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  1. Walkleader and Uschi went for a hike.

    5 days ago

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      Between Ballmertshofen and Wittislingen lies the largest moor in the Swabian Alb with an area of 250 hectares - the "Dattenhausener Ried". The namesake for the low moor // Ried was the village of the same name Dattenhausen (district of Ziertheim).
      Starting from the parking lot at the Dattenhausen cemetery, we hiked this FF habitat on a circular hike today. Rare birds can be seen here. However, we only saw two groups of black storks looking for food. The circular hike did not only lead us through the "Ried" but on to Wittislingen (turning point of the tour). At Wittislingen we met the "Ulrich-Weg. St. Ulrich is the local saint of Wittislingen. Partly close, partly a little further away from the Egau, we then hiked back to Dattenhausen via Ziertheim.
      Between Ziertheim and Dattenhausen we came to a rare hydraulic structure: the rivers crossing point of Egau and Riedegraben. For a more detailed description, see the picture gallery!

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      • 5 days ago

  2. Walkleader and Uschi went for a hike.

    7 days ago

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    1. Walkleader

      Yes .. how life plays and second it turns out differently than you think. Originally for today was a hike in the bayr. Ziertheim planned. But it was already clear with Syrgenstein that it would be nothing. Because suddenly we drove in the thickest fog. When we got to the starting point, we realized that with these "prospects" no "prospect" would be possible. So we turned right away and drove back to Heidenheim. So it is of course good to have a "Plan B", that is, a replacement hike, ready immediately. So we drove to Zang to take a circular hike through the "Gießenholz".
      The start was at a hiking car park at the Schafhof on the Albschäferweg. We then followed the ASW into the "Gmeinthal" *. At the Gmeinthalhütte we turned onto the Brenntenhauweg and hiked to the hut of the same name. At the Brenntenhau hut we hiked a bit on the "water pipe plan" and then reached the "board path" on a forest path. At a hill we turned back to the water pipe plan and finally came back to our starting point.
      * The Gmeinthal is an abandoned settlement and is now called "desert".

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      • 7 days ago

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    1. Walkleader

      From three - make one!
      So that it was worth the trip to Thalfingen, three larger circular hikes along the Danube made a larger circular hike. The tours are summarized: meadow tour, Donaustegtour and lake tour.
      About the tour:
      We started in Thalfingen from a hiking car park in Industriestrasse. Over the Danube bridge we went straight on the "meadow valley tour" This then led us along the Danube, past chattering ducks and hissing swans, in the direction of "Glockerau" where we passed some fish ponds. At the Bosch / Rexrothwerk we then switched to the "Donausteg" on which we walked to the A7 motorway bridge. Under the "A7" we went up a flight of stairs to the wooden footbridge under the motorway (Danube crossing - (it was a strange feeling when the cars thundered over us 😁😉). At the end of the footbridge we changed to the "lake tour" On this we then circled a number of fishing lakes, all of which are leased from the Oberelchingen fishing association. After we had circled the lakes we encountered the "Donausteg Tour" again and walked along the Danube until we reached a shady snack spot We should have continued on the Donausteg, but we would have had to walk in the blazing sun on the Donaudamm, which is why we hiked down in the shade on the "water tracks". The beavers are also reported it then to the bridge (Oberelchingen-Leibi) where we then switched back to the Wiesental tour and then through the fields, as well as along the "Brenzbahn" to Thalfinge n hiked back.
      With this tour we made a significant gap on the Danube (from "Danube Valley / Illermündung) to Höchstädt / Donauwörth).
      > It is astonishing what the small spring (Bregquelle in the Black Forest, below the Brend - see also picture gallery) has brought about <.
      But it is always surprising what there are on the Danube dams for a variety of herbs (marjoram, thyme, mint, wild carrots, etc.)

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      • July 31, 2020

  4. Walkleader and Uschi went for a hike.

    July 26, 2020

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    1. Walkleader

      In spite of the warm, humid weather, a small afternoon lap was made from the Waldschenke Ziegelhütte via the Ziegelhalde, Wollenberg and through the "big Brenzeltal". At the Waldschenke, due to outdoor entertainment, the "hut" was packed. Since the main street of Königsbronn is closed, we also came across a huge "motorcycle gear" from Lower Saxony with a "Karacho" on the narrow path to the brick tavern - regardless of the walkers. One is curious what will be going on at the beginning of the holiday in the coming week.
      The tour was an afternoon walk with no special highlights.

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      • July 26, 2020

  5. Walkleader and Uschi went for a hike.

    July 24, 2020

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    1. Walkleader

      Lots of lakes - seeing - was the motto of today's hike near Mindelaltheim. With the many lakes there was also a "silver lake".
      About the tour:
      The starting and finishing point was the pilgrimage church of Heilig Kreuz at the Mindelaltheim cemetery (easy parking). From there it went, or along Bahnhofstrasse and along the Mindel towards Burgau. This section of the route was not necessarily the "Bourner" but it worked. Shortly before Burgau we turned towards Unterknöringen and a little later on a dirt road with the main direction of silver lake. On this section we passed countless gravel and fishing lakes, some of which are set up as local recreation centers. At one of the lakes we met an angler who was not very successful. Nevertheless, we offered him the fishing salute "Petri-Heil" which he then replied with "Petri-Dank". After another march we came to the local recreation center and the campsite "Silbersee". We did not find the treasure of Mr. "May", but instead an Italian ristorante, where we naturally fortified ourselves with a snack and refreshing cyclists.
      A little rested and strengthened, we continued along the Mühl Canal towards Mindel, which we then crossed a second time, to the Augsburg - Ulm railway line. Along the railway line we went to the fish ponds of the Vollman - Schipper fish farm. At first we were surprised that there were many herons flying around. The reason was soon clear to us 😂😂. At the Fischweiher we crossed under the railway line, went up a hill near Mindelaltheim and then passed the town church of St. Mauritius back to our starting point.
      Before we started our way home, we naturally did not miss the fish farm, and take freshly smoked trout with us.

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      • July 24, 2020

  6. Walkleader and Uschi went for a hike.

    July 19, 2020

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    1. Walkleader

      Today again in the footsteps of our Roman ancestors.
      The tour started at Goldshöfe train station. From there we hiked a bit on the "HW4" on the road to Hüttlingen and then turned into a small piece of forest. After we had walked through this we came across a huge "electrical power plant or substation (this has been at least doubled in size since we last came about 7 years ago (and it was also quite nice Many cables from the surrounding wind and solar parks arrive at this electrical power plant. After a walk through the meadows we came across the "Limesweg" coming from Hüttlingen, which we then followed through the forest, past a replica Limesturm, or on the outline of the original tower to the hiking parking lot "Limesturm, just before Rainau / Schwabsberg. From there we followed the sign" Bucher-Stausee ". When we arrived at the reservoir, it was just midday we smelled seductively of Essen and had a break with "French fries and a cyclist". Then we went to a "Vicus" fort * and in the direction of "Schwiedrich", a small piece of forest I then hiked towards Goldshöfe again. After we came out of the forest we also had a clear view of the "Goldshöfer Sanden" **. It then went back to the starting point via Wagenrain.
      * A "Vicus-Kastelle" is a fort with an urban character
      ** the Goldshöfer Sande are sand dunes with a thickness of up to 50 meters, which were washed up here by the Urbrenz from Hohenlohe.

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      • July 19, 2020

  7. Walkleader and Uschi went for a hike.

    July 8, 2020

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    1. Walkleader

      Today a circular hike through the Danube forest, in the Danube meadows, Danube valley and over the Danube slopes. We started at the parking lot at the cemetery in Reisensburg and then went on the marked premium hiking trail that leads through the forest to Donaustraße and over the Danube. Along "Griesle Landgraben" to "Topflet See", also known as Erdbeersee, and further to the large Griesle See. From the Griesle Lake we hiked along the Landgraben and then passed the Aschausee to the Donaudamm. On the Donaudamm it went straight on to the bike filling station at the bridge and connecting road (Offingerstrasse) from Offingen to Peterswörth. After the bridge we went directly to Offingen to the "100 Stäpfela" and then to meander around Offingen until we came to the edge of the forest where we then hiked along the Danube slopes between Leipheim and Offingen. At some point we turned towards the "Holy Trinity Chapel to relax in the shade of two mighty linden trees (it always smelled very well of blooming linden trees!). After the Holy Trinity Chapel we passed field crosses and the observation tower in Offingen (but was closed It was also a former Roman road (from Augsburg to Günzburg), past a "Partiarchen cross", shortly before the forest we finally reached our final destination , towards the parking lot in Reisensburg When we arrived in Reisensburg we made a detour to the "Science Center of Ulm University" (former Reisensburg Castle).
      All in all, a hike through a wonderful area in the Danube.

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      • July 8, 2020

  8. Walkleader and Uschi went for a hike.

    July 5, 2020

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    1. Walkleader

      Today again made a tour in the NSH "Heiden", northern Heidenheim. The main reason for this was a. also that the "Anna Held" memorial stone is drawn on the map of Open Street Maps and wanted to know what it was all about. however, in this context I was also on the "wrong steamer". I was fixated on a completely different Anna hero. The Anna Held that is at issue here was a maid who is said to have been murdered around a hundred years ago near today's ski lift. However, there is not much left of the memorial stone. On the tour we also passed the abandoned quarry above Schnaitheim, which can now also be used as a barbecue area.
      It is also pleasing to see that the mountain ash, which was once heavily infested with sulfur porling, has recovered well.

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      • July 5, 2020

  9. Walkleader and Uschi went for a hike.

    July 3, 2020

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    1. Walkleader

      On June 24, 1770 a boy was born in Ulm, his name was Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger and later went down in history as "Der Schneider von Ulm".
      In addition to his job as a tailor, Berblinger was always interested in technical things and made many inventions. Among other things, he developed a "flying machine" with which he wanted to fly over the Danube. This "flying machine" was, as it turned out later, quite airworthy, but Berblinger had not considered that no thermals and therefore no lift could develop over a low river like the Danube. So it happened that shortly after the start Berblinger was already in the Danube from which he was then fished out with great laughter from the spectators.
      This year Berblinger would have been 250 years old and therefore the city of Ulm has put up a monument in the form of a lookout tower in his honor. And exactly at the point where Berblinger had attempted to start (Adlerbastei).
      For this reason we visited the city of Ulm again today. Of course, we also enjoyed the view from the "Berblinger Tower".
      The ascent of the tower takes some getting used to, as the inner column is inclined, but you climb vertically. The tower also fluctuates somewhat.

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      • July 3, 2020

  10. Walkleader and Uschi went for a hike.

    July 1, 2020

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    1. Walkleader

      Hall or way crosses are usually at an intersection or on a street and should be a sign of the Christian faith. Hall crosses used to serve as signposts for pilgrims and hikers as there were no signposted paths yet. Hall or way crosses are mostly made of stone, metal or wood and are usually flanked on both sides by trees.
      On the first signposted hiking trail around Bellenberg there are 14 (15) field crosses made of stone, metal or wood to discover.
      The path leads from the center of the town along Memminger Strasse to the connecting road to Tiefenbach. At the end of the town, we already meet the first crossroads. The trunk of an old, recovered "bog oak" was also draped at this place. These approx. 2000 years (age determination with the help of "dendrochronology"), old bog oak was recovered from the Danube / Illerau in 1979 when the Neu-Ulm district office was built. It's a good thing that the wood was not sacrificed for furniture. Then it goes along the "brick plant (towards Tiefenbach) and then turns onto the Krähenberg. From the Krähenberg you can see a huge photo voltaic system at the clay pit there. *. It went around the clay pit and towards Reutäcker and Riedholz. In Riedholz we made a detour to Altenhofer Feld, because there is also a crossroads there, on the cul-de-sac we went back to the "Burgstall". In the past there was also a castle that was destroyed. Today there is a chapel with a way of the cross From the castle stable, mostly via stairs, down to the castle hill where the church "Our Lady of the Rosary" stands and back towards the town center, to the starting point of our tour.
      Clay pit and Bellenberger brick:
      The Bellenberger bricks are said to be of the best quality and quality and are therefore widely known!
      Clay is still being mined in the clay pit, but at the same time it is being restored!

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      • July 1, 2020

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