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About Leo Sausemaus

"Nur wo du zu Fuß warst, bist du auch wirklich gewesen" (Goethe) - Dieses drückt annähernd meine Philosophie von der sportlichen Bewegung aus... radfahren, mountainbiken oder wandern wenn möglich von der Haustüre ab und ohne Auto, Elektromotor, etc. :o) Geht nicht immer, aber meistens und ist ein wenn auch kleiner Beitrag zum ökologischen Fußabdruck. Und zählten in jungen Jahren Rennergebnisse, Geschwindigkeit, Km und Hm, so stehen heute mehr die Stunden in der Natur, die Runde mit Freunden (Haarim-Hoddrim und/oder Schnauf+Lauf), die Entspannung und das sammeln der Eindrücke in der Natur im Vordergrund. Daten ergeben sich dann automatisch :o) In Komoot möchte ich nur ab und zu eine Tour veröffentlichen... und zwar wenn es aus meiner Sicht eine besondere Strecke mit vielen Eindrücken und schönen Passagen ist. Eine tolle Strecke ist wichtiger als eine große Fotogalerie :o)
Hauptsache draussen...

Distance travelled

826 mi

Time in motion

216:53 h

Recent Activity
  1. Leo Sausemaus went for a hike.

    September 21, 2022


    19.2 mi
    3.8 mph
    2,800 ft
    2,825 ft
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    1. Leo Sausemaus

      SUN RAYS again and again 😎

      Anyone who knows me knows why I rarely publish a tour on Komoot... and anyone who knows me well knows why I'm making THIS round public.

      A Spessart pure nature and culture tour with so many beautiful places lined up 🤗 At the end of my vacation, the tour was extended from 24

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      September 21, 2022
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    1. Really very nice 🤩

      TOP 🔝

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      September 17, 2022
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    1. Around 445 midnight it was still in Klosta Engejberg. And indeed on oana da fia mi scheesdn and odiversified Roudn past the Wossa, duach Weinbeag and Schluchdn and mid vui view over Woid, Fejda and into the Maintoi. The route is summarized: As close as possible along the Main to Ealenboch, past the Beagschwimmbod

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      June 16, 2022
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    1. Today on Father's Day I wanted to run into the day again. The start was at 450 after midnight at the hiking car park in Volkersbrunn.

      The route: From the chapel "Mistress of the Mountains" we went down the beautiful Stationenweg to Heimbuchenthal and on the other side uphill to the campsite and the idyllically

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      May 26, 2022
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    1. After this year's Schnauf+Lauf round on Friday (if YOU are reading this... it was a great effort by EVERYONE!!!) I peppered today's hike of the legs with less altitude as a precaution... yes, you could almost do it call it a "flat stage" 🤭

      But there were a lot of super nice narrow paths... so to the

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      May 8, 2022
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    1. After we usually do 15km tours with quite a few meters of altitude, I promised and selected my wife today for a surprise tour without much Hm and Km 🥰 In addition, I haven't been to the Mülheimer/Dietesheimer lakes and quarries yet and yet I've heard and seen so much about it had. But you simply have

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      April 16, 2022
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    1. This year the Good Friday tour started at the Stutz hiking car park in Bürgstadt. There were many very nice passages on the loop but also some disappointing sections. But that was partly due to the trail conditions. Paths destroyed by heavy wooden equipment are just one example... but no one complained

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      April 15, 2022
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    1. After yesterday we were allowed to walk a few meters of snow on our 22er hike near Hesselbach, there was of course no holding back after the view out of the window this morning... SNOW on April 2nd 😳👌🏼 (OK, last year there was also a snowfall on April 8th). April still a great snow hike). Thanks to

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      April 2, 2022
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    1. After I "gave" myself the Schinderhannes-Steig in the Taunus last year in mid-March (here is the link: komoot.de/tour/330789251), this year I looked for an Odenwald pearl necklace with places where I hadn't been out for years. Start was at 730 after midnight in Watterbach. On the first climb, my legs

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      March 17, 2022
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    1. I rarely post a lap, but every now and then one stands out and today was such a 🤗 also because it is in the heart of my homeland, where no maps, navigation, etc. are necessary and where you know every path. So after work I put on short trousers and laced my shoes, then just out to mother nature... at

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      March 10, 2022
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