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MTB Geel/Lichtaart/Turnhout/Kasterlee 50Km+

32.8 mi
10.9 mph
1,500 ft
1,500 ft

Tour Overview

Starting Point
9.90 mi
This Is A DownHill!
13.7 mi
Need A Early Christmas Tree?
16.0 mi
Love The Look Of This House!
19.7 mi
19.7 mi
Unexpected Spots
A Nice Garden
21.5 mi
Shower Anyone? I Got Really Muddy Here. :)
27.2 mi
Kasterlee Mountain Underpass.
27.8 mi
A View Shot From The Bike.
30.6 mi
Family Of Swans With Ducklings.
32.8 mi

Tour Profile

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Speed Profile

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Kenneth went mountain biking.

July 11, 2018


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