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Das “racing team cölle” (RTC) ist entstanden aus dem harten Kern des Wintertrainingstreffs (WTT) KÖLN nord/linksrheinisch 2004. Aus der Erkenntnis, dass zusammen fahren nicht nur im Winter sondern auch im Sommer Spaß macht, schlossen sich einige WTTler zusammen. Seit dem Jahr 2011 ist der RTC dasimmerdabei (e.V.) ein eingetragener Verein und vollwertiges BDR-Mitglied. Der “Schnörres” als Vereinssymbol geht auf den im Rheinland allseits beliebten RTF-Schnäuzer zurück, der - leider mit abnehmender Tendenz - immer noch auf den RTFs der Region anzutreffen ist.

Distance travelled

176 mi

Time in motion

13:02 h

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  1. RTC DSD - Touren planned a road ride.

    November 2, 2021

    29.3 mi
    15.4 mph
    475 ft
    450 ft
  2. RTC DSD - Touren planned a road ride.

    May 26, 2021

    40.7 mi
    11.8 mph
    3,475 ft
    3,475 ft
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    1. RTC DSD - Touren

      Also this year we let the sow in Schildgen out of the stable. You can warm up your knuckles on the moderate incline through the forest towards Voiswinkel. Over the parking lot - be careful with the entrance, which is also an exit and has a larger pothole - you roll through the famous French fries curve down to Höffe. Sometimes there is some gravel in the curves and the route is difficult to see when the grass is tall. So, as in all descents (!) On our lap, take it easy and with foresight. Through the Scherfbachtal, it's best to get up to operating temperature now, because at Busch the first rated segment ( is waiting for you after the right-hand bend. If it weren't for 2 stupid waves you could relax on Neschener Straße, because the next asphalt wall ( is only 3 km later waiting for you. If you are now fully in mode, the good news is that there is only one descent between you and the next ramp ( Not only called Hechelkotten, it also feels like that in the first corner at the latest and doesn't get any better. Another 3 km later there is a good old friend behind Delling (, who we have shortened a bit - the right turn before that was too tricky for us and is no longer part of the segment!
      You have already made it halfway at the 3 crosses and you really deserve the view. On 9 km you can crank the lactate out of your legs a little and you should do that too. The splash climb ( not only sounds like an ass bomb, the downhill force also pulls against the direction of travel as does gravity when jumping from the tens. Incidentally, the almost kilometer is only over when it is over. If a cooling off would now be welcome, you can either go down again and see whether the swimming pool is open or let the wind blow around your ears on the Bergisch Petersberg. At least briefly, because immediately after departure you will get Röttgen in your face, as in the previous year ( We heard of dramatic scenes in 2020, rumor has it that one or the other participant is still in the last left turn. Between you and the Rollerberg under our ramps from Scherf to Schallemich ( there are still around 7 km of active relaxation and up in Eikamp you are almost there.
      Now all you need is the original, the AFFEMIA KOM (, our guarantee for suffering and epic moments and the worthy conclusion of the Rampensau Challenge 2021.
      Treat yourself to a delicious waffle and a cappuccino at AFFEMIA, you've earned yourself!
      The fine print: We made the route as safe as possible. You drive on public roads, you must follow the StVO, behave considerately towards all other people and animals and do not take any unnecessary risks. It is and should be just great fun!

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      • May 27, 2021

  3. RTC DSD - Touren planned a road ride.

    April 27, 2021

    159 mi
    11.3 mph
    13,450 ft
    13,450 ft
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  4. RTC DSD - Touren planned a road ride.

    April 19, 2021

    84.4 mi
    12.8 mph
    5,300 ft
    5,300 ft
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  5. RTC DSD - Touren planned a road ride.

    April 5, 2021

    112 mi
    13.6 mph
    1,475 ft
    1,475 ft
  6. RTC DSD - Touren planned a road ride.

    March 31, 2021

    60.3 mi
    18.0 mph
    1,000 ft
    1,000 ft
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  7. RTC DSD - Touren planned a road ride.

    March 31, 2021

    48.8 mi
    13.0 mph
    2,250 ft
    2,250 ft
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  8. RTC DSD - Touren planned a road ride.

    March 31, 2021

    98.5 mi
    11.5 mph
    7,200 ft
    7,200 ft
    1. RTC DSD - Touren

      Collect altitude meters to enjoy coffee and cake in Marienheide at Schmidts Backstübchen or unrepentant double the amount. There are also chips and pizza within sight.
      About 2/3 of the altitude difference is to Marienheide and 1/3 on the way back.

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      • March 31, 2021

  9. RTC DSD - Touren planned a hike.

    January 9, 2021

    3.08 mi
    2.2 mph
    350 ft
    350 ft
  10. RTC DSD - Touren planned a hike.

    January 9, 2021

    9.49 mi
    2.2 mph
    875 ft
    875 ft
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