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RnY96 Von Kavala nach Chrysoupoli

RnY96 Von Kavala nach Chrysoupoli

22.6 mi
2.8 mph
825 ft
800 ft

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Starting Point
0.61 mi
1.04 mi
1.40 mi
2.05 mi
2.70 mi
2.97 mi
3.21 mi
3.42 mi
3.47 mi
3.47 mi
6.80 mi
7.80 mi
10.8 mi
11.9 mi
13.5 mi
14.4 mi
14.9 mi
Blick zurück
19.6 mi
22.5 mi
22.6 mi



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Fcl went for a hike.

May 25, 2021


  • Fcl

    The moment, not used, there was a reason, apart from the necessary care of my feet, there was a very good breakfast that I could eat on my little balloon. Of course, all the things have happened to me that keep happening. Example: I put the knife down on the salad bowl and for whatever reason, it slips and has landed three floors below. During the night, the blister on the left heel eased and the liquid drifted into the bed sheet. Actually, none of these were nice topics for the beginning of a day and yet I was relaxed and happy.I don't come out of the front door until 9:00 a.m. in Kavala, significantly later than usual, but in no hurry or hurry to make my way in peace. The moment is right, there is still the keyword for the day ahead of me. Favor, I'll think about it.First I go to the harbor, see how well developed some parts of the city are and then the mountain calls up to the churches where everyone is worshiped today, with festive robes, on a Tuesday.The ascent via the stairs are steep steps, significantly higher than in Germany. Back at the sea, I come to the area of the fortress with the Roman and Byzantine impression. I immerse myself in the old world of the Byzantines, with a number of Muslim buildings, including a mosque, at the same time there is a church of Panagia, from the old part of Kavala, on top of this fort. I go down the mountain again, one last look at the aqueduct and now it goes along the country road with a view of the sea. always on guard, cars on two lanes, sometimes a bit narrow, but everything is OK.Perhaps I should now think about the favor that I may have been granted to walk this path at all. As it is said, is granted.In favor of favor I remember: favor, favorite, cheap, maybe also indulge and, above all, the Joseph von Eichendorff song as a special feature: 'Whom God wants to show real favor, he sends him into the wide world.'Enjoying this favor, even if I am on a path that is today at least largely shaped by traffic, exactly at the moment when I hold it, a truck stops next to me, with an older man, a young driver and on the In the middle seat, a little bit raised, is a woman who has a chat with me and points to the right path, the Via Egnatia, which from her point of view would be the right path for me; very amiable, concerned and in a very distinguished, fine way. Compliments.Showing favor is what is called a favor in English. Is it a prefer? When I go shopping, there may be a price reduction, a discount, which is for example a cash discount with a discount, or a loyalty discount or a current 20% discount on everything. Cheaper, that has something like prefer, cheap is then not cheap and not because cheap is only the price the decisive criterion and cheap is the good worth its price and cheap is the preference that I want to buy it, this in itself beautiful product at a great price.The favorite at court - the favorite - was the one who was particularly close to the ruler. Had a big stone in the board, we would say today, could possibly afford a lot. Taking some liberties that others weren't allowed to. As a favorite, you had a little more freedom, a little more leeway, a little more luck.If it has to do with indulgence, then it is something that may come from the heart, not just great benevolence, but a kindness.However, favor may also have something like a ranking. That is, he was highly favored. Possibly there were degrees of favor, a ranking of favorites. The question is whether objective criteria or subjective criteria, affection or calculation are the drivers, whether as a minion you have not been turned into a puppet. An exciting field.Once again I come to an impassable place on my way. The stretch in front of me would lead through a refinery, so not something small, not even something that came out of nowhere with a little snip; There is of course no passage here, but I don't want to go all the way back to the street now.So I walk around the facility and come to the places that are not superficially accessible, where cloudy water is drained that cannot be identified; such a yellow mass lies next to the plant, like phosphorus or sulfur. In addition, across from the canal, a bad rubbish dump stinks, illegal, it's sad. Responsibility? Criminal my impression.

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    • May 26, 2021

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RnY96 Von Kavala nach Chrysoupoli