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Habe 2018 meine Leidenschaft zum Rennradfahren entdeckt. Seitdem erkunde ich mit Komoot - Strecken und Highlights und teile sie mit anderen.2019 = 9.190,10 km (Rennrad 6.897,2 km / Straßenrad 2.292,9 km)
2020 = 13.272,30 km (Rennrad 8.867,1 km / Straßenrad 4.266,2 km/ Sonstige 139 km)
Ach ja, falls ihr neu oder zu Besuch in meiner Region (Pionier,Experte) seid und ihr einen Routenvorschlag für's Rennradfahren braucht, von jemandem der sich hier auskennt, gerne bei mir melden. Ich helfe gerne weiter und gebe euch Tipps.

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  1. MARKUS and Mangold Jonas planned a road ride.

    May 29, 2021

    54.1 mi
    14.0 mph
    650 ft
    650 ft
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  2. Mangold Jonas planned a road ride.

    April 23, 2020

    1. Mangold Jonas

      To tackle the 200 km mark? It goes hilly through the Kraichgau to Heilbronn. Then on the Neckar downstream, back to the Rhine estuary near Mannheim. The first "noteworthy" highlight of the tour is waiting at the Heuchelberger Warte. If you have reached this, the hardest part is done. You will be rewarded with the beautiful wide view of the hinterland of Heilbronn. The section afterwards, from Heilbronn to Guttenbach, is really recommended. Almost 40 km you drive almost without traffic (except for the few crossings) on the Neckar cycle path. You can enjoy castles, castle ruins and nature in a relaxed and stress-free way. It is advisable to take a short break in this section, because there are enough nice seating areas. On weekends and good weather there is of course a lot of activity and you should be considerate of the other day trippers.
      From Neckargerach to Heidelberg, the route unfortunately follows on the main road with a separate hard shoulder for cyclists. Right next to the cars and motorcycles, it is no longer as relaxed as the kilometers before, but it is really easy to pedal after the many kilometers due to the slight gradient. 30 km before the finish, at Ziegelhausen you can refresh yourself at the drinking water fountain.
      Practically on the route, should you run out of strength, you can take the S-Bahn from Mosbach Neckarelz and go back to Mannheim without changing trains.

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      • April 27, 2020

  3. Mangold Jonas planned a road ride.

    March 7, 2020

    55.6 mi
    17.9 mph
    1,400 ft
    1,375 ft
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    1. Mangold Jonas

      Moderately difficult tour: 90 km with approx. 500 vertical meters. Well suited when spring is just around the corner and you haven't set up a shape yet. Especially recommended during the almond blossom season. The section from Maikammer to Bad Dürkheim is lined with many almond trees. The highlight of the tour is the section of the route: Neustadt exit to Königsbach. There are many beautiful almond trees but also many tourists. It can be very busy, so I would avoid the tour if the almond blossom festival takes place in Gimmeldingen at the same time.

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      • March 8, 2020

  4. Mangold Jonas and David Mangold planned a road ride.

    August 20, 2019

    120 mi
    16.5 mph
    7,525 ft
    7,525 ft
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    1. Mangold Jonas

      The very demanding tour starts at the Kurt Schuhmacherbrücke in Ludwigshafen and leads into the deepest Odenwald up to Bavaria. On this tour, 4 federal states (Rhineland Palatinate, Baden Württemberg, Hesse, Bavaria) are passed through. On the first 60km you can curl up, before it goes from Eberbach in the first climb. A total of 14 km of the route on federal highway, but often a wide edge strip is present, so that the motorists are not disabled. In addition, there are 5km of a downhill to Erbach, where you roll with 50 km / h with ease. The rest leads on low-traffic, partly car-free routes.
      At Schloss Erbach, it is worth taking a short break before entering the last 5 climbs.
      During the entire tour, according to my record, you get to 2600 vertical meters. All climbs that you manage, move in the category 3 or 4 and are therefore quite pleasant. The last 3 climbs can also be left out well (680 HM). Instead of climbing up to Raubach, you drive down the valley in the direction of Hirschhorn and come out on a known track again.

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      • August 27, 2019

  5. Mangold Jonas planned a road ride.

    February 20, 2019

    66.2 mi
    16.5 mph
    4,200 ft
    4,200 ft
    1. Mangold Jonas

      Along the Neckar, head towards Ladenburg. It follows a detour in the Odenwald on low-traffic roads and short beautiful climbs. In Ulfenbachtal it goes down again to Hirschhorn. Here you can decide: easy route downhill with traffic along the Neckars along to Neckargemünd or once again a quiet but dragging climb (300 meters in 4 km) direction Moosbrunn and then on hilly route to Neckargemünd.

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      • February 20, 2019

  6. Mangold Jonas planned a road ride.

    August 6, 2018

    99.3 mi
    18.2 mph
    2,500 ft
    2,500 ft
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    1. Mangold Jonas

      The goal is to escape the summer heat. A route on shady roads in combination with sights and the possibility to refill his bottles with drinking water. In Niederschlettenbach (after 75km) and in Schaidt (after 100km) there are public wells with drinking water quality.
      However, the first 50 km to Albersweiler are mostly in the sun.

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      • August 6, 2018

  7. Mangold Jonas planned a road ride.

    July 9, 2018

    86.8 mi
    16.0 mph
    5,500 ft
    5,475 ft
    1. Mangold Jonas

      Several rest stops, e.g. on the Totenkopfhütte, Johanniskreuz or Schwarzsohl. If the route is too long or too many meters in altitude, simply skip the detour towards Johanniskreuz and drive straight at Helmbach towards Elmstein (then there are only 118 km and 1270 vertical meters).

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      • July 9, 2018

  8. Mangold Jonas planned a road ride.

    July 4, 2018

    94.8 mi
    18.8 mph
    1,275 ft
    1,275 ft
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    1. Mangold Jonas

      Abbreviations with the following Rhine crossing possibilities:At Otterstadt with the Kollerfähre ~ 40 km
      At Speyer over the Rhine bridge ~ 55 km
      At Germersheim over the Rhine bridge ~ 95 km
      At Leimersheim with the Rhine ferry ~ 130 km

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      • June 19, 2018

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    June 17, 2018

  10. Mangold Jonas planned a road ride.

    May 22, 2018

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