Von Kunst am Neckar nach Infotafel Zwangsarbeiterlager Hohl
14.2 mi
325 ft
325 ft
Easy bike ride. Great for any fitness level. Mostly paved surfaces. Suitable for all skill levels.
3.94 mi
6.09 mi
10.6 mi
14.2 mi
  • Includes segments that go up or down a series of steps

    You may need to carry your bike.

    after 12.8 miafter 12.9 mi

  • Includes a segment in which cycling is forbidden

    You will have to dismount and push your bike.

    after 12.8 mi


Path: 4.83 mi
Cycleway: 5.55 mi
Street: 1.49 mi
Road: 2.36 mi


Unpaved: 0.49 mi
Cobblestones: 0.29 mi
Paved: 1.21 mi
Asphalt: 12.0 mi
Unknown: 430 yd


  • Average Speed
    10.3 mph