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      It should be a walk on which we look at areas and built-up areas, paths and structural contexts that are changing. And indeed! Everywhere we are in cities at points of 'no more' or 'not yet'. It takes decades for areas to be rededicated or altered in their appearance to be immediately identified. As a residential area, commercial area, train station, and so on. In between there is a lot, and that everywhere. Unfortunately, the garbage is usually not cleared away, but overgrown. Also independent of the country and the origin.

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      • 11/11/2017

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      So, just a short piece to be shown here. It is interesting not only because there is forest and greenery, and a Bronze Age fortification nearby, but also because there are on the crest of a flat elevation positions from the 2nd WK visible, which probably has been put there for practice purposes. It is recognizable on old aerial photographs that there was no forest at that time. At the same time, strategic importance is not apparent.

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      • 10/04/2017

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