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55 390 Naab, Charlottenhofer Weihergebiet, Steinberger See (Teil 2)

32.8 mi
5.0 mph
1,125 ft
925 ft

Tour Overview

Starting Point
5.07 mi
5.29 mi
7.23 mi
Schloßbrauerei Naabeck
Ausblick von Naabeck nach Gögglbach
8.72 mi
Eingewachsenes Dorfkreuz
9.98 mi
Mulzer Hof - Heidelbeeren und Himbeeren selber pflücken
14.2 mi
Wegkreuz - durch meine angelaufene Kamera etwas arg weichgezeichnet
Schloß Fronberg
16.7 mi
27.1 mi
32.8 mi

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Daradla went running.

July 19, 2020


  • Daradla

    It should be a longer tour again. Rather flat and with lots of water - it's hot right now Zeit. The Naab is a nice sub-goal and since I have never walked further than Ettmansdorf north, the decision was made to continue walking there. It then extended beyond Fronberg and Lindenlohe to the area of the Charlottenhofer Weiher. From there it went back home over the Steinberger See.
    Unfortunately, after 5.6 km, the recording watch announced that it was not feeling well and started the route again - which leads to two sections at komoot. I was also not sooo well, because it was very hot and the cooling water was always only to the left and right of me, often inaccessible behind nettles and hedges. A more forested route would have been wiser. Despite the heat, I enjoyed running - I just stayed slower than usual.
    If you walk to the Naab at Teublitz, you can hardly get past the Höllohe wildlife and leisure park. Unfortunately there are no exhibitions open at the moment, but the game reserve and playground for children are still a nice destination for families and nature lovers.
    The striking, widely visible "mountain" also has an interesting building to show: the Münchshofen castle. Unfortunately a bit dilapidated and, as far as I know, not to be walked on, it is still a worth seeing goal.
    "Panorama trail"
    A well-traveled country road leads between Bubach and Strießendorf, which you would like to avoid as a runner. There is a forest path that runs parallel to it, which leads a long way along the edge of the forest. For the somewhat arduous, quite steep but short ascent, you will be rewarded with a wonderful panoramic view of Klardorf.
    Here is a brewery that is well known and popular in the region, the "Schlossbrauerei Naabeck". Those who want to have their beer tasted have the opportunity to do so in the previously located town "Wiefelsdorf" in the Plank brewery inn.
    There is the Mulzer Hof, where you can pick blueberries but also raspberries. The HofCafé and the farm shop are open during the season.
    Already north-east of Schwandorf, the small town has a castle to offer. From the Naab side, it shows itself to the visitor in all its glory. From the town side, it is covered by houses and a park.
    Charlottenhofer pond area
    A huge area that extends east of the A93 down almost to Wackersdorf. Countless ponds are packed close together, separated only by a path. In the middle of the nature reserve, the Chamber of Crafts Lower Bavaria-Upper Palatinate has found a home in the Charlottenhof. In the evening, however, many mosquitoes are expected in summer. If you are interested in fish culture: At the eastern end, towards Lake Murner, there is a water-fish-nature adventure park, where both readers (through many display boards) and children (through water games) get their money's worth.
    Geotope No. 99
    After the pond, the path leads through an unappealing industrial area and then along a strange-looking, fenced-off area. Anyone who has had a closer look at the area from the opposite side knows that this is Geotope No. 99. A document of mining history that has played a major role here around Wackersdorf since the middle of the last century. There is also the entrance to a viewing platform for Geotop 99. You can also see a briquette machine from the time when lignite was actively being mined here. Those who are curious can also visit the museum there.
    Steinberger See
    The path continues between Knappensee and Steinbergersee along sailing boats and bathing meadows to Movin'G'round, an adventure park for the family with a beer garden. Sunsets are particularly beautiful here because the red fireball is often reflected in the lake. Hetue makes me ready for a quick refreshment for the last little bit through the forest home.

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    • July 20, 2020