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„WETTER STEIN GRAT” – Michi Wohllebens Non-Stopp Überschreitung

28.3 mi
1.3 mph
11,550 ft
12,325 ft
Expert mountaineering route. Very good fitness required. Sure-footedness, sturdy shoes and alpine experience required.

Tour Overview

Starting Point
6.00 mi


Mountaineering Highlight

9.25 mi
10.00 mi

Aufstieg zum Hochwanner

Mountaineering Highlight

10.6 mi

Hochwanner Gipfel

Mountaineering Highlight

11.7 mi

Abstieg in Richtung Gatterl

Mountaineering Highlight

13.4 mi

Auf dem östlichen Gatterkopf

Mountaineering Highlight

17.2 mi

Zugspitze Gipfel

Hiking Highlight

17.4 mi

Der Jubiläumsgrat

Mountaineering Highlight (Segment)

21.9 mi


Hiking Highlight

23.8 mi


Mountaineering Highlight

28.3 mi

Tour Profile


Alpine Hiking Path: 2.91 mi
Mountain Hiking Path: 5.15 mi
Hiking Path: 0.92 mi
Path: 2.54 mi
Street: 367 yd
Off-grid (unknown): 16.6 mi


Alpine: 7.22 mi
Natural: 401 yd
Unpaved: 1.29 mi
Gravel: 2.38 mi
Paved: 0.45 mi
Asphalt: 208 yd
Unknown: 16.6 mi

Extra Tips

  • Includes off-grid segments

    Navigation instructions may be limited.

Weather Forecast

adidas TERREX planned a mountaineering Tour.

July 22, 2019


  • adidas TERREX

    Michi spends the last night in his camping bus right at the foot of the Wetterstein massif. It should start at 1.30 am, but even before that, it is no longer possible to sleep properly. "I had bumblebees in my ass, I could not wait for it to start." Although it's still in the middle of the night, he feels fresh and starts his non-stop ridge crossing with his first companion David Bruder.It is pitch dark, but he copes well - not only because he climbs for years as a mountain guide to the summits in the Wetterstein massif, but because he has gone off in the last few days, the route over the ridge again exactly. Because one thing is clear: to make the time and reach the goal safely, every step must be perfect.After a few minutes through the forest, it goes up to the ridge, which is getting narrower and more rocky. Slowly the sun is crawling over the alpine peaks - and with it the temperatures slowly rise.High up on the ridge, Michi makes his first meal break at the Meilerhütte - and he has arranged everything perfectly. At intervals of six to eight hours, he has set up several depots with food: a few bars or gels, plus some gummy bears or chips. Because of his previous tours he knows exactly: "Due to the high load in the body creates an incredible amount of lactic acid, and the stomach is acidic. If you eat something wrong now, the stomach tilts and you have to spit right away. The main energy comes from the fat metabolism. Actually, the stomach is the key to success on such a tour. "After the Dreitorspitzen it goes down to the Gatterl. From here he is accompanied by his friend and trainer Alex Scherl. When ascending to the gate heads, the two must notice something: Contrary to the weather forecast, a dramatically high spring cloud gathers in the distance. At first the clouds seem to pass by, but within minutes a huge thunderstorm cell builds up over the ridge. A descent is unthinkable, even the transgression now enters the back of his mind. "At that moment, it was no longer really about demolition or not, but only to quite a fear. If it would be a bad storm with hail and snow, then I could get into a really life-threatening situation - after all, after 20 hours I was already completely broken. "Both climbers have no waterproof clothing, but just under 100 meters below the ridge, they find a small rock shelter. They are stuck for seven hours, sleeping is not possible in icy temperatures. As the storm finally draws Michi recovers - although he can not make his scheduled time of less than 35 hours due to the unwanted break. After a few steps, the muscles are warm again and the fear of the thunderstorm slowly gives way to the anger over the lost time. Nevertheless, Michi finds back in the barrel and wants to complete the crossing.He passes by the Zugspitze and descends at full speed over the Jubilee Ridge and the even narrower Blassengrat in the direction of the valley. After nearly 40 hours, Michi reaches the finish in Hammersbach after his non-stop crossing - and has mixed feelings "On the one hand I was of course glad that it was over, but I was also pissed off that I was seven hours because of the thunderstorm I did not need it. And at the same time I was totally tired and could not really realize what had happened in the last two days. "After a beer and a burger with the whole team, Michi falls to bed in his campervan. But after all the excitement, he can not sleep long: "I woke up fully early, like dawn. You think you could sleep in until 10, but that was not the case. The tension then takes quite a while until it drops off properly. "Finally he drives home again - but not without the desire to make the overburden even faster in the next attempt.

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    • July 25, 2019