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From Kielder Castle to Falstone Round Trip

29.8 mi
8.3 mph
1,925 ft
1,975 ft

Tour Overview

Starting Point
3.99 mi
View from the Lakeside Path/Cycleway
5.56 mi
View from the Lakeside Path/Cycleway
6.63 mi
A door opens onto Kielder Water
A Church made from Willow!
Route through the Connifers
7.48 mi
8.89 mi
They grow in profusion
Common Spotted Orchid
Yellow Rattle
11.4 mi
Ragged Robin
Great for pollinators
Melancholly Thistle
Soldier Beetles (Rhagonycha Fulva) like it too!
Latticed Heath Moth?
14.9 mi
Kielder Dam
16.5 mi
Excellent pub in Falstone.(There's a Tea Room too).
Victoria Jubilee Fountain
17.2 mi
You will see a railway bridge in Falstone - this is the where the track was.
22.9 mi
Bile sheltering in Art Work
24.1 mi
Fascinating Info Board: there was a railway here, transported coal and people. Disappeared when valley was flooded to make Kielder.
24.3 mi
All of the railway between Falstone and Kielder is now under the water. Plashetts is where the colliery was.
27.3 mi
Railway emankment and bridge emerging from the water!
29.8 mi

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Howard Cheesman went for a bike ride.

July 15, 2019


  • Howard Cheesman

    A curcuit of Kielder Water. Start at Kielder Castle. Wildflowers, bird and insect life are outstanding. Plenty of stopping off opportunties, good paths and well signed. Not a flat simple round the lake ride though. If you don't like connifers, this isn't for you! Pick a bright sunny day as in the wet/overcast this sort of area can be a bit bleak. My planning after Falstone was wrong and I took a Forestry road which was impossibly rough. Stick to the Lakeside Path.

    • July 15, 2019

  • Marc Clish

    A great ride.

    • 5 days ago

  • Howard Cheesman

    Thanks Marc - there's just so much to see.

    • 5 days ago