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  1. Birte went for a hike.

    September 28, 2021

    1.46 mi
    3.2 mph
    0 ft
    25 ft
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  2. Birte went for a hike.

    September 27, 2021

    3.44 mi
    3.1 mph
    50 ft
    25 ft
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  3. Birte and Marcel went running.

    September 25, 2021

    3.15 mi
    6.0 mph
    25 ft
    50 ft
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  4. Birte went for a hike.

    September 23, 2021

    3.35 mi
    3.2 mph
    100 ft
    100 ft
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  5. Birte went running.

    September 21, 2021

    3.27 mi
    5.0 mph
    50 ft
    25 ft
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  6. Birte and Marcel went for a hike.

    September 19, 2021

    5.11 mi
    2.0 mph
    300 ft
    275 ft
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    1. De Höchte

      Oh how nice. Great photos 😍 I'm thinking of going on a bike tour in the area next week

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      • September 19, 2021

  7. Birte and Marcel went for a bike ride.

    September 18, 2021

    66.0 mi
    9.6 mph
    2,550 ft
    2,275 ft
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    1. Birte

      A job ticket like this is really great ... you can take a second person with you on the weekend in the GVH network and bicycles are also free 🚉😃. So this morning we drove from Mellendorf train station to Hanover. From the main station it went to the Maschsee and past the Ricklinger ponds towards Hemmingen / Arnum. From there, Bennigsen should be our next destination. Since some idiot thought to turn the signs ... we drove wrong first 🙈. Thanks to Komoot, we were quickly back on the right track.
      From Bennigsen it went over the Steinkrug to Springe. The next destination was Hamelin. We actually wanted to stop there, but the city was completely overcrowded ... and to be honest - we didn't want to park our bikes anywhere!
      A bicycle parking garage is missing there. At least there are bike boxes (free of charge) at the tourist information office, but these can only be used when the information desk is open (Saturday until 1 p.m. 😆😂).
      My husband came up with the idea 💡 to go to Hessisch Oldendorf “we will definitely get something delicious there” ... said, done! But the dump is dead ☠️. There is the café on the market ... and two kebab stalls.
      The café advertises 🧇 waffles, crêpes, ice cream 🍧, pizza 🍕, tarte flambée and pasta. At 2:30 p.m. there were no waffles or crepes. The pizza 🍕 could be eaten - the ingredients were nice and fresh, only the dough was missing a pinch of 🧂 salt. Then we went back through a lot of unknown villages in the direction of Springe.
      The villages were really beautiful🤩.
      From Springe we took the S5 back to Langenhagen Mitte, where we switched back to the S4 to Mellendorf.

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      • September 18, 2021

  8. Birte went for a bike ride.

    September 17, 2021

    8.97 mi
    10.7 mph
    200 ft
    250 ft
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  9. Birte went for a hike.

    September 16, 2021

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  10. Birte and Marcel went for a bike ride.

    September 12, 2021

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    1. Birte

      Today we went home again 🏠. Since we wanted to do a shorter tour, we drove via Moringen. From Einbeck we used the Komoot navigation system. The route partly leads directly along the B3 or through villages. 80% of the time there were bike paths. I thought it was nice to see a bit of the villages today.
      Sometimes the route was tough and there were decent climbs. Thank goodness I was able to recover when things went downhill 🤪😂. In Sarstedt we ate a cold kebab plate - if the meat had been warm, it would have been really good ... as we wanted to get the train to Wedemark, we didn't complain about it.
      Now there is only the tub and the sofa for me today 🤪.

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      • September 12, 2021

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