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  1. Muammer went for a hike.

    May 14, 2021

    6.30 mi
    2.4 mph
    50 ft
    50 ft
    1. Muammer

      A fun tour around the Auesee when the weather is nice. It's a shame that you can only get to the shore in certain places. But these places are particularly beautiful.

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      • May 16, 2021

  2. Muammer went for a hike.

    November 18, 2020

    3.31 mi
    1.7 mph
    475 ft
    400 ft
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    1. Muammer

      A beautiful, promising and autumn hike with lots of copper and gold as the colors in nature. Especially on this hiking trail are the many viewpoints and at the end the game reserve, which I hadn't expected.

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      • November 18, 2020

  3. Muammer went for a hike.

    June 11, 2020

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    1. Taya

      You took really great pictures on this apparently very nice tour👍. I especially like the first ones very much! Great reflections in the water😃

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      • June 14, 2020

  4. Muammer planned a hike.

    June 10, 2020

  5. Muammer went for a hike.

    April 12, 2020

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    1. Muammer

      A wonderful day for a hike at the Aggertalsperre, not too short, not too long, but just right. It is worth going up the hill called "Nice View" (that is actually the name of the road) or before (if motorized, of course) to get a nice view from there, as the name suggests. 🤓

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      • April 14, 2020

  6. Muammer went for a hike.

    September 10, 2019

    4.67 mi
    1.3 mph
    825 ft
    825 ft
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    1. Muammer

      A humid 💦 hike along the waterfall in Krimml in Austria full of promising views and views. Up to the top we did not make it, because it would have become too dark then. But what you see in the 250 meters of altitude, takes your breath away (or was that the strenuous climb?). No, just kidding, for well-trained 💪 probably a no brainer, for us inexperienced a show of strength, but one that pays off. By the way: In sunshine Regenbogen rainbow hunters 🌈 get their money's worth several times ...

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      • October 1, 2019

  7. Muammer went for a hike.

    April 21, 2019

    2.48 mi
    2.1 mph
    625 ft
    575 ft
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    1. Taya

      How nice that looks! Great pictures !!!

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      • April 22, 2019

  8. Muammer planned a hike.

    August 25, 2018