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Begeisterter Mountainbike-Abenteurer, der vor allem das Gipfelerlebnis sucht und auf unbefahrenen Pfaden in fremden Ländern sein Glück findet.Fügt mich auf Facebook hinzu, um über neuste Abenteuer Bescheid zu wissen: facebook.com/niko.ho.399


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Distance741 km
Time63:02 h
Elevation18,760 m

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    1. Niko

      A stage can not start better than a descent. From the 2109-meter-high Keckek-Bel Pass, it goes down in no time down to the Yssykkul Lake, where you can best enjoy its breakfast directly on the beach. As luck would have it, this is the best bakery on Yssykköl Lake. Inconspicuous, but recommended by many locals, is served every morning fresh flat bread, which could not be fluffier. It is paid for by the little sons of the baker, who like riding on their donkey through the area. Well-fortified, we will head back to the road before stopping off at the fun sandstone hills along Lake Yssykköl to give the freerider its own space. Erosion has created a multitude of different lines in the rocks over the centuries, reminiscent of the Red Bull Rampage in the legendary Utah. After that it is still a fairly flat, but long stage to Karakol, on which only rarely can be bought. With supplies, therefore, be economical to deal with, before you can fill in Karakol the stomach again.

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      • 21/03/2017

    2. Martin & Luzia

      You're on the move and the beautiful photos speak volumes! Many Thanks

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      • 21/03/2017

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    1. Niko

      The stage from Balyktschy to the Keckek-Bel Pass can be done well in one day from the distance and the elevation meters, but on some days a violent wind blows over the Yssykköl Lake, which can cost a lot of strength. Otherwise, the route is characterized by many lonely, beautifully situated roads, which are interrupted only by very small, rudimentary villages. These usually offer no way to increase stocks, so it is advisable to pack in Balyktschy enough drinking water and food. The people on the way are extremely friendly and most of the time you do not get around for one or the other invitation to a glass of vodka. Just right, at the desert-like temperatures. The last climb to the Keckek-Bel fits is dead straight and therefore mentally a bit exhausting. You can see the target for a long time, but you are getting closer very slowly. Once you are on top, you will be rewarded with a great foresight. But beware: if the weather is bad, it is not recommended to camp on the pass.

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      • 21/03/2017

    2. Michael K.

      Very nice tour! Was this an organized "event"?

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      • 27/03/2017

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    1. Niko

      To the west extends a special cream piece of the Ala Archa National Park. Although the route is very lonely and rarely undertaken, a consistently good walkable and drivable path leads up to a nameless summit that marks the end of the river valley. The raging stream, which sometimes has very strong currents, must be crossed again and again, which is quite an adventure with the bike on the back. But if you manage this challenge, you will be rewarded by a fabulous flowtrail. In addition, on the way up an alpinist cemetery can be seen, which illuminates many stories and destinies of Soviet mountaineers. Kyrgyzstan had about the same significance for the mountain climbing scene in the East as the Alps did for the West. Many competitions were fought here, which ended, among other things, deadly.

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      • 21/03/2017

    1. Niko

      From Bishkek, a continuous good road leads into the heart of the Ala Artscha National Park. There you can even book hotel rooms, you should not be traveling with a tent. These should however be booked with sufficient time interval, since they are often quite overcrowded. If you have brought along your camping gear, you can set up your accommodation completely free of charge in any of the many meadows. After stocking up at the local "mom and pop" store, we recommend a tour to the Ak-Sai Glacier. With the bike is at about 3000 meters finish, but with suitable equipment to get even further out. The climb is straightforward and runs on an extremely well-developed path, which always snakes along a small gorge. On the same way it goes back to the valley. Thanks to the almost rootless path, things are progressing very fast. A successful entry into the Kyrgyz trail world, which will still be clearly topped.

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      • 13/03/2017