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2020.07.20-29-Breaking Corona G&K ALASKA: Werden-Edersee 251km/6000hm - Tag SIEBEN (Wandertag, 1. Hälfte): Vom Campingplatz am Hennesee bis nach Ramsbeck, 16km, 450hm

9.75 mi
2.0 mph
1,525 ft
1,425 ft
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Tour Overview

Starting Point
0.56 mi
Steile K41
1.35 mi
1.35 mi
Gutshof Horbach (feine Seite)
Gutshof Horbach mit St. Apollonia
1.71 mi
Lederlaufkäfer kreuzt
2.19 mi
Kreuzung in Remblinghausen
3.83 mi
3.83 mi
Bei Mosebolle
5.29 mi
5.87 mi
5.87 mi
Hl. Familie unter dem Sternberg
6.53 mi
Die Falle
Pilz und Quarz auf der Hälfte der 10km Waldstrecke
6.99 mi
Kraft des Raubvogels
Grenze Bestwig - Schmallenberg
Lesen war gestern
7.09 mi
7.79 mi
7.79 mi
Blick ins Tal der Valme und der Brabecke
8.16 mi
Blick nach Süden
9.20 mi
9.22 mi
Geröllhang unter dem aufgelassenen Kamin am Bastenberg
Pilz am Bergbauweg
Blick auf Ramsbeck
Schwarze Nacktschnecke
9.66 mi
St. Margaretha
Drüsiges Springkraut erobert als invasive Pflanze Lebensraum an der Volme
9.75 mi

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slueart and KC went for a hike.

July 26, 2020

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  • slueart

    2020.07.20-29-Breaking Corona
    G&K ALASKA 2020:
    (For introduction see day one or two)Day SEVEN (hiking day, 1st half):From the campsite on the Hennesee to Ramsbeck, 16km, 450hm
    (For planning reasons, the tour track is split today.)
    It rains all night long.
    In the morning we pretend to be asleep so that we don't have to look the Driss in the wet eye.
    Around eight o'clock it drives us out of the tent and lo and behold ...
    .. the weather god has an understanding with us, when we pack the soaking wet tent, the sun is shining again tentatively.We decided against the "Seeweg" (man wants to get ahead and yesterday ...) and follow the country road via Horbach to Remblinghausen.
    Who thinks of mountain hiking again at Landstrasse?
    Well, the road winds up the mountain right behind the first curve, there are villages above and Remblinghausen is one of them.
    (The Komoot map shows the contour lines, you just have to pay attention to them!)
    Gutshof Horbach is large, has a fine side in the direction of Remblinghausen and a back that is characterized by the work.
    The manor builders probably had their own chapel, dedicated to St. Apollonia.
    Behind Remblinghausen, we are forced to follow the uncomfortable 700 meters of the busy and fast-moving L 740, before we - of course - dive again into the forest.
    We walk the next ten kilometers to Ramsbeck through uninhabited areas, mostly through the forest. However, we can take a look at the rising landscape in several places.
    "Holy Family" in the forest: a small place of prayer.
    It is amazing wherever the pious Sauerlanders build their religious memorials. However, it is a touching effort that testifies to people's faith.
    The rock has changed completely in the meantime. We're walking over a different part of Earth's history than before. Silvery-white quartz blocks stand out again and again from the needle-cushioned forest paths.
    Mushrooms are already represented in large numbers at the end of July, but we don't know what we're doing and don't touch them.
    (We have read P. Wohlleben's chapter "Surviving in the forest", luckily we have not yet relied on it.)
    The trap:
    One way, a salt lick, 100 meters to the high seat with two closed shooting gaps.
    On the border between the municipalities of Bestwig and Schmallenberg, not far from the border of Meschede, border triangle, so to speak, there is an impressive tree ruin behind a small covered wooden crucifix at a crossroads just below the Kernebrockskopf, which is at least an impressive 682 meters high.
    A weathered tin sign on the heavily mossy tree, the illegibility of which speaks of old age.
    Unfortunately, there is also no bank at this exposed location.
    From here it goes downhill, but only in a non-transferring sense, because the sun is now shining so strongly that we have to protect ourselves and we march towards Valmetal, enjoying a number of noteworthy views of the southern Sauerland, often adorned in the foreground with the ripe berries the mountain ash, which, as a precaution, complete a mast year after the two dry, hot summers.It goes steeply downhill on the "mining hiking trail" on gravel, past an expansive scree, crowned by the abandoned chimney of the former lead and metal hut.
    At a bench with impressive supervision towards Ramsbeck, a board wants to explain the mining history of the place to us, but we have little point for it now and stumble across the stony, later meadow-soft path towards the place.
    Today is Sunday, the supply situation is poor to "tense".
    Two glances up and down Heinrich-Lübke-Hauptstraße not only convey sadness on Sundays.
    Ramsbeck suddenly offers a pleasant surprise in the form of the afternoon café Hamich below the white church of St. Margaretha, located directly on the Valme.
    C. catches up with us here in the form of the hooded human snake.On the palm tree, in addition to the colorfully laid out bank flower meadows, the invasive gushy balsam takes over the regiment.Two beers and two pairs of Sauerland Bockwurst strengthen us for the next tough climb.

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    • August 1, 2020

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