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Uckermark - Rundweg Unteruckersee / Oberuckersee / Großer Potzlowsee

19.5 mi
3.5 mph
275 ft
275 ft
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Starting Point
0.85 mi
1.11 mi
1.33 mi
1.66 mi
1.76 mi
2.19 mi
2.68 mi
2.96 mi
3.03 mi
3.54 mi
3.81 mi
3.88 mi
4.47 mi
5.11 mi
5.45 mi
5.53 mi
6.95 mi
7.27 mi
7.45 mi
7.62 mi
7.62 mi
7.63 mi
8.00 mi
8.15 mi
8.69 mi
9.59 mi
9.67 mi
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11.5 mi
12.0 mi
12.4 mi
13.7 mi
14.3 mi
15.3 mi
15.3 mi
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16.7 mi
17.6 mi
17.6 mi
17.6 mi
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17.9 mi
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19.5 mi

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🥾Robin💥 and Fiete went for a hike.

July 11, 2020

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  • 🥾Robin💥

    The Uckermark is and remains simply beautiful!For a long time we had chosen a hike around Lake Unteruckersee as one of the goals for this year. I had already prepared the planning for this tour some time ago. However, the implementation was only mentally aimed towards autumn, since the route did not even hike quickly with more than 30 km and also caused a certain amount of respect.Thanks to our Komoot relay hike in June, we now knew that even 30 km with sufficient breaks are absolutely feasible.Accordingly, today we have implemented the planning ... 😁
    I was really looking forward to this hike for a long time, because I basically find the Uckermark very scenic and already knew some passages. And my anticipation was totally justified! It was a really nice hike, very varied and entertaining and certainly one of the tour highlights of this year for me !!!
    The starting point for our round tour was at the Ucker Stadium in Prenzlau. From there we hiked the round clockwise and started south accordingly. Since we had already started our journey before 6 a.m., we were able to enjoy the wonderful morning mood and the beautiful lighting conditions of the still low sun.And even at this time you are not alone ... a number of deer including offspring,
    vineyard snails crossing the path, of course cranes in the wet meadows and storks posing in flight ... and my highlight ... a young fox happily trotting across the meadow ... saw us, watched us ... and sat down in the middle of the Meadow ... looked around, very relaxed and obviously in a good mood. Get up ... jumped high in the air with all fours at the same time and set off on the further way.
    And even if the chicken-owned village community does not share my view ... after a good breakfast I am usually in a really good mood 😜 ... let it be granted !!
    Back to the hike.
    Over the Cape we went through the white mountains along the eastern shore of the Unteruckersee and further through the wet meadows between the Unteruckersee and Oberuckerseeen to Seehausen.
    Here we had a great place at the pier on Oberuckersee with a wonderful lake view and plenty of sun for a first break.
    We continued over the "center of the Uckermark" through the fields to Potzlow with a detour to the large Potzlowsee.
    From here the path led us through meadows and fields to the north past Strehlow to Zollchow, where we took our second break with a beautiful view of the water on the shores of Lake Unteruckersee.
    It went back to Prenzlau via Röpersdorf and the circular route ended with the Uckerpromenade and allotments.
    The Uckermark is and remains simply beautiful!

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    • July 11, 2020

  • CTomm

    Your recordings are fantastic. 👍🏻
    It is really a very nice tour. Very varied and a lot to see. 😍
    Not to mention the length of the tour. 💪🏻
    I agree with you, such a cheerful little fox is a highlight. They are really cute. 🦊
    Thank you for taking it with you 🙋🏼‍♀️

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    • July 11, 2020

  • Silke

    A great tour, respect! 👍
    And once again super beautiful photos! 🙂

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    • July 11, 2020

  • 🥾Robin💥

    Many thanks to both of you 😁

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    • July 12, 2020

  • Joe Penner

    The final sentence is my motto 👍🏻 A great hike in one of the most beautiful landscapes.

    translated byView Original
    • July 22, 2020

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