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auf der Suche nach den echten Typen hinterm Profil...
... wir machen oft die verrücktesten Sachen alleine, da wir nicht verstanden werden.
Nur jemand der selbst so unterwegs ist, kann dies verstehen.
... auf dem Weg eine Möglichkeit zu schaffen um diese lonely riders zusammenzubringen.
Nichts ist faszinierender und spannender als "the real person"
der erste Schritt ist getan
wenn du auch GAGA🌀 ( - Apple) werden willst oder es schon bist
-> bist du hier richtig
lass dich von den spannenden Geschichten und Bildern der Touren fesseln
und du wirst feststellen, dass du deine größten Bewunderer findest, wenn du hier deine Touren teilst.
-> DEN WIR SIND ALLE GAGA🌀Es geht nicht um schneller, weiter oder höher. Es geht um das, was zwischen Start & Ziel passiert ist, um das wie erlebte, um das was deine Tour für dich so besonders gemacht hat.
Man kann auf einer 2km kurzen Tour mehr erleben als auf einer 300km langen.
-> den eine experience together ist doppelt GAGA🌀eine Übersicht unserer Touren findest du in unseren Collections
der zweite Schritt ist getan
Was gibt es schöneres als die eigene erlebte Freude zu teilen und anderen dadurch überhaupt die Möglichkeit zu schaffen, dies auch zu erleben.
Der Club der GAGAisten goes Charity -> den eine experience together² ist dreifach GAGA🌀
der dritte Schritt ist getan - something bigger is coming - just be patient
-> mit allen dazugehörigen Infos, Chat & Kontaktaufnahme oder möchtest du wissen, wie du selbst gescoutete und gemachte Touren mit uns teilen kannst?
Dann komm zu uns auf:
-> Nickname identisch wie bei komoot einrichten
-> Hinweis: die geplanten Touren sind z.T. scouted, but all not guided and unsupported

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13,836 mi

Time in motion

1448:35 h

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  1. oidawolf and Club der GAGAisten🌀 experience together planned a gravel ride.

    a day ago

    64.0 mi
    8.9 mph
    2,250 ft
    2,250 ft
    1. oidawolf

      For quick decision-makers:
      The scout starts on October 27th. at 11:00 am at the train station in Eichstädt for carrot round # 2; this time clockwise.
      For details see: >> operation carrot <<

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      • about 4 hours ago

    1. K🚴rl-H🦘inz

      experience together🌀:operation Enjoying nature on the Lech - a gravel tour - experience together🌀 30.10.21
      -> Bavaria / Swabia / Siebentischwald-Lech
      scouted by K🚴rl-H🦘inz
      -> Tour description:
      A breathtaking scenic tour
      ... through / along the Lechheiden - Kissinger Heide - Kuhsee Heide - Königsbrunner Heide,
      ... small lakes like Weitmannsee - Auensee near Kissing - Kuhsee - Stempflesee - Auensee near Unterbergen
      ... along the Lech - Hagenbach - Lochbach
      ... and through the Siebentischwald
      -> Original tour with all pictures:
      -> Directions:
      Suitable for all bicycles, a coarser profile recommended - short single trails (can also be avoided in some cases).
      The tour runs almost exclusively (approx. 90%) on non-public roads.
      -> Claim:
      sh. Tour profile - from 16 to 20 cuts or even more mobile

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      • a day ago

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    1. K🚴rl-H🦘inz

      In sunny autumn weather:
      - Sun ☀️ pure and sky 🔵
      That was such a real day of enjoyment.
      The golden October shows itself from its best side.
      A breathtaking scenic tour
      ... through / along the Lechheiden - Kissinger Heide - Kuhsee Heide - Königsbrunner Heide,
      ... small lakes like Weitmannsee - Auensee near Kissing - Kuhsee - Stempflesee - Auensee near Unterbergen
      ... along the Lech - Hagenbach - Lochbach
      ... and through the Siebentischwald
      just look at the picture book 😋.

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      • 2 days ago

  3. Bergmuffel and Club der GAGAisten🌀 experience together went mountain biking.

    2 days ago

    69.2 mi
    11.6 mph
    4,625 ft
    4,650 ft
    1. Bergmuffel

      Exactly ... having been flirting with it for a long time, Gernot Weiß provides me with the lead with his last tour, so to speak!
      So I followed the tour almost 1 to 1 ...
      After I started celebrating around 10 am, I put an extra loop in Gundelsheim.
      Nice to pop out of the forest after a great descent at Weichendorf!
      Nothing new in the main moor forest.
      The following uphill to the Friesener was tough.
      Gernot actually drove up the Wernsdorf descent, awesome in my eyes.
      I don't, the bypass on the stony, steep slope was enough.
      At the top I made the rounds around the airfield and on to the Dragoons.
      Then an epic meeting in the Dragener Garden.
      MadD grins at me from his bike again. It was nice, after a short chat, we parted ways again.
      At the top of the dragoon it was already 20 after 1. After a moment's thought, we bravely drove on. No light there.
      Then I had a lot to do on the descent to Tiefenhöchstadt, especially the start was tricky. The storm of the past few days had distributed a lot of tree scrap, actually everywhere. A miracle that I did not ruin the rear derailleur with the constant branch fireworks from below.
      The subsequent uphill walk behind Tiefenhöchstadt, shrugged off when talking to madD, was not bad at all.
      On the further journey over the Jura I had to fight a lot of headwind again, so almost no pictures, although there was already one or the other worth seeing section.
      Gernot's detour shortly before the Högelstein fell victim to the time limit.
      After a short technical walk, then the rescue pulpit. 14.30. After a photo stop, nothing like down.
      There is something for everyone on the much-praised descent, on one or the other section you shouldn't allow yourself any major driving errors, otherwise it will be tight. In addition, it was still relatively muddy, and the upper part was pretty bombed by the storm. Nothing went fast at all!
      Even a mountain grouch had to get down from the saddle twice, it is so blocked in places.
      With better conditions gladly again. Below is a short detour to the great ponds, after I finally found my way again poking leaves.
      Fetched something to eat at the next best gas station in Forchheim, then an overdue rest at the canal.
      15.30 I got on.
      The following way home then a single inferno.
      Infernally, the sun burns down twice in addition to its permanent reflection on the canal.
      My legs burn under me in constant fire.
      In addition, there were infernal crowds in Bamberg.
      It was still very nice!
      After a short break behind Hallstadt, the bike path was only ...
      FSA home! 🙋‍♂️P. S. How Gernot was able to tear down this tour with an average of 20.4 will remain an eternal mystery to me ... Respect & greetings!

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      • 2 days ago

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    1. stefan63

      Today a big change of scenery on the big maple 🍁 floor together with the car 🚗 of an even fitter fellow patient.
      Thousands of cornered naturalists who caravanned the toll road like a string of pearls with cars 🚘 and bikes had this idea today!
      And we are right in the middle. ☺️😀😁
      It was snow without snow anyway.

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      • 2 days ago

  5. BerndHHBbg 🗿 and 2 others went gravel riding.

    3 days ago

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    1. BerndHHBbg 🗿

      Today I got up in the morning with doubt. Should I really go today?
      The weather says there is a high probability of rain, it is cold and I actually find it really cozy in bed.
      But since I wouldn't be able to leave for work in the afternoon, I'm off. Besides, I have an appointment.
      On the way to the meeting point, the first thing I had to do was take off my autumn gloves - it wasn't that cold at all.At the meeting point itself, I was way too early. Since I had sweated a lot, dressed warmly, I threatened to freeze through, so put on my jacket, put it in the sun and let it dry. That worked to some extent. I wouldn't have expected so much light and sun.It was rarely muddy on the way. Sure, at the Mönchsteich, a great lake next to the Großensee, and around the Großensee itself there were some muddy places and once also a flooded meadow that we drove over without falling into it. A wonder!Just like the last golden autumn showed itself from its most beautiful side today. The leaves and their colors were beautiful, no trace of the rain, so we made a change of route on the way home: Get a milk ice cream from the milk ice cream farm that had already switched to autumn and winter varieties: fried almonds and cinnamon or pumpkin flavor as well as chestnut ice cream and many others great varieties.In conclusion, I can now say that we approached the tour in a very relaxed manner. Low speeds, no rush and focus on the surroundings. That was a lot of fun.Now we come to the three Ks:
      1) cold
      2) strength
      3) chain oil
      1) cold
      Now that autumn is coming, I often don't really feel like getting on my bike. I don't like the prospect of freezing outside, getting drenched and drenched in wind and rain.
      But if you pull yourself together and invest in good equipment, wind-repellent winter cycling jacket and long cycling pants with similar properties and good lining, then all of this is no longer so bad.
      In the meantime, the equipment has become so good that you shouldn't have any more problems with the weather thanks to several layers.
      Last year I drove through the entire winter and that was a good thing!
      2) strength
      When I ride my bike, it's still a little difficult to divide up my strength. Often I start too hard at the beginning and then at the end I don't have the power to drive through at the same pace.
      For this reason, it probably makes more sense to use even cadence (pedal rhythm) to ensure that my strength is divided up. With the remaining power reserve, I can certainly give the last 10 km a little gas at the end. It's definitely better than crawling home in the end.
      I also think that cycling, especially on a beautiful day like today, gives you strength to survive the cold and exhausting autumn and winter weather and stay healthy.3) chain oil
      When it came to "chain oil", I really had to think hard about whether this term would have lost anything in the list. But I think so.
      Because: I still haven't found the perfect lubrication for my chain.
      It is terribly exhausting when the chain rattles or squeaks or makes other noises.
      Therefore always oil. If you then get the wrong oil, the excess is not wiped off, then it is either quickly washed out again or stuck with sand and other dirt.
      Then the whole thing is hardly fun.
      So I spend most of the time with the bike care with the chain and the drive to remove the residues and newly formed friendships of the drive lubricant and to apply new, fresh oil, wipe it off and so on.
      When the chain is super oiled and ready to drive, then we are suddenly best friends again ...
      What are your "K" s when cycling?
      I would be very happy about nice contributions.
      You can find more episodes of the series here:
      Editing: I actually forgot K for Komoot. Without Komoot, I would probably not drive that often and would not have gotten to know many of the great places. Because of this cycling I now know the area so well that it was a further step towards feeling more and more comfortable in Hamburg.

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      • 2 days ago

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    1. stefan63

      As soon as part of the family is back again, it goes further and faster.
      Then 30 min ergometer training with a maximum pulse of 120 as specified.
      Then the swimming pool was released for the first time, where even some crawl tracks 🏊‍♂️ were completely painless.
      It can go on like this. 😀🏊‍♀️👍

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      • 3 days ago

  7. K🚴rl-H🦘inz, Rudi and 229 others like this.
    1. stefan63

      It gets better every day!
      Allowed maximum heart rate currently 120.
      From tomorrow even the swimming pool will be allowed, but without the crawl 🏊‍♂️.
      Another new step in terms of quality of life.

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      • 4 days ago

    1. der Danners Hary🌀

      You can find the conversion documented step by step in the tutorial.
      How do you get there? Continue reading…
      The background: a suspension fork for the HOPLIT PI Plus falcon hunt is needed
      1. should not be significantly heavier than the titanium fork - there are none!
      2. should be absolutely maintenance-free - there are none!
      3. should be almost indestructible - there are none!
      4. should easily accommodate 27.5 "to 3.0 & 29" to 2.6 - there are none!
      5. should be able to hold brake discs from 180 to 203 mm - only a few can!
      6. should have boost standard - some have!
      7. the installation height should be a maximum of 495mm - there is none!
      8. no settings - must always work perfectly in every situation - do not exist!
      9. within 10min. it should be possible to change the fork. - Great!
      10. The HOPLIT PI Plus has a 1 1/8 to 1 1/8 tax rate. But you need a 1 1/8 to 1.5
      - Damn!
      Shit dirt - no RockSock, no Fox, no Ölins, nothing can meet all the criteria - or at least one - you can see the original setup with the 1 1/8 titanium fork and the changed setup with the 1 1/2 carbon TR boost barrel fork.

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      • 5 days ago

  8. Doreen and 2 others went mountain biking.

    6 days ago

    32.8 mi
    9.5 mph
    2,800 ft
    2,675 ft
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    1. Doreen

      on days like these ... you just have to enjoy ✌
      Tri-border area
      Nentschau Baker☕🍪
      Forest fridge 😊
      Europe Bridge 🤝
      Jani 🍽🍻
      Way home🤩✨

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      • 6 days ago

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