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About 🅰️ndy
Distance travelled

5,388 mi

Time in motion

720:59 h

Recent Activity
  1. 🅰️ndy went for a hike.

    June 20, 2022

    Städtetour Dubrovnik

    1.41 mi
    1.8 mph
    100 ft
    25 ft
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    1. 🅰️ndy

      Today we arrived in Dubrovnik... After a sponsored bus ride we went into the fray... Sightseeing in Dubrovnik. It's cool that you always have to walk up the side streets and there are almost no connections... So you have to think carefully about where you climb up🤔😁.. There's always a lot going on

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      • June 20, 2022

  2. 🅰️ndy went for a hike.

    June 19, 2022

    1.59 mi
    0.7 mph
    375 ft
    400 ft
    1. 🅰️ndy

      Today we are in the port of Corcula... A super small town with city walls... And the alleged birthplace of Marco Polo...

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      • June 19, 2022

  3. 🅰️ndy went for a hike.

    June 18, 2022

    2.16 mi
    1.0 mph
    475 ft
    400 ft
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    1. 🅰️ndy

      You can approach a foreign city from a ship in many places in Croatia. We are in the center of the harbor in the old town bustle, including a wedding ceremony. Split in the old town is phenomenal, historic and totally winding... In short, very beautiful.

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      • June 18, 2022

  4. 🅰️ndy went mountain biking.

    June 12, 2022

    49.8 mi
    7.9 mph
    2,875 ft
    2,875 ft
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    1. 🅰️ndy

      Across the Heidenheim district for an ice cream... in Sontheim an der Brenz there is an ice cream vending machine that spits out farm ice cream if you feed it €2.40. On the way there with Uli a great tour with one and the other trail...brilliant.

      Somehow the time ran along, even when standing still

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      • June 12, 2022

  5. 🅰️ndy went mountain biking.

    May 26, 2022

    44.3 mi
    8.4 mph
    4,375 ft
    4,375 ft
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    1. 🅰️ndy

      Everything that came my way today... Young fathers?? Old dads! Female fathers 😳 Teenage fathers, really an ingenious hodgepodge. Today I wanted to ride a few new trails (new to me) in the hope that most hikers would use handcarts and not necessarily be on narrow trails and paths... And what can I say

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      • May 26, 2022

  6. 🅰️ndy went for a hike.

    May 25, 2022

    9.12 mi
    2.3 mph
    1,675 ft
    1,700 ft
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    1. 🅰️ndy

      are we going away are we staying Why drive so far when you have such beautiful hiking trails on your doorstep and haven't hiked them all yet...so it was clear that today it was the Berta Hörnle Weg's turn. It feels like it goes up and down, in between there are very nice passages, overall this lion path

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      • May 25, 2022

  7. 🅰️ndy went mountain biking.

    May 22, 2022

    20.0 mi
    10.0 mph
    500 ft
    500 ft
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    1. Cubimädle🚵 🥾

      How beautiful

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      • May 23, 2022

  8. 🅰️ndy went mountain biking.

    May 15, 2022

    40.5 mi
    10.7 mph
    2,425 ft
    2,450 ft
    1. 🅰️ndy

      After a week of relaxing city walks in Italy, it was THE LÄND's turn again today... and it's just nasty when you drive past freshly mown grass (for the silage) or drive past sawn wood in the forest... this scent is heavenly. Add to that the lush green and the certainty of having overcome the winter

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      • May 15, 2022

  9. 🅰️ndy went for a hike.

    May 13, 2022

    6.75 mi
    1.9 mph
    1,525 ft
    1,625 ft
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    1. 🅰️ndy

      There is a nice rifugio above Riva that we hiked to today. We started from Lake Tenno, which doesn't have a lot of water at the moment. A beautiful shore path leads past the lake and you can photograph the lake from different angles. Then a forest path leads steadily upwards and after about 1.5 hours

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      • May 13, 2022

  10. 🅰️ndy went for a hike.

    May 12, 2022

    3.75 mi
    2.1 mph
    300 ft
    375 ft
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    1. ®️einer 🚴‍♂️🇺🇦

      Aha, you are slowly approaching. 👍

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      • May 12, 2022

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