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About Martin Davidson

Experienced Mountain Biker, that also Road rides, I've ridden trails all over the UK including England, Scotland & Wales. I've also ridden in Europe (The French Alps, Spanish Sierra Nevada mountains plus the Basque Country), the Balearic Islands, Corsica & the Canaries. I've been Mountain Biking as long as the sport has been going & probably before! I'm 62 but as a T shirt which was bought for me by my Mother states "Never underestimate an old man on a Mountain Bike", I ride every discipline but mainly singletrack trails. I have two mantras in life the first one, "If you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much space!" & second "If you're riding as fast as you can & you're still in control, you're obviously not going fast enough!" I also like road riding but Love Mountain biking! Oh I also ski. May your trails all be dry & dusty, Live long & prosper, care for the planet & leave only tyre marks.🤙🚵‍♂️

Distance travelled

10,918 mi

Time in motion

1263:39 h

Recent Activity
  1. Martin Davidson went on a Tour.

    September 15, 2022

    Tour Stand Up Paddle Boarding on Lake Sproat, Vancouver Island BC from the Fish & Duck Marina to the Prehistoric petroglyphs (K'ak'awin)

    1.69 mi
    1.6 mph
    50 ft
    0 ft
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  2. Martin Davidson went on a Tour.

    September 12, 2022

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  3. Martin Davidson went for a bike ride.

    August 16, 2022

  4. Martin Davidson went mountain biking.

    August 16, 2022

    12.5 mi
    5.4 mph
    2,375 ft
    1,775 ft
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  5. Martin Davidson went cycling.

    August 14, 2022

    14.8 mi
    16.9 mph
    300 ft
    275 ft
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  6. Martin Davidson went for a bike ride.

    August 11, 2022

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    1. Martin Davidson

      Several temporary closures in place 26.07.2022. Still good riding through

      • July 27, 2022

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