24 (Eberswalde-Berlin-Senftenberg) every hour
      RB 36 (Königs Wusterhausen-Storkow-Beeskow-Frankfurt (Oder)) every hour
      IC 56 (north dike Mole-Hannover-Bremen-Verden-Magdeburg-Potsdam-Berlin-Cottbus) 1 × daily

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      • 08/03/2019

  3. Paul went hiking.


    1. Paul

      Today it went in changeable weather ☔ on a Frühblüher 🏵️🥀Tour through the Britzer garden. From the entrance on Buckower Damm, the tour ran past the outdoor laboratory, past the main lake and past the calendar square to the exit on the Massiner Weg. Afterwards we went over the Massiner Weg and the Mohriner Allee back to the bus stop.
      The tour was worth it, because thanks to the warm temperatures 🌡️ many early bloomers, such. As snowdrops and crocuses were seen. 😀
      Information about the Britz Garden:
      open daily from 9 o'clock
      March to October:
      Adults 3 €
      Children & severely handicapped 1.50 €
      November to February:
      Adults 2 €
      Children & handicapped 1 €
      Children up to and including 5 years generally free!More information at: 🚍Bus M 44 (S + U Hermannstraße-Stuthirtenweg)
      Stops: Britzer Garten or Britzer Damm / Mohriner Allee
      every 5-10 minutes
      Bus 181 (U Walther-Schreiber Platz - Kielingerstraße)
      Stops: Britzer Damm / Mohriner Allee or Rotkopfweg or Windröschenweg
      every 10-20 minutes
      Bus 179 (U Alt-Mariendorf - Gerlinger Straße)
      Stop: Sangerhauser Weg
      every 10-20 minutes

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      • 03/03/2019

  4. Paul went for a bike ride.


    37.0 km
    16.7 km/h
    340 m
    350 m
    1. Paul

      At the slow beginning of the cycling season 🚲 we went on a bike tour through the Dahme region and the beginning of the Spreewald north of Lübben with mild 7 ° C and overcast skies.
      Start and end point was the train station in Brand, which is very easy to reach by train from Berlin. Von Brand was initially on a small paved bike path to Krausnick. It happened that, in the (former) airship hall housed, "Tropical Iceland" (More information at and a former military area. In the forest are still many ruins of the barracks, which is no longer in operation since the 1990s, remember. From Krausnick you followed the Gurkenradweg 🥒 🚲 via Lubolz, Schönwalde and Waldow / Brand to Rietzneuendorf. This section was initially on various paved roads through the forest, before then determined from Lubolz small county roads and wide fields this part. In Rietzneuendorf they crossed the Dahme in the center of the village and turned off at the exit to the Dahmeradweg. They followed this until Staakow. On a small and quiet street we went the last kilometers from Staakow back to Brand.
      Overall, I can highly recommend the tour! 👍 🚲 You can also extend the tour via Schlepzig, Lübben or Golßen.
      Directions Station Brand: 🚂
      RE 2 (Cottbus-Berlin-Wismar) every hour
      RB 24 (Eberswalde-Berlin-Senftenberg) every hour
      Alternative:Directions Lubolz station (~ Km 18): 🚂
      RB 24 (Eberswalde-Berlin-Senftenberg) every hour

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      • 02/03/2019

  5. Paul went for a bike ride.


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    1. Paul

      15 ° C degree. 🌡️Sun enough. 🌞 And in February !!! This beautiful weather had to be used, which is why this afternoon went on a small tour. First we went with a short detour to the gasometer Mariendorf, along the Teltow Canal. It was very easy to observe the construction work for the Dresden railway. 🏗️🚂 In the year 2025, this section between Südkreuz and Blankenfelde should be finished (More information at:
      Then it went north through the Hans-Baluschek-Park to the station B. - Südkreuz, before it then went to the Tempelhof field (formerly Bln Airport Tempelhof ✈) on. The Tempelhofer Feld was worth a detour again for its perfect tracks and the green nature areas! After a round of "sunbathing" it then went on the Friedrich-Ebert sports field (home FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin) and the Marienhöhe back to the starting point.
      Amazingly warm for February, but perfect for cycling. 🚲 I can definitely recommend the tour! 👍🚴😁

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      • 27/02/2019

  6. Paul went hiking.


    3.87 km
    4.9 km/h
    120 m
    50 m
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    1. Paul

      In sunny 🌞 weather and spring-like temperatures 🌡️ went today on a small city tour through Beelitz. The town of almost 12,000 inhabitants is known above all for its reputation as an "asparagus town", as it forms the center of Brandenburg's largest asparagus growing area. In addition, the small old town with the old parish church of St. Mary & St. Nikolai and the many, in part listed buildings, houses worth seeing. Also, a short detour through the, located west of the station, forest area to the observatory is worthwhile. Overall, I can only recommend Beelitz for a city tour! 👍Additional excursion tip:
      West of the center of the city, in Beelitz-Heilstätten, is the "treetop path Beelitz-Heilstätten". There you can walk on a nearly 23 meter high path at the height of the treetops. This is a beautiful experience, especially in spring and autumn. (More information at
      Directions Beelitz Station (Directions to the city center): 🚂
      RB 33 (Berlin-Wannsee - Potsdam-Rehbrücke - Jüterbog) every hour (Sat + Sun every two hours)
      Directions Beelitz-Heilstätten station (access treetop path): 🚂
      RE 7 (Dessau - Potsdam - Berlin - Wünsdorf-Waldstadt) every hour

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      • 24/02/2019

  7. Paul went hiking.


    3.40 km
    4.1 km/h
    70 m
    40 m
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    1. Paul

      10 ° C degree. Sun tired. 🌞 This weather must be used!
      That's why today it went through Schlepzig in Unterspreewald. The town is mainly known for its private brewery (founded in 1788), the neighboring whiskey distillery and the small Kahn ports. The round first ran on a small side street, parallel to the main spree, to the island pond.
      Tip: A 5.2 km long, beautiful and signposted hiking trail leads around the large island pond.
      After the detour to the island pond, it then went across the fields back to Schlepzig.
      A nice photo opportunity on the tour is u. a. the old half-timbered church of Schlepzig, which was built in 1782 east of the village center.
      In the summer season it is also worthwhile to make a boat trip from Schlepzig, as it is a bit quieter in Schlepzig than in the tourist resorts Lübben and Lübbenau.
      Arriving Schlepzig:Lübben train station: 🚂
      RE 2 (Cottbus-Berlin-Wismar) every hour
      RB 24 (Eberswalde-Berlin-Senftenberg) every hour
      RB 41 (Cottbus-Lübben) every two hours
      IC 56 (Norddeich Mole-Hannover-Magdeburg-Potsdam-Berlin-Cottbus) 1 × daily
      continue withBus 506 🚍 towards Märkisch Buchholz (Mon-Fri several times a day / Sat + Sun every two hours)Or:Brand Station (Tropical Island): 🚂
      RE 2 (Cottbus-Berlin-Wismar) every hour
      RB 24 (Eberswalde-Berlin-Senftenberg) every hour
      continue withBus 506 🚍 to Lübben (4 × daily (weekend only!))Or:Schönwalde train station: 🚂
      RB 24 (Eberswalde-Berlin-Senftenberg) every hour
      continue withBus 504 🚍 to Schlepzig (3 times a day (only on school days!)

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      • 17/02/2019

  8. Paul went hiking.


    7.12 km
    4.1 km/h
    160 m
    90 m
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    1. Paul

      Today we went on a sightseeing tour through Luckau. The town of almost 9700 inhabitants is located about 15 km west of Lübben in the Spreewald. Main attractions are the market place with the Hausmannsturm and the St. Georgenkapelle, the St. Nikolaikirche, the old town hall, as well as the former monastery and prison in the center of the city. In the prison, which was in operation until 2005, sat u. a. from 1916 to 1918 Karl Liebknecht.
      For hikers the park area of the "Landesgartenschau 2000" with its many ponds, green areas and the old windmill is highly recommended. The area is located on the southern outskirts. For friends of humor, the cartoon museum is also worth a visit. (More information at
      For a trip I can highly recommend Luckau, as there is something interesting to see and discover on every corner.
      Directions to Luckau by public transport:Since 2008, there is no regular train service to Luckau! Therefore use the following connections:Lübben train station: 🚂RE 2 (Cottbus-Berlin-Wismar) every hour
      RB 24 (Eberswalde-Berlin-Senftenberg) every hour
      RB 41 (Cottbus-Lübben) every two hours
      IC 56 (Norddeich-Hannover-Magdeburg-Potsdam-Berlin-Cottbus) 1 × daily
      and then continue by bus 🚍:
      Line 472 (Lübben-Duben-Luckau)
      Mon-Fri hourly
      Sat & Sun every two hours
      Or:Luckau-Uckro train station: 🚂RE 5 (Stralsund / Rostock-Berlin-Elsterwerda)
       HVZ: every hour
      otherwise every two hours
      and then continue by bus 🚍:
      Line 466 (Dahme-Uckro-Luckau)
      several times a day
      Directions to Luckau by car: 🚗
      A 13 departure Duben (8)
      then on the B 87 in the direction of Luckau
      As of 2019

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      • 08/02/2019

  9. Paul went hiking.


    3.52 km
    3.1 km/h
    50 m
    60 m
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    1. Paul

      Today it went in changing weather ☔ on a small city tour through Oranienburg.
      The city, which is located approx. 35 km north of Berlin's city center, is primarily known for the Oranienburg Palace and the neighboring Schlosspark, which was rebuilt in 2009 for the Landesgartenschau. The today's hike led first from the station over the Bernauer road to the lock, before it went on different ways along the Havel along. Here you came u. a. past the small castle harbor, which was built especially for the Landesgartenschau. About some side roads on the southern shore section then went back to the station.
      A visit to Oranienburg is well worth it, actually always! Especially with better weather! 😅🌞
      Directions Oranienburg train station: 🚂S1 (Berlin Wannsee-Oranienburg) every 20min
      RE 5 (Rostock / Stralsund-Berlin-Elsterwerda) every hour
      RB 12 (Berlin Ostkreuz-Templin city) every hour
      RB 20 (Oranienburg-Hennigsdorf-Potsdam) every hour (Mon-Fri)
      RB 54 (Berlin Lichtenberg-Löwenberg (Mark) -Rheinsberg (Mark) 1-2 * daily

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      • 03/02/2019

  10. Paul went hiking.


    7.80 km
    4.9 km/h
    120 m
    110 m
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    1. Paul

      In sunny weather and frosty temperatures, it was today through Bad Saarow. The place, which is located at the Scharmützelsee (one of the largest lakes in Brandenburg), is mainly known for its large thermal baths and the beautiful waterfront promenade (further information on the spa under On the northern shore, there is also the port ⚓, from which many excursion boats in the summer on the Scharmützelsee and the neighboring Storkow Lake schippern. 🚢 For hikers, the almost completely connected shore path on the lake, the wide spa park and the Fontanepark are especially recommended. At the eastern turning point of the tour is the station of the spa. Due to comprehensive renovations, the station building is in very good condition!For a trip and / or short break, a visit to Bad Saarow is always worthwhile, as the health resort is less than an hour away by car or train from Berlin. 👍Directions Bad Saarow Station: 🚂RB 35 (Fürstenwalde (Spree) - Bad Saarow-Klinikum) every hour

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      • 20/01/2019

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