Vistonas - Lakones - Alimmatades - Mountaintop Mount Arakli - Viewpoint above Lakones - Vistonas round trip
8.01 mi
1,475 ft
1,475 ft
Starting Point
Church in the south of Vistonas
258 yd
View towards Angelokastro
View over path to Mount Arakli
0.99 mi
View towards Liapades
We like hiking, too :-)
View towards Liapades beaches
1.33 mi
Village square in Lakones
Path down from the village square in Lakones
Church in Lakones
Church in Lakones
View towards Paleokastritsa
Entrance to the path
Turn right here
Follow the dry river bed
1.80 mi
Viewpoint on donkey path
Through the olive grove
2.44 mi
4.09 mi
View towards Diapontian Islands
View towards Mount Arakli
View towards Alimmatades
Take the small path along the water pipe here
Cactus at a Entrance to Alimmatades
Lemon tree in Alimmatades
Church in Alimmatades
Main road in Alimmatades
Alimmatades cemetery
4.77 mi
View towards Diapontian Islands
5.77 mi
View towards Liapades and south of Corfu
View to Red church
5.95 mi
5.95 mi
Yes, we climbed the highest mountain of northwest Corfu, too!
View towards Diapontian Islands
Mountaintop Mount Arakli
View towards sunset from the Mountaintop of Mount Arakli
View towards Lakones and Paleokastritsa
View towards Mount Arakli
6.23 mi
6.24 mi
View from Viewpoint towards Angelokastro and sunset
View from Viewpoint towards Liapades and south of Corfu
7.79 mi
Old olive press in Vistonas
New olive press in Vistonas (starts in 2019)
8.01 mi


  • Average Speed
    3.0 mph
  • Highest Point
    1,704 ft
  • Lowest Point
    695 ft