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  1. Ferienwohnung Fietkau went for a hike.

    August 13, 2019

    3.85 mi
    2.7 mph
    225 ft
    250 ft
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    1. Neele

      Such beautiful photos 🙂👍

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      • August 14, 2019

  2. Ferienwohnung Fietkau went for a hike.

    July 18, 2019

    3.75 mi
    3.0 mph
    250 ft
    225 ft
    1. Ferienwohnung Fietkau

      The dam Wippra is very remote and thus one finds there also a lot of peace in nature. 😍 Part of the Luther Trail runs along the circular walk around the reservoir. On the south side of Naturistenstieg (Nackwanderweg) touches the trail. On the other hand, only clothed people should be traveling. 😅 Even if in places many fallen trees still block part of the way and make walking difficult, a round around the reservoir is always worthwhile. 🙂

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      • July 19, 2019

  3. Ferienwohnung Fietkau went for a hike.

    June 23, 2019

    1. Ferienwohnung Fietkau

      Very nice but also a bit challenging is the last stage on the Teufelsmauerstieg between Timmerode and Blankenburg. 😍 For the effort on the Kammweg you will be rewarded with beautiful views and natural rock paths. You should be sure-footed and free from giddiness, then it is also fun. As a reward for the effort you can treat yourself in Timmerode in the restaurant "Zur Teufelsmauer" on the sports field then a delicious meal at a fair price. 😋 🍻

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      • June 24, 2019

    1. Ferienwohnung Fietkau

      The second section on the Teufelsmauerstieg led us from Weddersleben towards Warnstedt and back again. 👹 The most impressive part is undoubtedly the section between West Tower, Königstein and Langer Wand. 😍 To be able to properly represent the beauty of this natural wonder, we once went over the ridge and back on the valley side and have many photo stops inserted. 😅 😅 Of course, the pictures in the twilight and the night emerged again after this impressive round. 🙂

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      • May 27, 2019

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    1. Ferienwohnung Fietkau

      The first stage on the Teufelsmauerstieg led us from the Großer Gegenstein at Ballenstedt to the Dicken Stein near Rieder and back to the Ballenstedt airfield. 🙂 Here at the airfield begins the Teufelsmauerstieg, which then continues to Thale. Parts 2 and 3 are sure to follow ... 🙂 The photo in sunset was taken after the walk.

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      • May 15, 2019

  5. Ferienwohnung Fietkau went for a hike.

    May 9, 2019

    2.59 mi
    3.0 mph
    350 ft
    325 ft
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    1. Ferienwohnung Fietkau

      From Wippra to the Braubergklippen and the pulpit. There are many paths that cross the Brauberg, the cliffs and the pulpit. Unfortunately, in all maps hardly any registered. A way to the Braubergklippen is missing in all maps. So here's our suggestion for a nice round over the Brauberg. 🙂 The squirrel did not want to go with the picture and hid behind the leaf.👉🐿☘😅

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      • May 9, 2019

  6. Ferienwohnung Fietkau went for a hike.

    April 23, 2019

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    1. Ferienwohnung Fietkau

      From Zoo Aschersleben to Westdorfer Warte and back through the Einetal valley, past the gondola pond and over the nature trail old castle. 🙂 Especially worth seeing is the tiger country in the zoo Aschersleben with its white tigers, Siberian tigers and lions. 🦁 But the other enclosures, which are partially integrated into the remains of the old castle Aschersleben, worth a visit. 🙂

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      • April 24, 2019

  7. Ferienwohnung Fietkau went for a hike.

    April 14, 2019

    1. Ferienwohnung Fietkau

      Despite a light rain, many hikers did not miss the opportunity to be present at the opening of the Mansfeld viaduct look. The newly built refuge offers the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view of the Mansfelder Hasselbach viaduct, the city of Mansfeld and the Lower Harz during a break. It is to be hoped that everyone will take to heart the words that stand on the board above the hut and honor, what many diligent hands have created here.
      The photo in the sunset is of course not today. 😉

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      • April 14, 2019

  8. Ferienwohnung Fietkau went for a hike.

    April 2, 2019

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    1. Ferienwohnung Fietkau

      Eisleben's historic old town has interesting corners, especially if you follow Luther's footsteps .. 🙂

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      • April 3, 2019

  9. Ferienwohnung Fietkau went for a hike.

    March 23, 2019

    1. Ferienwohnung Fietkau

      You could also call this little round "Get out of Saturn Hall and into the Galgenberg Gorge ...". Testen Test the newly purchased lens. 😀 The Galgenberg Gorge and Galgenberg are also worth a visit if you are in Halle. A little piece of nature in the middle of the big city. 🙂 Unfortunately, some of the rocks are decorated with graffiti, which not everyone has to find nice ... Nevertheless, the rocks of volcanic origin are worth seeing.

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      • March 23, 2019

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Hier möchten wir in regelmäsigen Abständen leichte bis mittelschwere Wanderungen und Spaziergänge vorstellen, und Euch so etwas genauer über Wandermöglichkeiten im Mansfelder Land, dem wildromantischen, sagenumwobenen Wippertal, dem Ost, Süd, West und Oberharz und der Kyffhäuserregion informieren.
Da sich der Harz über mehrere Landkreise erstreckt, setzen wir vor jede Tour die Abkürzung des entsprechenden Landkreises, um das ganze übersichtlicher zu gestalten.
🌳🏰HAL: = Halle & Saalkreis
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