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Quarter Marathon Through the "Briese" Valley (13,4km)

8.31 mi
5.4 mph
175 ft
175 ft
Intermediate run. Good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Some sure footedness required.

Tour Overview

Starting Point
0.33 mi

Steg durch das Briesener Moor

Running Highlight (Segment)

2.20 mi


Hiking Highlight

4.01 mi

Alte Försterei

Running Highlight

4.86 mi


Bike Touring Highlight

5.28 mi

Entlang der Briese

Running Highlight (Segment)

7.17 mi

Sumpf/Moor Landschaft

Hiking Highlight

8.31 mi

Tour Profile


Hiking Path: 5.76 mi
Path: 173 yd
Track: 118 yd
Footpath: 2.38 mi


Natural: 3.54 mi
Unpaved: 4.52 mi
Gravel: 135 yd
Unknown: 302 yd

Extra Tips

  • Includes segments that may not be rideable

    You may need to dismount or even carry your bike.

Weather Forecast

Jonas Wind planned a run.

February 11, 2018


  • Jonas Wind

    My favourite nature get-away when I need to escape the hustle of the city. The tiny stream "Briese" created a wonderful, swampy and quiet biotope not all too far away from the heart of Berlin. The route follows the Briese upstream until it hits the final waypoint, a quaint old forest ranger's office, where we traverses the valley and cross the Briese over a tiny bridge and run back on the other side towards the starting point.The running tour roughly equals a quarter marathon (13,3km) and is therefore a perfect training ground for ambitious runners - if you want to train for a half marathon, you simply do the large loop again. The landscape is flat and thus makes for a constant level of exhaution. Additionally, in comparison to urban training grounds, your feet, ankles and knees will love the soft forest ground of this run. I hate running in cities as they are noisy, the air is bad, you have to cross streets all the time, zigzag around pedestrians and feel like everybody is watching you and the only alternative to all of that is doing loops in stadiums, which is mind-grindingly boring.

    • February 11, 2018