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TransAlp 2018 / Etappe 1 / Höge - Säntis

70.6 mi
5.7 mph
6,575 ft
4,400 ft

Tour Overview

Starting Point
27 yd
Start um 7:25 in der Frühe
0.71 mi
0.80 mi
1.10 mi
1.50 mi
7.45 mi
9.03 mi
9.75 mi
Erste Single Trails bei Oberteuringen
9.82 mi
14.4 mi
14.5 mi
14.5 mi
14.5 mi
14.5 mi
Auf der Fähre Friedrichshafen - Romanshorn
22.8 mi
25.3 mi
Frühstück auf der Fähre
25.6 mi
25.9 mi
Am Bodenseeradweg entlang bis Rohrschach
26.7 mi
27.2 mi
27.8 mi
31.2 mi
31.3 mi
31.5 mi
35.3 mi
Auf dem Rohrschacher Berg ins Appenzell. Blick zurück
40.0 mi
40.2 mi
Trails bei Heiden
41.2 mi
45.4 mi
45.7 mi
46.2 mi
Da hinten liegt der Bodensee
Mittagspause extended zum Laden in Trogen
Ein schönes Pärchen
47.5 mi
48.4 mi
49.1 mi
50.4 mi
50.5 mi
51.5 mi
52.7 mi
ein 40cm SIngle Trail asphaltiert - das gibt es nur im Appenzell
53.4 mi
53.8 mi
54.1 mi
54.3 mi
55.9 mi
61.3 mi
62.5 mi
62.9 mi
65.4 mi
67.7 mi
68.0 mi
68.1 mi
68.6 mi
69.2 mi
69.6 mi
70.0 mi
70.5 mi
70.6 mi
70.6 mi

Tour Profile

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Speed Profile

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Roy Mai Bodensee went mountain biking.

August 2, 2018


  • Roy Mai Bodensee

    To make a TransAlp - an old dream.
    It should be 2018.
    But not the organized tours that drive everyone. Not again the Via Claudia Augusta, its beautiful part route Reschen - Meran - Bolzano - Trento, which we have already driven three times.
    From home, from Lake Constance to the Italian lakes. Yes! But do not drive any road pass with cars and motorcycles. No - not the Bernhardino, not even so often about the Maloja Inntal high. Long sought and found: the Septimerpass, an old Roman road at 2,300m, with old rocky paths, without motorcycles, without cars and - we did not suspect - even without people, which was then quite strange.
    5 stages each 50-100km long, each 1,000 - 2,000 altitude difference should be.
    It should be seven "passes", all between 1,300 and 2,300m high.
    After the third stage, a break day was planned. It could have been - sooner or later, depending on the weather, but the forecast was perfect - just like the whole summer - only just too dry.
    The seventh day was the return day by train.
    Through we have booked all accommodations long before with the main focus on very short term cancellation options, if the weather does not fit. Was not necessary.
    Also, the pre-booking would not have been necessary. None of the hotels was fully booked. But you do not want to experience a fall.
    To give the whole a little more holiday feeling, I made sure to be able to use the spa, whirlpool or pool as much as possible the evening after arrival. If you already have a woman who does something like that, then there should also be a "reward" in the evening.
    Prices Switzerland:
    Yes - it is sauteuer, especially the restaurants. Compensatory but you have to say that about 10% ever go out because of the exchange rate (about 1.1 CHF = 1 €). In addition, we can again confirm that the level, the service and the quality of the food are uniquely good, even in simple pubs. At the end of the tour in Italy (Chiavenna / Colico) everything cost only half, but was also half as good!
    To us:
    For the first time without children and without a dog we want to spend the first MTB summer vacation alone. Grandma guards house, dog and children.
    We are not technically experienced singletrack riders, but like to drive forest roads, easy hiking, forest and meadow trails, no matter if soil, gravel, gravel or asphalt, our E-Fatbikes like everything up to max. S1. For more we miss the risk-taking!
    Stage 1:
    From Deggenhausertal Höge to the beautiful Rotachtal, this to the confluence in Friedrichshafen following the ferry terminal. Surprisingly, komoot takes us to completely unknown ways towards Friedrichshafen, because on top of that were still beautifully idyllic. Through the city to the ferry to Romanshorn 14km, there on the Bodenseeradweg along to Rohrschach (on the Swiss side is much less going on!) And then the Rohrschacher mountain steeply uphill across diverse quite challenging single trails across heaths in Appenzell country to Trogen, where We spent an extended lunch break with charging the batteries. Continue on beautiful trails with many vertical meters through the Appenzell via Gais to Appenzell, the canton capital of Appenzell-Innerrhoden (Rhoden not testicles! ;-)). While we look at the old beautiful houses and a museum re-loading in a cafe. Let's go to Schwägalp.
    Overall quite high single trail and forest trail share, which turns out to be very time-consuming, because we are only after 12 hours on the daily target at the foot of the Säntis, where the valley station of the mountain railway is.
    The evening light on the alpine pastures at the foot of the Säntis on the last few kilometers was breathtakingly beautiful as the landscape.
    To anticipate it - unexpected for us, the landscape around the Säntis is the most beautiful, the whole tour!
    On the dozens of alpine pastures everywhere playing, happy children who are allowed to their parents during the summer holidays. A paradise. All around, bells ringing and goats bleating. Nice.
    The destination is the hotel Säntis in the same building as the train. Not cheap, but architecturally modern and amazingly beautiful. The rooms rather simple, but only for day guests in the restaurant worth a visit.
    After more than 100km and over 2,000 meters of altitude, we fall early and happy into a deep sleep ...
    TransAlp 2018 / Stage 1 / Deggenhausertal - Säntis
    TransAlp 2018 / Stage 2 / Säntis - Walensee - Bad Ragaz
    TransAlp 2018 / Stage 3 / Bad Ragaz - Lenzerheide
    TransAlp 2018 / Stage 4 / Lenzerheide - Bivio
    TransAlp 2018 / Stage 5 / Bivio - Lake Como

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    • August 10, 2018

  • Jodelpaule

    Great scenery - that's when Heidi and the goat-peter come to mind. The photos make you fancy such MTB tours.

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    • August 12, 2018

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