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From Magourou to The Barrage de Guerledan: Round Trip (but incomplete!)

32.6 mi
8.9 mph
2,125 ft
2,125 ft

Tour Overview

Starting Point
276 yd
Starting point: Lock 153 Keroiu.
0.82 mi
3.05 mi
6.57 mi
Chapel Notre Dame de la Pitie
As it looked 100 years ago.
Endangered species on the Canal (similar for plants on the reverse)
Super seating, info and shelter
11.9 mi
13.1 mi
Canal passes through more rocky terrain
13.6 mi
Notice on Conservation in the area.
15.0 mi
The Abbaye de Bon Repos
Food and drink near the Abbaye
The Abbaye de Bon Repos
17.2 mi
Preserved village of iron-working: Les Forges des Salles
Les Forges des Salles
22.8 mi
The forrest track! BEWARE!!!
Spring near the Forest Track
23.7 mi
Bridge near the Barrage.
The Barrage in the distance
25.7 mi
Turn here to access the V6 and NOT where Komoot thinks you can gain access!
27.1 mi
Beware: Teenage Girls on Ponies!
29.4 mi
Minnions Rule!
Lac Guerledan
30.8 mi
Beau Rivage on Lac Guerledan
Beau Rivage on Lac Guerledan
Beau Rivage on Lac Guerledan
32.6 mi

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Howard Cheesman went for a bike ride.

June 3, 2019


  • Howard Cheesman

    Don't follow this Tour! Komoot has mangled it up so much that it's unusable. For a start it didn't record it all and so it stops in the middle of nowhere!? None of the subsequent photos have been saved. It does a wierd detour near the start - just stick to the Canal Path - it took me down a very steep dangerous track through a forest to the Barrage and gave incorrect route for access to the V6 Green Way ( turn right, as in the photo, after passing the Hydro Electric Station on your left). The whole thing (46 miles) is in my Planned Tours for what it's worth. Otherwise a lovely ride!

    • June 3, 2019