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... Getreu dem Motto des Herrn D. Lama:
"Besuche mindestens einmal im Jahr einen Ort, den Du noch nicht kennst."
"Leben bedeutet Unterwegs zu sein, nicht möglichst schnell anzukommen."

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  1. MW aus LE went for a hike.

    March 3, 2021

    12.9 mi
    3.5 mph
    150 ft
    125 ft
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    1. MW aus LE

      Actually, the day was planned differently today.
      El Hiero was on my program,
      the annual pleasure in the end of winter
      to enjoy the sun already.
      Everything is useful.
      Well, MW wouldn't be MW if he was on the third
      of the month of March would be sitting at home.
      Unless there is an acceptable reason.
      Purchased the day ticket in the MDV early at the DB counter.
      I gave my destination, the lady was overwhelmed.
      "Beilrode," she said, "I've never had that before!"
      I know all the prices, but Beilrode ... "
      I said "it doesn't matter, I know it well."
      Actually, I just wanted to get out and start walking.
      Let's run towards Camitz, the old manor house.
      People need tasks, so I used the corona lockdown winter
      to refine my pedigree.
      I came on the washing line,
      thanks to good old family records, kept with German thoroughness, up to 1833 anyway.
      But last Friday I got mail from the church office in Beilrode,
      my line can be traced back to 1760, Camitz Manor.
      Well, I thought, that's a good day's goal after all.
      Back to the old Electoral Saxon time.
      5Ur`s back.
      Now I sat there, by the old Elbe river,
      I enjoyed the rays of the sun and had a little sense of family ties. :)
      One, two piccolo AstraZeneca, um, no,
      Asti Cinzano
      and tasted good middle-class sausage with joy.
      Then the farm dog joined me
      and stayed by my side the whole time.
      Spiritual people would surely have said by now
      that was the great-great-great-great-great grandfather, ...
      or his mind. :)
      "For the good of Johann Gottfried W. from Camitz," I said
      and made me really comfortable with the Asti.
      Nevertheless, it went back discreetly over the Elbe meadows towards Torgau.
      There were still great surprises
      I'm keeping a low profile now.
      ¡Hoy es me Dia! 🙋‍♂ ¡Hoy es me cumpleaños! 😊🙋‍♂ - Greetings to Johann Gottfried W.

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      • March 3, 2021

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    1. MW aus LE

      A little Christmas market hike, with a difference ...

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      • March 2, 2021

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    1. MW aus LE

      It was a Sunday, the last in November.
      Corona back - Corona back ...
      The average person
      I have to go out now.
      Much was not possible, so fast for makers.
      The plan:
      "A lap around the castle pond".
      Said and done.
      Worked mentally
      the fantasy:
      There is sure to be a mulled wine stall somehow.
      From the train station through a subtle part
      of the castle park.
      And then ...
      Then that was it
      The pre-Christmas Advent miracle is here.
      Christmas-tinkling sounded into the distance.
      Coming closer, small bratwurst stalls were defined.
      And people who looked happy.
      Man, there's a Christmas market here.
      So fix yourself at the mercy of the procedure,
      adapted to the one-way street system.
      That doesn't exist at all, was the thought when 3-4 mulled wine bars revealed themselves.
      The facial expressions were characterized by bliss,
      than with the mulled wine cup "White Knight"
      holding in hand
      the classic "Last Christmas" rang from the speaker.
      Now you stood there
      surrounded by happy looking people.
      A dream these days !!!
      In fairness I have to say
      it was all Corona hygiene fair.
      The staff very nice.
      The Sunday-Advent-strollers peaceful and balanced.
      It's crazy to be happy about such "little things" like a snow king this year
      and can escape everyday life.
      The "round" went 2,3,4 x ...Now the thought man
      that's again an option for the next weekend.
      You can bend ... read today in the LVZ:
      "New corona rules apply from December 3rd
      According to the district authority, the following applies from December 3rd: Leaving your own four walls is only allowed for valid reasons. This includes trips to work, shopping, school and daycare. ...
      The obligation to wear a mask in the open air is being expanded again. It generally applies in ... publicly accessible parks ...
      In addition, alcohol may not be sold or served in any of the areas mentioned - so mulled wine is also taboo. The consumption of alcohol in these areas is also no longer allowed. "
      "En boca cerrada no entran moscas"

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      • December 2, 2020

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    1. MW aus LE

      It is Sunday, a Sunday in "lockdown light" mode.
      Quasi, one should keep little contact and distance, s`Mondkapje feiniii pressed on the nose.
      And facilities for an isotonic pit stop
      should today, legal white,
      not many have opened either.
      Hmmm, what the heck,
      So quickly packed the backpack with the essentials
      and it went out.
      The sun is laughing.
      From Bad Lausick
      on the old embankment
      the former Borna – Großbothen cross line.
      So the section towards Großbothen.
      One of the last railway line openings before WWII. Planned as early as the 1850s, measured in 1909,
      Postponed in 1914 due to the start of the war.
      Stopped in the 20s due to inflation,
      Finally finished in 1937 through a special job creation measure by the then government.
      The luck of this route did not last long.
      Exactly 10 years, then the tracks were dismantled
      and sent to the east.
      The old lavatory at the Glasten stop
      the Russians apparently did not want to make amends. My route now also ran to the east.
      Nice by far, because it was far and wide
      no pig to see
      except for magnificent fallow deer,
      which often crossed my route frightened.
      After about half of the way
      the clock hand clicked towards 12.
      It was a good fit, because it was not far
      the rest point "Rausche".
      At the not rushing brook
      but then quickly unpacked the sandwich box
      and there was also a sip from the flip-top bottle.
      Then the way
      up to the mysterious floodpond breaks.
      Once created by an explosive volcanic eruption
      about 294 million years ago (Rochlitz quartz porphyry from the Rochlitz caldera).
      On the north wall of the quarry are
      two tunnel holes.
      It is speculated that this will probably be towards the end
      of WWII. have arisen
      and as bomb-proof secret systems
      should serve to relocate war industry. (possibly explosives store for planned expansion to relocate underground (code name agate) and for outsourced aircraft engine production of Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke A.G. Dessau)
      You don't know exactly, neither do I.
      Through the old monastery wood towards Nimbschen
      to the old monastery ruins,
      which through incorporation
      Was awarded to the Cistercian Order in 1244.
      Just like that.
      Luther's future wife also had a few nights here
      illegally spent.
      At the end again over a section
      the old railway line Glauchau - Wurzen,
      of the Muldenthal Railway Company, which was founded in 1872
      has been granted the concession to build.
      Another short ISO stop on a bench,
      unfortunately not with a hollow view,
      but too turned towards the afternoon sun.
      It was fine.
      Now slowly trotting towards Grimma ZOB.
      A little nap on the bus was also very pleasant.
      By far & Mondkapje. :)

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      • November 15, 2020

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    1. MW aus LE

      Oh, that was a fine WE in Franconian Switzerland.
      But is of no use. On the way back, a stay in Nuremberg was added.
      Short sightseeing in the old city of emperors, gingerbreads, bratwürscht'l
      and Nazi party rallies.
      I must say,
      basically a beautiful city,
      but unfortunately you can see many of the refilled bomb holes.
      In any case, I'll take more time for next year
      this city,
      no mask requirement in public spaces

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      • October 19, 2020

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    1. MW aus LE

      Sunday!!! Today is Sunday.
      After three days with 3 larger tours that were not manageable in advance
      today nobody was ready to do any experiments.
      You don't have to.
      So nice and cozy planned, culture was announced.
      The first item on the program was experimental, at least what the museum inventory represented.
      Flying visit to the executioner museum in Pottenstein.
      Very nice stories already included.
      But now out, the autumn sun is laughing.
      Out of town in the Klumpertal of the Weihersbach.
      The devil's cave was hip.
      The cultural program also includes a subtle ISO break, so the next stop at Schöngrundsee.
      A cozy little body of water, which in 1943
      was created artificially.
      And here we have Mr. Brand again.
      Back then as a standard leader of the SS Karst Defense
      he created (read create) for training purposes
      a water training area for his training company. At least today it was very nice and the ISO Imbe was just making the final preparations for opening.
      The timing was very good, there were 4 halves on the table. The sun kept laughing and our way went the same. A little more discreetly scrambled, so we stood
      at the devil's cave. It belongs to one of the more than a thousand caves in Franconian Switzerland and is the largest
      and is a natural karst cave.
      Here, too, Mr Brand had a hand in it.
      We also had a fire before the tour, so a short while before the three gong rang.
      Such a cave passage makes you thirsty, we soon found out
      a suitable place.
      It's Sunday, so one can do it.
      Chatting & chatting stupid stuff,
      laughing & exulting with joy.
      Tetrao-celli gasped again with insatiable hunger
      and caused plenty of creative ridicule in our society. Little story of the "current turntable"
      (this meant the TV program)
      associated with us the rotating plate
      with hearty, greasy Schäuferla.
      Second course, a nice piece of Sacher cake
      in the throat .... We roared.
      The idea that we won't take it
      we would stand at his grave one day
      and would have to say one last thing ...
      Nothing praised, not he was a good one,
      ... no ... rather: "As it is so true, well ...,
      but he always had a good appetite. ":) ...
      The crowd bent over laughing ...
      Well, but now back again,
      the fine piece of Sachertorte was jostling in the thought bubble. One more detour up to the summer toboggan run.
      Corona-fair queuing at the Imbe,
      Ixxx did a lap with the bob.
      Dignified in the Klumpertal towards Pottenstein.
      A few more shoe soles on my fist.
      Dinner today at the "Goldenen Krone".
      Dignified "fading out" of the last four days.
      It was fine at this exciting time.
      Where nobody knew what was tomorrow, what was going to happen tomorrow.
      A nice Corona break in the autumnal Franconian region.
      PS: 4 days later it would not have been possible anymore ...

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      • November 23, 2020

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    1. MW aus LE

      Irgendwie wie ein Wunder standen heute Morgen,
      nach der gestrigen Tour , doch Alle wie vereinbart
      am Treffpunkt. "Morgenstund hat Gold im Mund"
      sollte nicht das Motto des Tages werden.
      Sxxx wollte heute nach Gößweinstein.
      Okay, die anderen dann auch.
      Die Tour startete am Elisabethbrunnen.
      Vorbei an der Brauerei Wagner, welche heute
      wieder das erste Mal auf haben sollte.
      Ganz eilig beim Vorbei gehen gleich ein Tisch
      telefonisch ergattert.
      Die am Beginn des Kreuzigungweg überklebte
      km-Angabe war natürlich nicht von mir überklebt,
      obwohl dies gleich von den anderen mir
      zur Verschleierung möglicher Tatsachen unterstellt wurde.
      Der Kreuzigungsweg machte seinen Namen Ehre,
      so ächzten wir gleich zum Warm-Up
      zur Kreuzigungskapelle hinauf.
      Müßig muss es damals für Jesus gewesen sein.
      Müßig auch weiter Bergauf gen Hühnerloh.
      Die kleine Kapelle war ganz gemütlich,
      aber hier ein Bierchen auf zu machen traute sich
      nun doch niemand.
      Der Weg ging dann weiter über Bösenbirkig
      nach Sachsendorf. Nun fing die Meute an zu meutern.
      Das passte ja ganz gut, denn mit viel
      behutsamen Argumentationen konnte ich
      den nächsten Pausenpunkt schon anmelden.
      Die Fellner - Doline bot sich da ideal an.
      Die Fellner-Doline am Südfuß des Breitenberges,
      einen Kilometer östlich von Gößweinstein,
      ist eine der größten Dolinen der Hochfläche
      der Fränkischen Alb. Die Höhle unter der Doline
      ist mit 384 Meter Länge und 97,6 Meter Gesamttiefe
      eine der tiefsten Höhlen der Frankenalb.
      Die Erschließung der Höhle erfolgte mittels Grabung
      und Sprengung im Jahre 1899 durch Hans Brand.
      Hans Brand war ein deutscher Geologe, Bergbauingenieur und SS-Standartenführer.
      Er hat sich vor allem um den Fremdenverkehr und Tourismus in Pottenstein verdient gemacht.
      Hierzu zählt vor allem die Erschließung der Teufelshöhle
      ab 1922. Ab 1942 war er Ausbilder
      des SS-Karstwehr-Bataillons. Ganz interessant auch,
      für seine Verdienste um den Fremdenverkehr war Brand
      - SS-Standartenführer -
      bis 1948 Ehrenbürger der Stadt Pottenstein.
      1961 wurde ihm zu Ehren eine Gedenktafel an der Teufelshöhle angebracht und eine Straße nach ihm benannt. Naja, genau hier am versiegelten Höhleneingang
      war Vesper angesagt.
      Fix die Flaschen aus dem Rucksack, Txxx hatte auch
      noch lecker Kuchenzeugs dabei. Das passte schon.
      Mittag rückte näher, Gößweinstein aber noch nicht.
      Also aufgesattelt, weiter geht`s. Nach ein wenig Fußmarsch durch den Staatswald Heide durchkreuzten wir das Felsentor. Gößweinstein kann nicht mehr weit sein.
      Oder: Darf nicht mehr weit sein!
      Der Drang nach Bier und Mittagstisch befriedigte nicht jeden. Ich vertröstete mit "Nur noch hier kurz durch den Wald!",... das lief aber voll daneben.
      Also wir die eine Stelle beim zweiten Mal passierten war klar, hier stimmt was nicht.
      Naja, irgendwie muss man ja die Tages-km hochschrauben. Nun auf dem richtigen Wege, wieder dem Kreuzigungsweg, schlürften wir in Gößweinstein ein.
      Noch ein kurzer Abstecher an der Theaterhöhle
      und Aufstieg zum Aussichtspunkt Ludwigshöhe.
      Schöner Blick über Gößweinstein.
      Die Blicke schielten auch schon über den Ort,
      wo wohl eine Gaststuben zu erblicken wär.
      Aber erst mal weiter hinunter zum Kloster Gößweinstein (1723), heute ein polnisches Franziskanerkloster
      und Wallfahrtstätte. Daneben die Basilika Gößweinstein,
      der zweitgrößte Wallfahrtsort im Erzbistum Bamberg
      und zugleich der größte Dreifaltigkeitswallfahrtsort Deutschlands.
      Naja, es war nun Zeit für einen Gasthof.
      Plötzlich leuchtete doch ein Stern von Himmel,
      der Gasthof- Stern lag zu unseren Füßen.
      Hier stand die Frage an, nur ein Bier?
      Ein Bier und was essen?
      Nur ein Bier! Überzeugend konnte ich doch vermitteln,
      das gar nicht soweit ein ganz netter Gasthof wäre
      und wir wären dann auch schon auf dem Rückweg.
      Das hat überzeugt, obwohl keiner wusste wie weit
      es noch war. Die Burg Gößweinstein fiel vom Programm.
      Den Aussichtspunkt Wagnershöhe wollte ich
      nun auch keinem zumuten.
      Zeitlich gesehen musste der erhoffte Gasthof nun her. Laufend der St2185 vorbei
      an der Marienkapelle Gößweinstein.
      Blick ins Tal auf die alte Dampfbahnstrecke Ebermannstadt-Behringersmühle.
      Der Fänger "Ende der Durststrecke" am Wegesrand schien für meine Mitläufer wie eine Illusion.
      "Nein, wir müssen noch ein kleines Stück weiter".
      Über die Wiesent auf die andere Talseite.
      "So, gleich geschafft.
      Nur noch 100 Höhenmeter steil Berg auf. Grinsss ..."
      Zitternd kraxelte ich mit der Meute hinauf,
      immer der Gedanke "Hoffentlich hat der Scheiß Laden
      jetzt auf".
      Oben in Kohlstein einlaufend, am einzigen Pferd & Esel
      des Ortes tat sich die Hoffnung auf.
      "Zur fröhlichen Runde" .
      Werbeschild einer kernigen Brotzeit und Licht
      in der Stuben liesen meinen Atem lockerer werden.
      Geschafft !!!
      Deftiges für Zwischendurch und 4 Halbe
      stellte die alte Dame, die wohl die Brote in ihrer Freizeit schmiert, auf den Tisch.
      Nach 4 Halben und der Knoblauchknacker
      & reichlich Spaß ging es nun weiter.
      Abwärts ins Püttlachtal.
      Tüchersfeld säumte den Weg.
      Ein Symbol für die Fränkische Schweiz und ist
      auf einer Briefmarke der Deutschen Post abgebildet.
      Dort existierten bis in den Dreißigjährigen Krieg hinein
      zwei Burgen, die Obere und die Untere Burg.
      Naja, ein kurzes Stück über die B470,
      Pottenstein war schon ausgeschildert.
      Da ein wenig Überaschung gegen lange Weile helfen kann zweigte nun die Route von der Straße in den Wald ab.
      Warum Einfach wenn es Anstrengend sein kann.
      Also Berg rauf gen Weidmannsgesees.
      Ächtzend jammerte Sxxx, unser Teatro-celli
      seine Minnegesänge.
      Nützt ja nüscht, was muss das muss.
      Passend gesellte sich der eintretende Niesel sich hinzu.
      "Es ist ja nicht mehr weit, wirklich!"
      meinte ich und wir stiefelten weiter.
      In Weidmannsgesees war die Hoffnung
      einer kleinen ISO-Einkehr. Nix wahr.
      So drängelten wir Txxx sein letztes Holsten aus der Tasche. Holsten trinkt von uns ja eh sonst keiner,
      aber nun musste es sein.
      Ja, auch Txxx hat ein kleines Tröpfchen abbekommen.
      Nun dauerte es wirklich nicht mehr lange,
      nur noch mal einen Berg hinauf,
      so sah man dann doch schon Pottenstein.
      Der Regen stellte sich ein, die Abendsonne strahlte bunt. Geschafft.
      Abends dann zu Tisch im alten Brauhaus Wagner.
      Platz genommen zu Tisch fiel der Blick
      auf die alte Hochleistungs-Feuerung
      von "Feuerungsmüller Erfurt".
      Irgendwie ähnlich der Firma "J. A. Topf & Söhne".
      Die Freude auf ein feinii Schnitzel war groß,
      das letzte ging dann aber an den Nachbartisch.
      Grummellll.... .
      Italienische Nudeln mit Pfifferlingen
      waren auch nicht schlecht.
      Eins, zwei, drei hausgebraute Bierchen liesen den Tag genüsslich ausklingen.
      Ein herrlicher Tag!

      • November 22, 2020

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    1. MW aus LE

      Sooo, 4 people who met to hike
      but no one had a plan.
      So fix a few corner points in Komoot
      and off to the post. Wherever the journey goes. :)
      The start was ascent to Pottenstein Castle,
      with a visit to the castle. It was very interesting
      on the almost 1000 year old castle.
      The view of Pottenstein was also very nice.
      Tithe shed and well house
      also offered interesting things. Well, it went on.
      The ascent to the Hohe Warte made it clear
      how the still coming way should be part.
      But nobody knew about it yet. Luckily.
      A short break and off we went.
      Continue along the Elisabethweg.
      Chatting about God & the world
      we came to the Hofmann Chapel. Very pleasant.
      Next item on the program
      the observation tower "Himmelsleiter".
      After 150 steps over 80 tons of steel we reached
      at a height of 26 m a fine view over the Franconian Switzerland. The mood of the group was still okay, so far it has already been able to offer 3 program items by the shortest possible route.
      But now the path changed when you left the Elisabethweg, and after only 3 km of hiking came
      with one or the other the thought
      a little retreat.
      Well, everyone had their own ideas
      from a hiking tour.
      Ixxx from Saarbrücken probably introduced himself
      we wander from pub to pub.
      Sxxx from Cologne had a clubfoot anyway, torn ligaments,
      a bit wailing on the way.
      And Txxx from Zwicke, ooch he was very open-minded
      towards the matter (still).
      In any case, we came to the "Big Rabbit Hole" for the first time. A cave in the rock that served as a shelter and hunting cave as early as the Ice Age. (approx. 7000 BC / Cave bear, cave lion, rhinoceros, mammoth, reindeer and deer were also housed.
      But there is also a legend about the old cave doll,
      the one boy who skipped school
      and strolled through the forest, a white hare
      followed into the cave.
      A wretched cry
      and later became the naughty boy
      Found completely mangled. Sounds nice too.
      In keeping with the legend, the path deformed
      now to the single trail.
      The mood in the beer-drinking faction of the group
      and the damaged foot seemed to tip over slowly.
      Up the mountain, through the thicket
      and back down the mountain, through thickets.
      And no glass beer business
      in prospect in the next few hours.
      "Put the beer back in,
      we don't even have 1/4 of the tour ... "
      Motivational booster and strong persuasiveness
      I used to make it to the next point in the program.
      The locksmith's cave.
      A very inconspicuous path leads to the Schlosserhöhle,
      which was very hidden.
      Finally, here I allowed "ISO pause".
      Everyone got his pocket beer from his pocket,
      the mood was brightened again.
      And we weren't even halfway through the tour
      which probably nobody was aware of.
      Further down into the Upper Püttlachtal.
      A steep ascent again for the limping man
      graciously saved along the Püttlach.
      But this also presented other obstacles ...
      "Uijuijuijuiiiii ...." Sxxx gestured when he wanted to pull Txxx up and almost fell down again himself.
      Oh we had fun.
      But who's down (we in the valley)
      but also has to go back up the mountain.
      Because Elbersberg lies above the mountain.
      Again motivational amplifier
      "We did it straight away" were used. Furthermore, the knowledge in Elbersberg
      finally to find a glass beer shop.
      Of good cheer & limping feet
      we marched into Elbersberg.
      "Wirtshaus am Gnock" was the goal. Splendid.
      Half for 2.50 and greasy kettle meat under 5.00.
      The Franconian bratwurst I ordered
      Plenty of sauerkraut was very tasty.
      Later it turned out to be a dangerous mixture
      with yesterday's fried onions out. Distance was always popular.
      Everyone sat and ate and was happy inside.
      Happiness was subtly destroyed,
      because after half the tour we were allowed to
      don't fix us. "Go on!".
      After the Church of St. James the Elder
      there was a small village soccer field.
      Men become boys, first of all a small group
      greased with the ball lying around.
      Now down into the Klumpertal of the Weihersbach.
      Along the B 470 past the Teufelshöhle
      and the Schöngrundsee towards Pottenstein.
      After about 15 km we reached the destination
      which despite the incoming drizzle everyone with joy
      was visible in the face.
      With a nice piece of cake and coffee
      in the Wirth bakery on the market
      the tour ended with enthusiasm.
      In the evening, then a cozy table in the brewery Mager.
      What a lovely day.

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      • October 16, 2020

  9. MW aus LE and InSa went for a hike.

    October 15, 2020

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    1. MW aus LE

      Traditionally, the meeting takes place in October.
      Men's hiking weekend popular.
      That we went for Franconian Switzerland last year
      made the decision this year
      also tremendous sense.
      Everything else almost wouldn't have worked.
      So we now spun from 4
      different directions towards Pottenstein.
      The accommodation was on the brink,
      the insidence value was 3 out of 4 at limit 50.
      Huiiii ....
      In the end everyone moved into quarters, everything was good.
      Pottenstein, located on the Püttlach, was founded in 918
      mentioned for the first time. The castle on the mountain
      was built around 1060 by Count Boto von Pottenstein.
      The 1000-year-old Pottenstein Castle was the place of residence
      of Saint Elizabeth of Thuringia in 1228.
      So much for the past story.
      Now 4 days of new history has been written.
      After each of us had moved into the rooms, we met for a site inspection.
      The most necessary things were in small consumption
      done on bag. A quick drink.
      The hunger set in, so it was fixed in the Bear Gorge
      ordered a table. By bus to the Bärenschlucht.
      The bus driver was in a good mood
      did not want a transport fee from us,
      which was also very pleasant.
      Now we were sitting in the middle
      in the Franconian culinary cultural landscape.
      Fatty pork loaf and lumberjack steak
      with fried onions. Uijuijuiiii, ... knock that in.
      Fortunately, the next few days were anyway announced. The beer is nice too. Interesting that in the next few days, half of it never cost more than 2.90. For this reason alone, the trip to the Schäuferla valley is worthwhile.
      The inevitable way home on foot
      back at the Püttlach was made niece.
      A lady resident in the dining room offered us courageously
      to all 4 of us to Pottenstein
      to take with you in your car.
      Naklarr, ... and we sat in the car ...
      That's what I call hospitality.

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      • November 15, 2020

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    1. MW aus LE

      A military tragedy loomed in AD 9.
      in Germania.
      Three Roman legions, led by Publius Quintilius Varus, were destroyed.
      The whole thing went on for a few days.

      Publius Quintilius Varus consequently committed suicide.
      This is my short form for the event.The cause on the whole was the Cheruscan Arminius.
      A Teuton who became a Roman
      and in the end betrayed them in ambush.
      That's the way history sometimes goes
      like in daily life.
      Arminus became Herman, idealized figure
      and for the New World Improvers
      gladly wiped out again in the history book.
      Just like the Zwarte Piet in the Netherlands.
      (now they have nothing to do with each other, but I'll mention it anyway)
      In any case, Arminius was later murdered in ambush by his own relatives.
      (21 AD)
      Anyway, a very interesting autumn walk
      along old Germanic walls, Roman coins & old body parts,
      all for 9.50.

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      • October 12, 2020

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