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30.3 mi
2.8 mph
2,350 ft
3,500 ft

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6.19 mi
9.83 mi
16.8 mi
21.3 mi
25.5 mi
30.3 mi
30.3 mi

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twotoneams went for a bike ride.

August 30, 2018


  • twotoneams

    I didn’t write about days 13 (and 14) until I was on an early flight back to Amsterdam on Sept 1.
    What a whirlwind. I guess I’ll start in Ramir’s tent. The water in my bidon is frozen. He fries some fish he caught. And eggs and toast. AMAZING.
    I set out at 8:40. I made it up the climb pretty quick as his tent was at the end of that never ending valley. The gravel was nice, to be honest. I braced for the 5 hour hike-a-bike that everyone had spoke of. It came. It sucked. It was boggy, rocky and involved several river crossings. I was determined to stick to the route. WHY? I was already ‘out of the race’. In hindsight, I shoulda just rode on the hard pack mining road 1-2km adjacent to the 'path’ I was following. I bouldered over some pretty burly rock gardens and swampy marsh shit that likely killed many dinosaurs.
    I made it across. I ran into some Dutch hikers. I told them my story and continued on to the ’descent’. It also sucked. Rock surfing essentially. A dead cow, steep scree and boulders. It was 18:00. I knew I was about 60km from Issyk Kul. I kept hoping the next section would be rideable but I knew I was out of options. My dynamo hadn’t worked in days. My Elemnt was at 20% battery and dusk was creeping in. I had no way to light my path…
    I saw a 4wd van crossing a river. “Electricity!”, I thought. It was indeed, the SAG wagon. The Silk Road Mountain Race was officially over for me. My heart sank & soared. I was equally dismayed and relieved. I was happy to see Tai in the van as well. 5 hrs later I was in a bed with him in Kochkul. I was wired and overwhelmed. My lawyer had filed an appeal to keep my kids in The Netherlands. I had spent 13 days coming to grips with losing them and now thought I may still have a chance not to lose them. I was holding onto hope.

    • August 20, 2019

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