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"Nur wo du zu Fuß warst, bist du auch wirklich gewesen.", soll Goethe gesagt haben...

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  1. Thomas 🖤💚 and Sonja went for a hike.

    November 15, 2020

    4.60 mi
    2.7 mph
    1,075 ft
    1,025 ft
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    1. Thomas 🖤💚

      Today we started a short hike in Falkenstein over the Altkönig to the Fuchstanz.
      The weather was great and we started from the hiking car park at the Schattwald.
      On the one hand because of the nice weather and on the other hand because of the "C" we felt like we were on a migration, there were an incredible number of people in the forest ...
      Right at the beginning, the situation in the forest made us feel a little pissed off, as an enormous area fell victim to the clearing. Here, the drought of last summer and then the bark beetle killed a number of trees ...
      After about 10 minutes we are past the bare area and we go straight towards Altkönig. We made the ascent after about 35 minutes, there is a lot of activity up on the plateau. We only stop for a short time, after having a cup of tea and looking over to the Feldberg, we continue towards Fuchstanz.
      There is also a lot going on there, far too much for our feeling, and here too we will soon decide to continue walking. We take the path towards Franzkopf and finally it gets quieter and we can enjoy the forest and the hike.
      We relax while running and are on our way back to the trail parking lot on new paths, are then happy to have done something and to have our peace again ....

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      • November 15, 2020

  2. Thomas 🖤💚 and Sonja went for a hike.

    November 8, 2020

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    1. Martin Lis

      Net bad Mr. Nink. 👍

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      • November 9, 2020

  3. Thomas 🖤💚 and Sonja went for a hike.

    November 1, 2020

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    1. Thomas 🖤💚

      Today we spontaneously decided to go on a hike.Since it was at short notice, we couldn't plan very well and that's why we took over a tour from "Taunus Hiker", thank you Jörg!We had already done a hike in the Wisper Valley and when we arrived by car at the parking lot near the Wisper Lake, we could immediately put ourselves back there.
      The Wispertal is simply beautiful and it has its own charm!
      Today everything was there, beautiful views, paths over fields and meadows, wonderful forest sections and even a few rocky trails, it was short and crisp with beautiful autumn impressions!Today I don't write much, the photos speak for themselves ...

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      • November 1, 2020

  4. Thomas 🖤💚 and Sonja went mountaineering.

    October 2, 2020

    4.51 mi
    2.4 mph
    1,725 ft
    1,750 ft
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    1. Thomas 🖤💚

      Today was our last day of vacation and we wanted to do a nice final hike, not too difficult and not too easy, it should be easy on the eye.After completing this tour we hiked 120km in the last two weeks, of which about 13.2 km in altitude!We are out early and drive to Oberjoch, where we park our car in the Moorweg car park. We do not have to pay any parking fees because we have the Hindelang Plus card, otherwise the daily charge is € 6.
      We walk along the Alpenstrasse and at 9:00 a.m. sharp we are at the Iselerbahn valley station, which is just starting to operate.
      The cable car takes us up in about 18 minutes. When you arrive at the mountain station, you set off straight away to the summit of the Iseler.
      The path takes us up in serpentines in about 40 minutes, and even during the ascent we have a pretty view of the Ostrachtal.
      When we arrive at the summit, we blow through ourselves and are impressed by the mountain scenery!
      You can see everything that has rank and name here, the Hochvogel, Gaishorn, Beschießer, Ponten, the Zipfelalpe, etc. A really impressive view!
      On the other side we can look over Bad Hindelang and Sonthofen to Immenstadt.
      We take our summit photos and then we continue.
      From here the Kühgundgrat begins and thus high alpine terrain. From here you should only continue hiking if you are absolutely free from giddiness and sure-footed.
      Right at the beginning we have a nice view of our tightrope walk, because it is in two ways, on the one hand it goes deep down to the right and left and on the other hand you are always with one leg in Tyrol and the other in Bavaria .. .
      It's a beautiful path, absolutely great views no matter where you look. After a while we have a wonderful view of the Tannheimer Tal, just great this view!
      It doesn't take long and we walk past the Kühgundkopf towards the Kühgundspitze. Now we have reached our second summit cross!
      Beautiful views all around, but I had already written that ...
      It goes on, now the descent begins, although not incredibly difficult, but partly steep and secured with ropes and steps.
      A nice descent that finally leads us past the Schmugglersteig, a path suitable for families, not necessarily for the demanding hiker ...
      The most beautiful part of the tour is now over and we are now walking below the Kühgundgrat back to the starting point of our hike.

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      • October 2, 2020

  5. Thomas 🖤💚 and Sonja went mountaineering.

    September 30, 2020

    10.0 mi
    2.7 mph
    2,575 ft
    2,500 ft
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    1. Thomas 🖤💚

      Today the weather was nice, so a spontaneous tour had to be created for the daily program.
      We haven't been to Hinterstein yet, it should be a hike for the eye, not too long and too strenuous ...
      Via Komoot we then put together a tour to Zipfelalp, one thing in advance, unfortunately we couldn't walk it like that. The way back (on the map of the rights from the Zipfelalp) is listed in Komoot as a hiking trail, but it is the path for the cattle drive and, according to the nice "dairymaid", much too steep to walk down and also not an official path.Our tour starts at the Grübplätzle car park just outside Bad Oberdorf, where you can also park your car for free.
      We first walk on the paved road towards Hinterstein and after about 10 minutes we pass the Ostrach over a bridge and then take the Bärenweg. The sun is shining and it is pleasantly warm, actually we are glad that it now goes up in gentle serpentines in the shade of the forest.
      After about 20 minutes we meet an elderly couple with whom we have had a chat. When we found out the age of the two, we were flabbergasted, the two were 86 years old and for us a prime example of how old age can be!
      After the nice conversation, we continued walking with a little positive drive, the intermediate goal was now the Hinterstein waterfall. The incline was now a lot steeper and at least I wasn't feeling particularly well.
      I have more or less "dragged myself on" as the last few days have been a lot of hikes ...
      When we arrived at the waterfall, we took a break there for the first time, a really magnificent waterfall, exactly as you would imagine it to be.
      It went up in serpentines, over damp and smooth stones and over a lot of roots.
      The waterfall was passed a second time and then the path tightened significantly.
      At times we had the sun on our necks, which wasn't necessarily good for my condition ...
      Several breaks have now been taken, which we used again and again for one or the other look into the surroundings. The landscape around Hinterstein and also on the alpine path that we have now contested is simply beautiful!
      After we have walked the last switchbacks we come out of the forest and the Zipfelalpe could already be seen, what luck, it couldn't be far ...The path was no longer so steep and slippery, sometimes it went through the last snowfields that were left from last weekend.
      There must have been a lot of snow here too ...
      We cross another stream and then we arrive at the Alpe, as far as I'm concerned, I'm flat ...
      A place is found very quickly, the Alpe really invites you to linger!
      To relax, two elderberry and apple spritzers that hiss like nothing ...
      We order the Zipfelalp snack for two, simply delicious!
      Then two more coffees and homemade nut and cherry cakes, which is also simply delicious. Especially I didn't expect the coffee to be so good!
      We are both strengthened and after about an hour's stay, during which we let our souls dangle a bit and just enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere, we go back to the valley.As already mentioned, we take the same route that we came (usually not our thing ...) back.
      Running is much easier, we cover the distance to the waterfall in 50 minutes (for the way to the alp it was 2 hours 15 minutes). The sun is shining so wonderfully on the waterfall here that we definitely need to take a few more photos.
      From here we decide to walk to the rear village, then visit the village church of Hinterstein before going back to the starting point.
      At first glance, not a hike with "the" highlights, but it was a really, very nice hike. The Zipfelalpe is really highly recommended, nice people, delicious food and a nice atmosphere!
      Especially since the Alpe can also be used as the starting point for numerous other hikes.

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      • September 30, 2020

  6. Thomas 🖤💚 and Sonja went for a hike.

    September 29, 2020

    5.17 mi
    2.9 mph
    1,600 ft
    1,525 ft
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    1. Thomas 🖤💚

      The weather forecast for today was again very changeable and when we dared to look out the window, it was clear that we would not go on a long hike in the rain.The weather forecast for Reutte was not as bad as the one for Bad Hindelang and we still had the suspension bridge "Highline 179!" on our wish list ...By car to Reutte, about 60 km away, right next to the Ehrenberg Castle Worlds, you can park well for a daily price of € 4. Then it starts.
      We take a look at the museum complex first, lots of signs about the different epochs of the Ehrenberg Castle ruins, the Fort Claudia ruins and the Schlosskopf ruins.
      If you really want to look closely at everything here, you need at least a whole day.
      You can take the Ehrenberg Liner, a cable car up the approx. 110 meters in altitude, but we decide to walk to the castle ruins. After about 15 minutes we arrive at the top, of course we look at the castle ruins.
      At the moment there is still a lot of renovation going on here and it will probably take some time until everything is as you imagine it to be.
      So directly to the suspension bridge, in times of "C" you should actually disinfect your hands when stepping on the suspension bridge and wear a mouth and nose cover outdoors ...
      Well, we hold our tickets (8, - € per person for the way there and back) at the turnstile, we can "enter" the bridge individually.
      It looks awesome when you look at the other side! We walk on the lattice floor of the bridge and it shakes violently right at the beginning ...
      We have to take photos, then we start, Sonja is walking straight ahead, yes, I can't follow as fast as she heads off towards the other side ...I don't want to get over the bridge that fast, I walk slowly and look around, the views of the highway down and of the surrounding mountains are already tremendous. Yes, it wobbles, but honestly, it really isn't bad.
      After a few minutes I "made it" too and we are reunited.
      We now decide to have a look at Fort Claudia and the ruins at the Schlosskopf. But we no longer take the path over the bridge, but walk the hiking trail to the other side.We take a close look at both ruins, we take our time.
      From the Schloßkopf you have a really wonderful and almost overwhelming view of the basin around Hof and Reutte!
      After we have seen enough, we descend again. The path is tough, as it is very stony and, above all, peppered with roots. Due to the heavy rain of the last few days it is slippery here and we have to be really careful not to sit on our butts ...
      Once at the bottom we are very hungry and decide to look for a café to end the day "properly" ...

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      • September 29, 2020

  7. Thomas 🖤💚 and Sonja went mountaineering.

    September 28, 2020

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    1. Thomas 🖤💚

      After it rained heavily in the Allgäu Alps last weekend and the snow line fell to 1200 meters, we can unfortunately no longer run our planned high-alpine tours.Sometimes such incidents are also good, because we still have a week and we want to be used.So we had to plan new tours, one of them is this one and we would definitely not have walked them if the snow hadn't been lying.
      Fortunately, because today's tour had a bit of everything!
      We're really glad we did it that way!
      We start our tour in Bad Oberdorf in the Luitpoldstrasse and walk comfortably towards the Hirschbachtobel, a short stretch over the Alpine road that leads down from Oberjoch and it doesn't take long until we are at the beginning of the Hirschbachtobel.
      The path is fun right from the start.
      We walk along the rocks, slowly we get up, we keep changing sides.
      One beautiful ravine after the other, again and again smaller waterfalls. In some places it is a little steeper, here the path is secured with steps and steel ropes.
      At the end of the hiking trail we look at the largest waterfall of the Hirschbachtobel, of course we have to take our photo together here.
      Take a short breath and continue up in tight and narrow serpentines.
      Now it is time to unpack the sticks, we are already in the snow line and to the Hirschalpe we have to cross a snow-covered grass mountain.
      It's not easy to walk here, sometimes really high snow, then again small sections full of mud. We have to be careful not to slip away.
      After we have mastered this somewhat uncomfortable section, the Alp Kreuz sticks us in the eye and we know that we can stop right away.
      Arrived at the Hirschalp, we take a seat in the cozy parlor right next to the wood stove.
      It should be the dumpling duo with sauerkraut and the Kaiserscharrn, with an elderberry spritzer and a wheat beer!
      It was tasty!
      After about an hour we continue, we walk past Alp Kreuz, of course photos are taken here too ...Now our snow hike begins!
      We are surprised how good it is in the high snow, it was definitely over 50 cm.
      We're making good progress, passing below the "Spieser", we'd like to be up to the summit, but you can't have everything ...
      We now take the moor path, if there is no snow you have a wonderful view of the moor landscape and the cotton grass. The path usually leads over a wooden path, but we can only partially see it. We try hard not to leave this path.
      After 40 minutes we arrive at the Klank Hut and of course we have to stop here too.
      Although we have still filled the bags well, of course it has to be coffee and cake!
      After about 20 minutes it starts again here, a little sluggishly and with fullness we walk over the Hirschberg and arrive at the summit cross.
      The peculiarity here is that you cannot see the summit of the Hirschberg from the valley, so the summit cross has been brought into view.
      We have a wonderful panorama here, the view is simply unbelievably beautiful. You can see the whole of the Ostrachtal, Bad Obderdorf, Bad Hindelang and Sonthofen. Hinterstein, the Breitberg, the Immberger Horn, the Rotspitze, and even the Hochvogel can be seen from here.
      If you look to the left, you see Oberjoch and the Iseler, really beautiful!
      After this enjoyment we descend, the path now leads us through the forest again, it is muddy and we have to take care of the roots so that we don't slip away.
      It goes down in serpentines, as we are out of the snow line, it is easier to run.
      Again we have nice views of the villages, we get deeper, walk over the Steinköpfele down into the valley.
      Past the Berggasthaus Café Polite (means café on the beech slope ...) where we won't stop today.
      Again the path leads us past the foothills of the Hirschachtobel back to our starting point.
      It was nice!

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      • September 28, 2020

  8. Sonja and Thomas 🖤💚 went mountaineering.

    September 27, 2020

    7.37 mi
    2.2 mph
    2,025 ft
    2,025 ft
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  9. Thomas 🖤💚 and Sonja went for a hike.

    September 27, 2020

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    1. Thomas 🖤💚

      Actually today it was supposed to be a tour around the Iseler, but it only stayed with one attempt ...
      Why? You will understand it best if you look at the photos.
      We walk in the direction of Gruebplätzle between Ostrachstraße and Hornweg, south of Bad Oberdorf and take the path to the floodplain on the Ehlesbach, which flows into the Ostrach.
      We walk over the "Path of Love" and then come to the Bergwachtweg and here we have lovely first views of the Allgäu mountain world and even more from the Palmweg, which we turn right into. We circle the palm mountain, hike through different forms of vegetation, it goes over narrow paths that need our attention, it gets stony, sometimes it's gravel and sometimes you can hold on to ropes. The view falls, among other things, on Bad Oberdorf, the Ostrachtal and Bad Hindelang, there are simply wonderful views that we get here!
      From an altitude of around 1200 meters, we pass the first small snow fields that have formed in the last two rainy days. We are still hopeful that the snow won't be that bad, but unfortunately this is not confirmed.
      The higher we get, the deeper the snow gets. Branches hanging down, even whole trees that have fallen or even broken under the load of snow, make our way difficult.
      We still try to get to the Iseler Hütte, we are now in the middle of the forest and running becomes an adventure. Again and again we get small "snow avalanches" which are released by the sun's rays.
      About 80 meters below the Iseler Hütte we have to break off and turn back, the path is simply no longer to be found, the snow is simply too high.
      We walk back the same way, some hikers come towards us who want to make the same attempt to the hut ...We arrive at the Bergwachtweg again and then continue over the Wildbachtobel, the Hirschbachtobel to the “Polite” mountain café-restaurant. Here we have a wonderful view of Bad Oberdorf and the Breitenberg. We sit on the tersasse and enjoy our coffee and cake ...

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      • September 27, 2020

  10. Thomas 🖤💚 and Sonja went for a hike.

    September 26, 2020

    3.34 mi
    2.2 mph
    200 ft
    200 ft
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    1. Thomas 🖤💚

      Unfortunately, our Kempten tour somehow fell into the water. Rain isn't bad, but when it starts pouring down, it's no fun either. Normally you look at the shops then, but in times of "C" that's not really fun either.
      What remains are "wet" impressions from Kempten.

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      • September 26, 2020

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