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TransAlp 2018 / Etappe 3 / Bad Ragaz - Lenzerheide

35.6 mi
3.9 mph
6,975 ft
3,850 ft

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Starting Point
70 yd
3.81 mi
4.78 mi
5.44 mi
7.43 mi
7.90 mi
8.26 mi
9.98 mi
12.0 mi
14.0 mi
15.4 mi
15.4 mi
15.7 mi
15.7 mi
15.9 mi
16.1 mi
16.4 mi
17.2 mi
17.3 mi
19.6 mi
21.2 mi
22.8 mi
23.7 mi
24.5 mi
25.5 mi
28.8 mi
29.5 mi
30.0 mi
31.0 mi
33.4 mi
34.1 mi
34.1 mi
35.3 mi
35.6 mi

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Roy Mai Bodensee went mountain biking.

August 4, 2018


  • Roy Mai Bodensee

    TransAlp 2018 / Stage 3 / Bad Ragaz - Tamina Valley - Kunkelspass - Domat-Ems - Chur - Lenzerheide:That should have been a short comfortable stop except for one pass. But it turned out differently.
    After a hot night, the only night we spent in the valley, it goes in the village immediately steeply uphill in the remote Tamina Valley. Hardly anyone knows, although here is the largest arch bridge in Switzerland. Well, not surprisingly, the valley is a dead end and only half free for cars and motorcycles, unless you pay a toll to drive down the valley at the end of Kunkelspass on nasty, narrow and grubby gravel roads; some do that, but fortunately only a few. The ascent takes place via a forest road running in the lower part to the driveway on the other side of the valley and some single trails, which we sometimes even push. Nevertheless, the 1,000 vertical meters with the E-FatBikes and almost 25km route are soon made. On the way Ela's circuit started with spiders and she could only use gear 2-11.
    In Vättis, actually the only noteworthy place in the valley, we had briefly returned to z'Nüni (coffee break). At the top of the hut on the pass there was a delicious lunch.
    The ride downhill 1,000 meters in the Altrheintal we will never forget! Unlighted narrow, single-lane tunnels and cool long forest runs with passages through stone fields, to which an incredibly hot wind hit. Constantly overheated brakes.
    On a planned branch we turned around again, because the track was a single trail through a nature reserve and provided with gateways and was signaled to us that we were not welcome here.
    Our brakes cool in the picturesque valley town of Tamins near Flims, the bottles are filled at the village well, before we tackle a short 15km route along the completely dry Rhine valley past Domat / Ems to Chur.
    In Chur, we had planned to chop up 1,000 meters in height with the Brambrüesch train to complete a cool, trail-like downhill descent in the biker - El Dorado Lenzerheide.
    A few weeks ago to clarify whether e-bikes are transported, we were told in the affirmative. Now, after the first section of the Känzeli, we were politely but firmly informed that no e-bikes have been transported on the upper section since August 1st. There was probably a heated argument a few days earlier. On Känzeli - where we stood - then you have only two options: back down to Chur or even up to Brambrüesch - but contrary to the downhill driving direction, which we were advised against. We had to choose a virtual third option: a path that leads to a short driveway to a hut in a narrow trail through the forest and some wise men. Not intended for bikes, we often pushed, lifted the bikes over fences, gates, high heels and ended up completely flat in Churwalden, and then returned. The remaining six kilometers we did not want to drive on the busy main road and took the next best forest road. This was then again equal to the single trail and we met a lot of downhillers! Not funny. Arrived in Parpan, we visited the smallest Mountain Bike Festival in Switzerland and took the opportunity to let Ela's circuit set. Our biker hotel in Parpan was a positive surprise with huge wellness, own bike wash, workshop and a large, own pump-track area and excellent restaurant and service.
    Delayed, tired and exhausted, we eat in our smart "best-time" hotel on the magnificent terrace with another couple of bikers, of whom the man hobbled badly because he had fallen that day ....
    Record 57km and 2,100 vertical meters (of which about 600 meters by rail)The following day was our day of rest, which we spent in the beautiful thermal bath in Lenzerheide.TransAlp 2018 / Stage 1 / Deggenhausertal - Säntis
    TransAlp 2018 / Stage 2 / Säntis - Walensee - Bad Ragaz
    TransAlp 2018 / Stage 3 / Bad Ragaz - Lenzerheide
    TransAlp 2018 / Stage 4 / Lenzerheide - Bivio
    TransAlp 2018 / Stage 5 / Bivio - Lake Como

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    • August 11, 2018