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Es hat uns von Hamburg in die Pfalz verschlagen. Auch wenn wir manchmal die kühlere Witterung vermissen, erfreuen wir uns an der Rheinebene und dem nahen Pfälzerwald. Besonders gefällt uns die abwechslungsreiche Landschaft und die Dichte der Verpflegungsstationen. Ja, das Gesamtpaket kann man durchaus als "Großes Kino" bezeichnen. Nicht umsonst erfreuen wir uns über viel Besuch aus dem Norden. Mittlerweile sind wir nach Shanghai weitergezogen. Nur für ein paar Jahre - und wir kehren erstmal wieder in die Pfalz zurück. Nicht nur der Schorle wegen. Bis dahin gibt es einige Tipps aus 🇨🇳. Falls mal jemand Infos benötigt, bitte melden.

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  1. Patrick went for a hike.

    September 5, 2020

    3.09 mi
    3.5 mph
    350 ft
    450 ft
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    1. Patrick

      This time we went to Qingdao for the weekend. Very interesting city, almost European due to the time from 1903 onwards. A visit to the Tsingtao Brewery was a must. The German origin from 1903-1916 can be seen to this day. Really impressive.

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      • September 6, 2020

  2. Patrick went for a bike ride.

    June 27, 2020

    11.0 mi
    5.6 mph
    600 ft
    700 ft
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    1. Patrick

      Today we went on tour with Bato Wu, our specialist for interesting bike tours in Shanghai. This time at night through the former French concession, with beautiful streets, dark little streets and always stops to convey insider knowledge. We are looking forward to the next tour.

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      • June 27, 2020

  3. Doris and Patrick went for a hike.

    June 13, 2020

    2.44 mi
    3.2 mph
    50 ft
    25 ft
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    1. r_buis

      You can be envied for your worlds of experience in Shanghai.

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      • June 13, 2020

  4. Patrick went for a hike.

    April 28, 2020

    2.11 mi
    1.6 mph
    300 ft
    275 ft
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    1. Patrick

      When the weather was fine, the German Club and our Chinese professional “Mr. Yu ”to the botanical garden. Due to the strict conditions in the Corona period, the usual security checks were mandatory. In the meantime, you have got used to it and it serves security. The gardens and the "Bonsai" section give a great impression of Chinese garden art.

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      • April 28, 2020

  5. Patrick and Doris went for a hike.

    March 24, 2020

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    1. r_buis

      Hi Pat. I thought you were in China to work. Only on the way ... 😏

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      • March 24, 2020

  6. Doris and 2 others went for a hike.

    March 21, 2020

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    1. Doris

      Taking part in a guided walk in Shanghai - organized via “culture2go.art” - was once again a worthwhile experience. The Protestant pastor Annette Mehlhorn reported to us in detail about interesting women from the past to the present day of Shanghai and, if possible, took us to places that were or are related to these women.

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      • March 22, 2020

  7. Patrick and Doris went for a hike.

    March 19, 2020

    3.17 mi
    2.1 mph
    175 ft
    250 ft
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  8. Patrick and Doris went for a bike ride.

    March 11, 2020

    13.9 mi
    7.6 mph
    1,375 ft
    1,375 ft
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    1. Patrick

      Time to ride a bike in great weather. This time we are exploring the new area on the North Bund. As always great bike paths. All gardeners in Shanghai are back at work. Our hearts are very pleased.

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      • March 11, 2020

  9. Patrick and 2 others went for a bike ride.

    October 19, 2019

    19.9 mi
    7.8 mph
    1,225 ft
    1,250 ft
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    1. Patrick

      This time we went on a bike ride with the German Club Shanghai. Start at Xuhui Riverside and along the Huangpu, take the ferry to Pudong and cycle to Lujiazui. There we cycled along the financial center with its spectacular buildings. Then take the ferry back to the Puxi side through the former Shanghai Ghetto in Hongkou to the relatively unknown Buddhist temple in Shanghai, the Xiahai Temple. Along the Suzhou Creek, it then went to the end point in the former French concession. Very nice tour in the best autumn weather, great organization and nice people.

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      • October 20, 2019

  10. Patrick went for a bike ride.

    October 13, 2019

    15.3 mi
    6.0 mph
    1,275 ft
    1,325 ft
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    1. Patrick

      A beautiful autumn day and the end of the season we once went along the Suzhou Creek to the M50 Creative Park. Apart from the exemplary bike paths in Shanghai, the Creative Park is another highlight for all art lovers. Highly recommended and classified as 3A (from 5A).

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      • October 18, 2019

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