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    1. Juergen Kaetzler

      The run today was more or less planned at breakfast ... and where I got to the buffet again too hard, because the now usual increase under the highway through was unusually sweaty and exhausting ... Semmel 🥯, cake piece 🍰 and 2 jugs Coffee gehör pull down properly ⬇🚶♂️⬇
      Well ... restraint at the buffet, I'll never learn, so the punishment just follows the foot and at some point, every slope is over and so I turn on the path No. in in the direction of Moosburg.
      There shortly followed the Bannwaldweg, but then run unmarked through the idyllic forest - suuuper! 🌲🌳🌲🌳 At the end of the trail back to marked terrain and more or less just below again through the forest back towards Moosburg. Here it goes on so many small puddles over and at the again more frequent coffee-must-get breaks is clear: past ponds and ponds WITHOUT anti-mosquito is a crazy idea ... at least from my point of view. The mosquitos found this eternally cool and jumped me right 🦇🦇🦇🦇 But think positive: compared with the absence of mosquitoes after application in the past two days should be clear that my anti-mosquito works 😂🤣😵🤪Well, after a vociferous group was on the way, I just turned on the lake view. Very nice through the forest and past a pond, but in the course to Moosburg unfortunately a few kilometers along the road ... so on asphalt, which my knees have taken something bad 🤨🤕After all, the road leads right along the Mitterteich and so there were some nice photo opportunities - I ventured out onto a nasty wobbly jetty ... I was afraid that the thing would crash under me and I would end up in the muddy broth 🤢🤢 but fleet-footed, I swung back to shore 😅😆So, then again bent and again the lake view way followed center, then there the "Gaisrückenrunde" followed. The leads initially on asphalt along, until you run in Obergöriach in the forest.The route crosses the Hohen Gaisrücken with the Pörtschacher Bannwaldrunde. On this changed, but quasi wrong down went it's always more and more sun on the Anton Mikula round (Anton has not yet presented to me 😎) and along the source path along ... the source was a really welcome refreshment 🍺🍺🍺 🍺🍺Under the highway and through Pörtschach through went down to the lake .... Highlight in the afternoon: a "harvester" -Ente ... 🦆 has cut down half the lawn and the clover 🍃🍃🍃 weggefuttert and the bathers but so what not to be disturbed. Have already considered whether I borrow a leash from Tina and then take the animal on my tours ... nettle or clover is still jacket like pants 🤣😂And so the holiday in Pörtschach is coming to an end .... sleeping once more and having breakfast again and then the train 🚅 back "up" ⬆

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      • 07/12/2019

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    1. Juergen Kaetzler

      Today, I could almost call it a destiny tour: I have already twice bent over on the way to Pirker Kogel and have torn the ligaments in my left foot 🤕 Resolution for today: do not have to limp back to the lake 😜The way of the last days it goes up and the nose gets used to the smell of the domestic waste disposal company and my body to the coffee pots ☕☕ following the way 1️⃣2️⃣ high and then bent and what awaits me there? First normal path, then grass, then tall grass, then even taller grass followed by man-high thistles 🌵 Acupuncture received, but that was not enough, because what is waiting for me?!? Nettle for rheumatic prophylaxis - hey, what did I do wrong? 🤬🤬⁉⁉ And yes, it was a marked way, namely the number 🔟 After all, anti-mosquito / anti-tick seems to be effective: not only burns in the eyes when you sweats but apparently keeps the ticks off.Well, natural health "fueled" and continue on the Wörthersee circular route (Bavarian mark blue-white 😁) direction Pirker Kogel. Only at the viewpoint Karawankenblick bent and even today, a beautiful view over the Wörthersee and on the Karawanken and the Julian Alps ganz - very different than two days ago in the rain ☔Continue to follow the signs to the Pirker Kogel ... the last piece of steep uphill went but sometimes easier 🥵🥵😉 Once arrived at the top next to a wise saying also a good and beautiful view 🏞Small loop and then it went back already. And then I met three Nordic walkers, armed with their sticks. My friendly "Moooorgeeeen!" was returned with a deadly, grim-icy cold look ... I'm almost scared. And while I was still thinking about this experience, it happened already: with the left foot bent over ... but, no funeral car required, was only a small strain test for the bands 😇The three "Graces" leave me no peace and I think about what they could probably call in the funny paperback ... and I would call them Maultrecht, Grimmgunda and Schmolltrud. So, my three new friends Maultrecht, Grimmgunda and Schmolltrud: nice to have met you 😁😂🤣👋🤗It went on the Mostmeilenrunde ... Unfortunately, no one here offered me a cider ... 🍺😢 At the side of the road I see two Schwammerlsucher who highly concentrated scan the forest floor and not notice me. I run and greet with "Good morning!" OK, probably with military volume, but with a friendly voice. The Schwammerlsucherin almost the collection container had fallen out of hand, so frightened she has been, whether the greeting from the ambush ... I was almost sorry 😇 but it was funny 🥳 and after the first shock, the two have also greeted back 😎The rest of the way: unspectacular. No stinging nettles, no bleeding ... just a few mushrooms 🍄 which I did not look for but found. Highlight at the very end: the open barrier 🚅🚂 - such a rarity wants to be used and so it went on this way down to the lake for a relaxing rest of the day 🏝🏝

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      • 07/11/2019

  3. Juergen Kaetzler went for a run.


    15.9 mi
    4.8 mph
    2,800 ft
    2,825 ft
    1. Xrunfun 👣🐾🐾

      Super nice round 😍 but has it made you speechless? 🤔
      No story to the tour?
      The root gnomes are great and the many small 🦋🦋👌

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      • 07/10/2019

  4. Juergen Kaetzler went for a run.


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    1. Juergen Kaetzler

      Weather report today at breakfast: high fog with sunshine in between ⛅🌧, in the afternoon thundery rain ⛈ View from the window: RAIN! ☔🌧 Does the weather not hear a weather report ??? All right, so reschedule, because the planned tour I would like to do in good weather, as there are the one and other vantage point ...
      Beginning as yesterday, but then continue on the way no. 1️⃣4️⃣ and left there bent on an unmarked path. So far so good, but today seems to be the day of the mosquito and I had not even unlocked the phone, already hung the bloodsuckers on me ... 🤪😵🤐
      Fleet continued direction marked way it was then again across the scrub ... with an unmarked path no wonder and also no wonder: stinging nettles ... 😡🤬😡🤬 there were also the wild strawberries 🍓🍓 not help out, although I Strawberry cake is much preferable to stinging nettle tea ...
      The shoes are now completely soaked 👠👠 - and every time there are so funny sounds 😂
      Meanwhile, the two pots of coffee ☕☕ make breakfast noticeable. To the photo breaks now join the "The coffee must now out" breaks in ever shorter intervals ... should I run a race so I know: with 2 cans of coffee I win the maximum price for the most frequent irrigation.
      So, from the direction of Moosburg on the marked paths 🔟 and 1️⃣2️⃣ and then turned right to Angerhof. Hey, horses! 🐴🐴🐴 And curious and photogenic horses 📷🐴 So made a photo and also picked a bit of grass as a thank you and fed 😁 A few meters further then the hard decision: follow the signpost to Texas 🤠 or not? Well, not today, but tomorrow I might go to Texas ... should be marked 😁😂
      About the high Gaisrücken (where there is absolutely nothing to see) it goes with a small loop to the viewpoint Karawankenblick where today neither view nor Karawanken and possibly expect a bleak look ... 🌧☁
      Accompanied by rain showers we went on the circular trail towards Pörtschach and then as yesterday on the round back. Even today, luck: the forest work was elsewhere, so quickly rushed past the label 😇😇😇😇
      Let's summarize:
      1) The weather does not hear weather forecast
      2) stinging nettles burn even when they are wet
      3) Mosquitoes can not be deterred by rain
      4) Totally soaked running shoes make strange noises
      5) After 2 pots of coffee, the average speed drops while running

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      • 07/09/2019

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    5.45 mi
    4.9 mph
    925 ft
    875 ft
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    1. Juergen Kaetzler

      Sodale, arrived in Pörtschach am Wörthersee 🏖 and after the hour-long train ride 🚄 a "reconnaissance tour" made. An exploratory tour under quotes, because for years here regulars, but the roads are freer on some years and more adventurous in some years.
      So, let's go! 🏃♂️ Off to the train station and there the newly built underpass used to get to the other side ... the other way would be further up the road, but with whom the barrier is almost always closed and the train needs to be felt 5 hours, until he finally rolled over? Jupp, with me ... 🤬
      Along the road up towards highway 🚗🚗🚗🚗 - not to be missed - and down through, where the waste management company also parks the garbage trucks - not to scratch 😷
      But now the forest path starts and via the access you go up to the Wörthersee hiking trail and other hiking trails. First, I follow path no. 7️⃣, the Bannwald-Höhenweg. First a photo of the cozy banker shot and then it went up the same. And like last year, the path was well overgrown in some places with man or woman high scrub. There was tick control after each crossing was needed, bitter ... Mistviecher 🤬
      A "masterpiece" was also not enough: somehow, a livestock has managed to slip into my shoe edge and so I suddenly had a sharp, burning pain on the instep ... wasp, bee whatever ... so what do you have to first create!?! 🐝🐝
      As an allergic person, I would have gotten a lot of stress now, but then it went with a little stabbing in the foot along the way ... er, way? Which way? Meter-high fern and there should be a way? 🌲🌲🌲 Jo, who is indeed there, even with overgrown mark ... actually, the bottom should prepare a machete to take 🔪
      Fought through and discovered: is not just fern, there are also nettles and thorns scrub. Suuuuuper. So, continue on the now well visible and marked path to Bannwaldhöhe.
      Enormously exciting, except for the sign has nothing, but nothing at all, on this very striking point / ironieaus / 🏔😁 During the photos, I also felt a large family of mosquitoes warmly received and so it went on then with pace, so I not bloodless tip over.
      The rest of the way? Hmmm ... badly marked, so that I am wrong again, then a tree blocked the way, so through (fortunately tickless) scrub.
      At some point, route no. 7️⃣ merges with the Wörthersee circular route and route no. 8️⃣ - the Bannwaldweg and at the same time the Bannwald-Runde.
      Followed the path and studiously ignored the signs that forestry work is taking place. But is also stupid: 1 km before was a branch, there was nothing of locked ... the tractor was below the path, so unnoticed and without danger over and over and it's back to Pörtschach.
      The Bannwald round is well signposted and so it goes with a view back to Pörtschach, under the highway and the railway line along.
      Conclusion: short, crisp, prickly and a bit slower due to photos and lack of machete unterwegs
      The two pictures from the lake came later, because it was simply an ingenious atmosphere before and after the storm 🌩🌫🌦

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      • 07/08/2019

  6. Juergen Kaetzler went for a run.


    1. Juergen Kaetzler

      After a migraine-like headache yesterday 🤕😵 today went much better in the day and thus stood for a round nothing in the way 🏃♂️
      To "warm up" right up the Mackenröder peak - and it's a bit surprising how nature works here and how the path grows ... next time with machete 🌲🌳🌲🌳
      Panting and panting on to the Lengderburg and arrived there was something different ... but what? After a few moments, blood and oxygen came back into the pear and then the realization: the bank is missing! Way, just gone! Not that I have rested here regularly, but the bank has just heard ... 😢😭
      With head down and tears in my eyes, it went on ... a bit down, a bit high, and from the road then left into a hidden path that turned out to be a downhill track 🚵♀️🚴♀️ Not bad, what the boys and girls do on the two-wheelers - nothing for me. And luckily, no one came up with the idea to give me a live performance here - could have become tight 😁
      Continue towards Kehr and ohoooo ... a path not marked in komoot?!? Adventure and danger are in the air - so exactly following my world and the mysterious way he leads ... on a track that led exactly in the direction of Kehr, where I wanted to go. What am I an explorer! 😎
      With a short loop and a small climb, it was time to turn and hey - the banker was still there. As soon as a souvenir photo was shot, who knows if the bank will not disappear at once?
      Then on the well-known way direction Mackenroeder Trail, but started "from below" and therefore passed by a beautiful viewpoint above Waake. Again, the bank is still ... well, it is overgrown and is not lost so quickly ... 😁
      At the lookout tower Harzblick not only over but also high and from there back and so it was an extended tour in summer conditions ☀🌞🕶

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      • 07/06/2019

  7. Juergen Kaetzler went for a run.


    11.3 mi
    6.2 mph
    525 ft
    475 ft
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    1. Juergen Kaetzler

      One week ago in the Tyrolean Alps, now on the Baltic Sea ... for me there is definitely the danger of a deep scoundrel 🌅⚓😂🤣
      At tolerable temperatures it went off after a hearty breakfast accordingly heavy ... here comes the advantage of the flat terrain to fruition, because the largest elevation was at this time my vollpfutterte Wampe 🍩🍮🥮🍳
      I chose the highest elevation far and wide, the lighthouse Bulk 🗼
      First through the forest of Kühlungsborn 🌲🌳 it went (unfortunately much) on asphalt road towards the lighthouse. After I turned on a dirt road, it was also powerful ... 100 meters (in words: one hundred !!!!) Wanted to be overcome. 🏔🏔😂🤣
      Puffing and panting and sweating arrived at the top, because it was warmer and the still full belly pulled down strongly, only once again irritated by the wide view. Down and down the beach and also here first much on asphalt road ...
      But then arrived on the sandy beach, it was initially above and jaaaaaa ... narrow way and my "favorite vegetables" - the stinging nettle 🌵🌵 And I came through without a touch - so feel heroes 😎💪
      It continued along the beach with two short side trips to Ridensee - beautiful nature reserve!
      From the beach on the road and from there to the beach 🏖 and the rest of the way through Kühlungsborn went back to the hotel 🏃♂️
      And again the Tyrolean has made a stage in the plains 😂🤣

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      • 07/06/2019

    1. Juergen Kaetzler

      After yesterday's quite challenging and because of tree-Mikado also exciting tour (yes, it has burned not only in but also on the legs ... stinging nettles, thank you 🌵🌵🌵😬😬😬 - I just see it now as rheumatic prophylaxis on 😁) it was today more comfortable to the point.
      First in the direction of Restaurant Bärenfalle and from there on towards Musauer Alm. And while the one and the other flowers captured 📷🌸🌺🌼 Again and again beautiful, if the cell phone camera is not as focused as desired and you felt after 25 minutes without a photo of dannen pull .... of course runs in silence and completely uncommented from 😇😇😇 The cow family was fast with the focus, maybe my camera is just anti-vegetarian? 🙄🤔
      So the way up, I ran down yesterday, but at the junction to Frauensee's left also went away. From here then obstacle course, because it seems there was the Salamander large family friendship trip 🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛 and so was all sorts of animals on the ground. Through the steaming forest, I returned to the driveway no less steaming and up to the Costa Ries Chapel.
      Enjoyed the view and still a little bit up to run down the track again ... sounds disoriented, but then you come past a bank, the beautiful view over the Frauensee direction Säuling ("my" local mountain 😁⛰😁🌄😁 ) offers. Then down the hill again that's it ... tonight it's back to flat Göttingen 🚗

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      • 06/22/2019

  8. Juergen Kaetzler went for a run.


    13.9 mi
    4.5 mph
    3,325 ft
    3,300 ft
    1. Juergen Kaetzler

      Short-term and family-based visit to the Außerferner home used for a round trip to the mountains.
      So it was initially briefly on paved roads to the armpit riser. Of course it is absolutely impossible that my mountain skills could be impaired by a lack of mountain running training in Göttingen (because no mountains at all). So the reason that it was so hard today, is that the way was made artificially steep 😇😇😇 Anyway: sweaty arrived at the top, showed again: despite the relatively low altitude, a mega view! ⛰⛰
      On the track it went on towards Musauer Alm. Theoretically, it would also be possible to go without a track over the Musauer Berg always below the ridge, but that is in some places incredibly steep and to walk (almost) impossible.
      So, up the driveway, picked up by some e-bikers still respect statements and proudly with chest I stood at the entrance to the Plattjochsteig.
      What that ????? Windfall without end ... Tree Mikado. What good is a well-marked path, when the markings have fallen over? And already the boisterous chest was normalized back to the chicken breast 🐔 Well, back is not, why else am I up here? So, down through, over there and somehow through or beside the Windwurfzeugs over. Now the local bonus: approximate original route known, so kept right above the wind and tadaaa: marked path was there again and above all: tree-free (ie of riveted trees).
      Feels like it vertically up through the forest, until it clears and you climb gravelly below the ridge up to the summit cross of the Plattjochs. Out of breath and even more sweaty than arrived on the armpit above, the view compensates for EVERYTHING !! 🤩⛰🌄😍
      After the photo session back down and Klein-Jürgen is smart: Windwurfkraxeln is stupid, so right down right, there you come back on the track. Great idea, but unfortunately slipped at the end of the slope Jürgen along with a wheelbarrow load earth down on the track ... more precisely: in knee-high stinging nettles next to the track 😨😬 And super fitting came in the moment two mountain bikers up ... well, totally cool on the way jumped and a gaaaanz relaxed "Hello, Griaß enk!" entgegengelächelt ... you're a professional 🏆🥇 Out of sight and hearing then only once a "Aaaaah that burns !!!!" and a few "nice" names for the responsible greens 🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵
      When running down the sign also discovers that the footpath to the plateau is blocked. Also makes sense with the wind. I did not see when running up because of the sweat in my eyes ... Things are ... 😇
      The way back on the track was unspectacular ... and fascinating to me, how many e-bikers on the way up. Almost an e-bike pilgrimage ... 🙄
      At home I was already expected, because: the grill was already prepared - and after such a tour it tastes twice as good 🥩🍖🍻

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      • 06/21/2019

  9. Juergen Kaetzler went hiking.


    6.81 mi
    3.4 mph
    700 ft
    1,100 ft
    1. Juergen Kaetzler

      Just as it got a bit warmer in the last few days (for me as a Tyrolean is still true: all over 20 ° C is warm, about 25 ° C is high summer 🤣😂), the sporting activity shifted into the morning hours.
      And so it went hiking to work and a few beautiful morning photos are also rumgekommen 😀😀

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      • 06/21/2019

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