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2020-08-30 ... einfach nur mal kurz raus und laufen ... (Breaking Corona Walk Alone 9 BAD-Hattingen-Radom-Runde 20km)

12.0 mi
3.5 mph
900 ft
900 ft
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Tour Overview

Starting Point
0.27 mi
So lässt's sich leben!
0.53 mi
0.61 mi
Dahlhauser Wehr
S 3
Taubenschlag XXL
Taubenschlag XXL
1.50 mi
Komplementärkontrast C.-Müll
Komplementärkontrast Geschmacksache
2.91 mi
Treppenabkürzung Dahlhauser Straße
Treppenabkürzung Dahlhauser Straße
Hübsch natürlich
Fließkanal und Bootsgasse Hattinger Ruhrbrücke
Bootsrummel mit Kenterfreuden
Fließkanal und Bootsgasse Hattinger Ruhrbrücke
Bootsrummel mit Kenterfreuden
Fließkanal Hattinger Ruhrbrücke
Fließkanal und Bootsgasse Hattinger Ruhrbrücke
Fließkanal und Bootsgasse Hattinger Ruhrbrücke
Das Boot ist voll
Fließkanal und Bootsgasse Hattinger Ruhrbrücke
Fließkanal und Bootsgasse Hattinger Ruhrbrücke
3.33 mi
3.38 mi
Reiher vor Birschelmühle
Junge Familie Blesshühner
4.52 mi
Idylle an der Ruhr
Idylle an der Ruhr
Idylle an der Ruhr
Idylle an der Ruhr
Idylle an der Ruhr
4.79 mi
4.97 mi
Spechtbaum im Weitmarer Holz
5.35 mi
5.38 mi
Sternwarte Bochum RADOM
Sternwarte Bochum RADOM
Sternwarte Bochum
5.50 mi
5.65 mi
5.66 mi
5.78 mi
6.10 mi
Todholz im Weitmarer Holz
6.12 mi
6.73 mi
Friedhof Weitmar
Auch Friedhof
Brücke Springorum-Trasse
Brücke Springorum-Trasse (nachher, leider nur digital)
Brücke Springorum-Trasse (vorher)
7.21 mi
8.22 mi
Pech auf der Route
10.1 mi
Letztes Gegenlicht
10.2 mi
10.4 mi
10.4 mi
12.0 mi

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slueart went for a hike.

August 30, 2020

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  • slueart

    ... and then I keep walking, finding many new, unknown ways in the familiar.
    In the end it turned out to be quite a stately group compared to an enjoyable Sunday afternoon stroll.
    Incredibly many people flood the area on this sunny Sunday afternoon, especially near the river it is jam-packed, but there is no quiet place in Weitmarer Holz either.
    Amazingly often I manage to avoid the crowds, so I run on the Ruhruferweg in the direction of Sundern parallel to the asphalt over a field and scare away the Canada geese while the crowds push themselves on tires thirty meters next to me.
    The spontaneous thing about unplanned running is immediately apparent behind the Dahlhauser floating bridge when I climb the stairs to the ferry path.
    I've always wanted to do that once, bearing in mind that up there only the settlement areas of Bochum-Linden can actually await me, I've always refrained from doing it.
    On the other hand, my ambition also dictates that I get to know as many paths and places close to home as possible, so it fits perfectly.
    All the more astonished, I am positively surprised to find that I am walking through the forest on the edge of the settlement.
    Soon I have to follow Dahlhauser Straße through Hattingen Baak, which is really not a highlight, but then I am amazed to find that after a good hour I am standing at the Hattingen Ruhr Bridge.
    Such a huge shortcut.
    Which I don't intend to run in shape again.
    The Hattinger boat slide is the longest and wildest known slide on the Ruhr, which I have rushed down several times with different canoes.
    As always when the weather is nice, there are a large number of boats in the area under the bridge.
    However, in the rapid current in the slide bed, the final waves rear up in such a way that all open boats have problems or are simply filled up.
    I see a Canadian capsizing right behind the flood, a kayak is full to the edge of the coaming.
    But behind the flood the Ruhr is very flat and so all victims stand cheerfully in the river and sort their bins and themselves.
    Again, the RADOM spontaneously comes to my mind with the meanwhile white-blue sky and is declared a turning goal.
    The inevitable stretch of towpath is full of ants again, shortly before the end I find, creeping through a fence, creeping across a willow, a place of pure idyll on an old fallen willow tree, unfortunately every corner under the trees is bursting with environmentally unfriendly legacies.
    It's so disgusting and annoying.
    A lonely path leads me uphill from the main cyclist route Rauendahlstraße (was that the "O"?).It is always amazing how quickly the change from overcrowded hotspot to loneliness takes place. On the forest path to Sundern I don't meet a soul until Oberbaakstrasse.I am now following the pilgrimage path of the diocese of Essen, which has also been in the region for some time.
    This is followed by some, also photographic, impressions of the gleaming white RADOM, before it goes past the forester's lodge into the densely populated peripheral areas of the Weitmarer Holz.
    With quick steps I always overtake the next group of people and then immerse myself behind the Hattinger Straße in the relaxing silence of the Weitmar cemetery.
    Actually, I'm not a cemetery-goer, but this cemetery has done it to me:
    It is a large, quiet park with a number of open spaces without digging, active wildlife (today a croissant greets me) and many red benches.
    And I'm the only living soul far and wide.
    I actually encounter the overcrowded route of the Springorum cycle path as complementary.
    Minimum distance difficult.
    After finding myself twice in the dusty aerosols of a racing cyclist cutting me, I leave the overcrowded route at the next opportunity.
    However, the square waymark is not a good choice, as it leads me eastwards uphill over the Nevelstraße back to the main road.I now have to walk along Hattinger Strasse for a while, at least I'm moving forward quickly.
    The orientation officer remains weighed down to me, I realize that I am crossing the Linden district optimally and then end up in the wooded area on Ferdinand-Krüger-, later Lewacker Straße, which I also passed today at the beginning.
    Down to the river and home.

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    • August 30, 2020

  • Quasibobo

    Great tour and a wonderful report.

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    • September 1, 2020

  • GRK ☀️🌳🤗

    I'm at home in the area and have read your report with great interest 👍🏻😊

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    • September 1, 2020

  • Anke 67

    Nice description of your beautiful tour 👍

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    • September 2, 2020