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102 mi
7.3 mph
3,550 ft
3,075 ft

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Starting Point
6.21 mi
32.0 mi
52.0 mi
57.1 mi
57.1 mi
69.3 mi
87.0 mi
87.8 mi
91.6 mi
94.2 mi
102 mi

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twotoneams went for a bike ride.

August 25, 2018


  • twotoneams

    Fuckin A, this day was intense. 12hrs 15mins on the bike. We woke at 4:30am. I had a hangover from the vodka and whiskey the night before. The family that we stayed with and their friend from Bishkek all got up too. We rolled at 5:30am. it was -1ºC.
    Dominic was really struggling. I gave him a pair of my extra Ornot socks. He already had my Patagonia merino long johns. We turned the corner around a rock face & huddled under my tarp as the sun rose. I knew if I was going to make it to CP2 on this day by 19:0o, I had to really push it.
    Dominic urged me to go. I didn’t ask twice & got on my bike and took off. The road surface was sublimely smooth. This tarmac also came with a tailwind which helped propel me to the Chinese border. Based on our math I was thinking I had 140km to go. Later I thought 150 or something. Either way, I had to just put my head down and pedal.
    This was the only day I listened to music on my headphones. It was Neil Young, Cursive, Cold Cave & Thursday. The only random tunes available offline on my iphone. The gravel road along the Chinese border was pretty smooth too. Several dried lake & riverbed crossings began to really wear me out.
    I really had to sprint to make it to the Checkpoint on time and wasn’t sure exactly where it was. At the end, it was a relief and the warm dinner & yurt accommodations felt like luxury.

    • August 20, 2019