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  1. rdf231 went for a bike ride.

    3 days ago

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    1. rdf231

      Today we drove the entire Wuhleweg, a very nice bike path, completely car-free, very nice on the Wuhle, definitely recommended. Despite the "climb" you should not miss the Kienberg with the cloud grove. Great view over the entire east of Berlin, over the Wuhletal to the television tower and the Müggelberge. You also have a great overview of the prefabricated housing estates in Marzahn and Hellersdorf. I would say that the cloud grove is the best vantage point in the east of Berlin, a small counterpart to the Teufelsberg in the west. There is also Berlin's only summer toboggan run up here and Berlin's only cable car, both of which were built in 2017 for the IGA that was in this park. Both were even in operation today and were also visited. We then passed the Ahrensfeld mountains below (not as Komoot says above, cell phone GPS failure again). Back on good bike paths to the landscape park Herzberge, definitely the most beautiful way back from this direction, only a few road sections. Continue via Lichtenberg to Stralau. There I came up with the idea of circling the peninsula, because there are beautiful riverside paths on both sides, then we went to Treptower Park on the other side along the Spree to the Insel der Jugend. Then I wanted to follow the Heidekampgraben through the allotment gardens, this can also be done by bike, it is quite a nice path, even if it is very narrow. Quite exciting with the allotments and the S-Bahn underpass. We continued on the top paved bike paths of the Wall Trail, first at the Heidekampgraben and then the "Ostkrone" at the Teltow Canal, both very nice and great to ride. From Adlershof it shouldn't be the traditional, direct way back. I took a look at the former Johannisthal airfield. Then I wanted to see if you could go to the company station. Schöneweide, comes over the train tracks (pedestrian bridge). Because it is a big construction site, it seems like here, as in many other corners of Berlin, that a completely new residential area is emerging from this old railway wasteland. However, the area is still partially cordoned off and you cannot cross the pedestrian bridge, let's see when that changes. The area will then probably no longer be recognizable. So I had to drive over Schöneweide, then back over Kaisersteg, Wuhlheide and Köpenick. The Union game (which Union has just lost) was coming to an end at the Alte Försterei. So it was pretty crowded everywhere. Overall, a good tour combination, mostly beautiful, car-free bike paths and connecting routes, only few roads and busy roads. The real highlight was of course the cloud grove with a cable car and a view, but of course the "classics" such as Treptower Park and Ostkrone were also very beautiful.

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      • 3 days ago

  2. rdf231 went for a bike ride.

    February 9, 2020

    53.9 mi
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    1. rdf231

      A lap around the BER in good wind, especially the tail wind on the BER south side around Rotberg and Kiekebusch was very nice. At BER everything still looks like a ghost town. If you haven't been there, you should definitely go this year, as the opening is scheduled for October 31, 2020 ??? Let's see if it works? I also built in the village view, very nice viewpoint, you can see the TV tower, Gropiusstadt and the airport area from BER very well, it's definitely worth it. Return via Bohnsdorf, Grünau and Schmöckwitz via the very beautiful bike path on the Dahme / Langer See. Then a detour to Rauchfangswerder to the southernmost point in Berlin, which is located in the Moßkopfring at the bus stop. Nothing special, also no sign, unfortunately you can't get to the water because everything is built up, you can still take it with you. Rauchfangswerder is probably the most isolated residential area in Berlin, only surrounded by water and an access road should have been seen. Then back over Gosen and through the forest. The BER round is always worth it, send empty bike paths and empty wide streets in the area of the terminal. You can also look at everything there, it is not forbidden to drive that long.

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      • February 9, 2020

  3. rdf231 went for a bike ride.

    February 8, 2020

    58.2 mi
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    1. rdf231

      Start and finish of this round of course again in Rahnsdorf, but the recording was started later and ended earlier due to the short mobile phone battery range (although fully charged), so it came to about 115 km. We went the fast route via Fürstenwalder Damm-Friedrichshagener Str. And at Wuhlheide, where the recording then begins. The route then led over Karl Marx Allee, through Mitte and finally to the Spandau shipping canal, here there is a very nice bike path along the canal, which then merges into the Havel bike path. The corner around the Tegeler See and the Havel is one of the most beautiful corners of Berlin next to Wannsee / Grunewald and the area around the Müggelsee. Highly recommended is the route along the Spandau shipping canal and the Havel to Hennigsdorf, very good bike paths and beautiful views of the water. Back on the other side of the Havel via Heiligensee and Tegelort and further on Tegeler See to Tegel, also very nice riverside paths. On the way, a detour to the viewpoint at Tegel Airport is worthwhile, here you can watch the landing planes. Back through the center and along the Spree, over the Minna Todenhagen bridge and through the Wuhlheide out of town back to Rahnsdorf. A great tour, especially in the weather, where the Tegeler See and the Havel are always worthwhile.

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      • February 8, 2020

  4. rdf231 went for a hike.

    January 26, 2020

    8.85 mi
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    775 ft
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    1. rdf231

      Today on foot again on foot to get something out, even today the weather was too uncomfortable for a long bike tour, which I usually do. So I looked in the direction of Wannsee, it's always nice there and you can't go wrong. I already knew a lot in Wannsee, but I was in the forest between Königstr. and Griebnitzsee with the old landfill completely unknown, so we had to explore this today.
      The start is at the "Nikolskoer Weg" bus stop, convenient at weekends and can be reached every 20 minutes by bus 316 from Wannsee station (S and regional trains). First goal: the Böttcherberg with the Loggia Alexandra. Even in the fog you had a little view of Potsdam, very nice. Continue to Griebnitzsee with a beautiful riverside path (in contrast to the other side in Potsdam, where the villa owners do not want to release their banks at any price). Then back up to the old garbage dump Wannsee with its "peaks" like Hirschberg, Moritzberg, Tannenberge. Unfortunately there was hardly any view through the fog, but very nice, you wouldn't recognize this as a landfill if you didn't know it. Nevertheless, landfill gases seem to be active here, there are warnings about pipes and open fires and smoking are prohibited. If the visibility is better, I may come back again, the paths on the landfill are mostly suitable for bicycles. We went back down to the east end of Lake Griebnitz, further along the Griebnitz Canal and past the Stölpchensee. Here we went through the Wannsee district to Königstr. past the Rathaus Wannsee and on through the residential area to the Flensburg Lion. From here we went again on the very beautiful riverside path along the Great Wannsee and the Havel to the Pfaueninsel. Even today, great views of the Wannsee lido, Schwanenwerder, Kladow and the Pfaueninsel, although you can look further. Of course, the photos look a bit bleak today because of the weather, of course, the whole of Wannsee looks much nicer in the sun. The end of the tour was at the bus stop "Pfaueninsel" directly at the ferry pier opposite the Pfaueninsel. At weekends you can get here every hour (in summer every 30 minutes) by bus 218 towards Wannsee station. There is always a historical bus here, there are always different buses in use. I saw the bus today (last photo) myself, it drove until the mid-2000s and I can still remember it well, so a special return trip. The tour was very nice, as always in Wannsee, you can definitely recommend it, even in summer, when many nice swimming spots invite you to refresh and the view from the landfill is better, but it was still very nice today.

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      • January 26, 2020

  5. rdf231 went for a hike.

    January 25, 2020

    8.53 mi
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    500 ft
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    1. rdf231

      Despite the constant drizzle, I had to get out today. Therefore not a long bike tour. I decided to go to Spandau and start from there in the direction of the Siemens Railway, because the Siemens Railway has always interested me. In addition, I only knew the old town and the bike path along the Havel from Spandau so far, there were many unknown corners to discover. The start at Spandau station is easy to reach by regional train, S-Bahn and U-Bahn. From there we went through the old town and to the banks of the Havel. You can see the mouth of the Spree well from there. Over the Juliusturmbrücke we went over to the other side directly at the mouth of the Spree in the Spreeschanzen park. Very inconspicuous, a bit crowded and difficult to find, but you are right at the mouth, should every Berliner have seen it. We continued with a half circle around the citadel on Wladimir Gall Weg. Unfortunately, there was no time for the citadel itself. On the other side of the Havel we continued through the Wröhmännerpark and along the Havel and over the bridge to Eiswerder. Eiswerder itself has a beautiful riverside path, many apartments are built here between the old industrial plants. We went on to the old Gartenfeld station.
      For the access to the Siemensbahn I oriented myself to the corresponding MTB highlight (south of the Gartenfeld station with access via "Haselhorster Weg"). However, everything is cordoned off, the paths there no longer exist, there is a large construction fence in front of it. Further north I discovered a stairway (hole in the fence) in a residential area (right next to the garden field station), here you could easily go up. The Siemensbahn itself is definitely recommended (see photos), but of course a bit difficult to walk due to ballast, bushes and sleepers. Everyone comes to Popitzweg, there is an exit. Behind it, a large gate blocks the further course to Wernerwerk station. However, you can crawl through like me, you shouldn't have to be too thick or immobile, the hole is really very small. But it is worth it, you can still see the Wernerwerk station and the elevated railway section, here the Siemens railway runs on an elevated railway, not on the dam as before. You get to the Spree Bridge, there is absolutely the end. To get down, however, you have to go past Wernerwerk station back to Popitzweg, there you are almost at the end of the tour, at Siemensdamm station (U7). A nice tour, a clear highlight, of course, the Siemens Railway. It was also very nice in Spandau an der Havel and on Eiswerder, even if everything looked a bit bleak in the weather, it is definitely nicer in the sun, but still a very good tour, one can recommend.

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      • January 25, 2020

  6. rdf231 went for a bike ride.

    January 18, 2020

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    1. rdf231

      The actual length of the tour is about 115 km. The recording was only started in Oberschöneweide on the Stubenrauchbrücke (arrival via the fastest route via Fürstenwalder Damm-Seelenbinderstr.-Wuhle-An der Wuhlheide-Siemensstr.), The tour start was like the finish in Rahnsdorf. The reason for the start of the recording there was the limited capacity of the fully charged cell phone battery. The GPS apparently failed in several places. From Schöneberg / Gasometer we went via Ebersstraße, Innsbrucker Platz, Wexstr., Detmolder and Rudolstädter Str. To the "Hohen Bogen". Behind the Kronprinzessinenweg, of course, we went directly past the Wannsee train station and then across the Wannsee bridge, further via Königstr. and Pfaueninselchaussee, here too the GPS apparently had 2 dropouts, after that the tour was recorded as far as it should be. Especially the path on the Wannsee behind the Pfaueninsel, but of course the Havelchaussee and the Kronprinzessinenweg are great to drive. The forest paths in the Grunewald behind the Grunewald Tower are all very easy to drive. We recommend a detour to the Forsthaus Alte Saubucht, where you can fill up your water supply at the fountain, which I also did today. The sand pit, Teufelssee and Teufelsberg with the Drachenberg are also beautiful. From Drachenberg you have the best free view of the city that I know. The tour had a few ascents and descents with the Schäferberg, the Grunewaldturm ascent and the Teufelsberg, but the altitude difference cannot be correct. The area around Cordesstr. Is also interesting. and workshop path with the long train tunnel, an interesting area surrounded by train systems, you can take with you. There was also some variety on the way back through the city with the tractor demo on Straße des 17. Juni. So a super tour, Wannsee, Grunewald and Teufelsberg are actually always worthwhile.

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      • January 18, 2020

  7. rdf231 went for a bike ride.

    January 2, 2020

    66.0 mi
    14.0 mph
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    1. rdf231

      In the weather (despite the cold) a great tour on the beautiful Dahme bike path to Prieros to the junction to Klein Köris (concrete path). Very interesting here are two old large bunker systems, one west of the Dahme cycle path a bit behind Prieros, the other a little south of the junction to Groß Köris. A big recommendation, but only for two, I would not go in there alone. A must, especially for those interested in lost places, I've been there before. There are websites for both systems, you have to look for the accesses or know where they are. We continued on a somewhat bumpy concrete slab path to the B179, then on a road (little traffic) to Klein Köris. From there, there is again a cycle path along the road via Groß Köris to Teupitz. Teupitz is a very nice place right on the lake, in summer there is a very good ice cream parlor. The way back from Groß Köris was via the Hofjagdweg, not as scenic as the Dahme-Radweg and also with some car traffic, but still a very good way. In KW I found the way on the Notte Canal for the first time, very beautiful and much better than the road. The way back was over the Funkerberg (steep climb from KW) and then on good bike paths and side roads through Wildau, Zeuthen and Eichwalde to Berlin-Schmöckwitz. From there it went again the bike path along the Dahme (Langer See) to Grünau, from there on the Grünauer Straße to Köpenick. The recording ends halfway to Friedrichshagen to the Spree tunnel. There the cell phone battery was completely exhausted, even though I started at 100%. It then only went through the Spree tunnel and over the Müggelseedamm directly to Rahnsdorf. On the piece of Teupitz-Groß Köris I once forgot to continue the recording, which is why there is a direct line there, the real way there was like the way across the street. So it was really about 112 km, the many vertical meters are not correct. Nice tour, although you can't go wrong in the area south of KW around the Dahme cycle path. It is even nicer here in summer when the many bathing spots invite you to take a dip in the lake. I have been here many times and the area there is already one of my favorite areas around Berlin and I will definitely go there again in warmer weather.

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      • January 4, 2020

  8. rdf231 went for a bike ride.

    December 31, 2019

    14.2 mi
    11.2 mph
    575 ft
    625 ft
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    1. rdf231

      Return from kite flying at Tempelhofer Feld. Between Schöneweide and Friedrichshagen, the route led via Kaisersteg-Wilhelminenhofstraße-An der Wuhlheide-Spindlersfelder Brücke-Radweg am Ufer (Mentzelpark) to Langen Brücke-Müggelheimer Straße-Pablo Neruda Straße-Müggelschlößchenweg-Spreetunnel. I forgot to record the outward journey. It was actually always along the Spree through the city center to Bellevue Palace, from there via the Großer Stern south to Gleisdreieck-Park, along the railway line to the islanders, then towards Alt Tempelhof and Tempelhofer Feld.

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      • January 1, 2020

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